New class, why aren't more upset?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Vicus, Apr 15, 2020.

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  1. Metanis Bad Company

    They can't add a new class but they could revisit one of the original goals of the Alternate Advancement system. Back when introduced it was marketed as a way to make your character unique. Of course that was never really implemented but it could be.

    For example, allow a cleric to buy the capability to use a 2HS weapon but at the expense of their Healing Adept line. The possibilities could be nearly endless.

    That's how the AA system was sold to us way back then but it never materialized. Now all the AA system has evolved into is an obligatory time sink to maximize your character.
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  2. p2aa Augur

    Balancing class every expansion unlocked by TLP server, lol.
  3. Maldad New Member

    They could make them Heroic classes / races like world of warcraft does it. They start at a certain level and they don't get access to all of the old crap, if you make it a monk cleric hybrid make it so they can wear both monk and cleric gear for example. A class that can wear a mix of different classes gear.
  4. Vicus Augur

    I don't underestimate the work. I already said it would take 1-3 years. Also the team isn't some 3-4 person indy game. Their studio team is much bigger then people realize. These are just the ones that where there for the picture. Team photo below has 40+ people in it. 40 people = Overseer and an expansion a year, no room for anything else?
  5. Triconix Augur

    Sooooo an enchanter?

    I don't want a new class. There is already way too much overlap between classes at this point. EQ is such an advanced game with so many mechanics that many classes and their abilities have amalgamated with each other. There is just no need for a new class at this point.

    What would their role be in groups? In raids? We have 3 tank classes that are fully capable of tanking just about anything thrown at them. We have 3 healer types - 2 of which can throw down some pretty significant dps (some may argue too much). We have multiple melee dps classes. Multiple hybrid classes. Multiple caster dps classes. What more could you possibly want? Some silly half-knight running around in a robe and shield? Get a robe ornament, throw it onto an SK and have a nice day.
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  6. Vicus Augur

    No a tank, no mezzing capabilities or charm. More like a Mage imbued with their pet. Could make them be able to meld with all their pets, Tank, melee, caster. Make 1 class and get 3 if put the work in.
  7. Triconix Augur

    No. Just no. Read my edit above. You want to be a mage pet? Get this and run around with a couple swords.
  8. Nadisia Augur

    Not everyone is a coder on this picture, I guess.
    It's not that big.

    And besides the HUGE limitations clearly described and explained by Beimeith, the EQ code is probably a gigantic spaghetti plate mixed up with lasagna.
    For big evolutions, it'd be probably way more easier and efficient to restart from scratch then recooking this messy stuff ;)
  9. Vicus Augur

    I didn't say anything about looking like a pet, just melding with your pet so you gain their abilities. If you don't like the idea thats fine, I'm just trying to find things that wouldn't be as hard to code as it already exist in the game. This concept has been done in multiple other games, I.E. GW2 ranger. Id be happy with ANY class addition honestly as it will be something NEW and refreshing.
  10. Vicus Augur

    I understand HUGE limitations, hence why the 1-3 year remark. I didn't mean that of the course of 3 years they just fiddle with it on the side. It would be something that would take a small 2-3 man team to go at it. The devs have stated that a new remastered game isn't in the cards, and I am going to guess because that highers to be won't approve it, but they have a better chance of getting a new class approved. But I am with you, a new engine would be amazing and would be money printer for them, but they rather wait till the interest is gone before they make a smart decision.
  11. LheoXX New Member

    a true shapeshifter class would be the easiest class to add (all forms in the Game already (ilus) )
  12. Laronk Augur


    In a team of 40, you probably have CS staff HR staff a couple managers. Deskside support, server admins (multiple), maybe a network guy, artists, designers and programmers, and probably an accountant and managers. You also have a community manager and maybe other support staff that I missed. As far as indi vs bigger studio, its often easier and faster to do things in a small team.

    They're a for profit company and they look at the time something will take / cost and compare it to the return it will generate or the longevity it will add to the game.
  13. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

  14. Azbaelus Lorekeeper

    They aren't going to devote 1-3 years developing a new class. They've barely got the people to look ahead to a yearly expansion (weren't they twice a year?). Fix bugs. Be happy.
  15. Dre. Augur

    Ranged melee damage class would be cool. Like you stand there and do kung fu stuff and the mob 100 feet away is all "ow".
  16. Catashe Augur

    why aren't people upset cause no new classes or races? cause this game really doesn't need it.. People don't play this game for stuff like that...

    Also lets face it, people and the devs(looking at you Prathun and Ngreth) know this game is held together with spit, gum, and scotch tape and a WHOLE lot of prayer... And upsetting that delicate balance can lead to catastrophe...
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  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    They have that already its called an enchanter. And not only can they shapshift themselves they can do it to others too.

    Just ignore the fact they call them illusions which they aren't. If they were illusions a gnome turned into an ogre would still have problems with climbing tall steps or jumping up ledges. So yeah the game already has shapeshifters.
  18. Celephane Augur

    2 days and 5 pages long, so far, and it's all just you vs everyone else...don't you see any problem with this ridiculous thread yet?
  19. Vicus Augur

    Sigh, look I know your trying to help but I am not sure why everyone on here seems like they need to explain in detail how things work like I am clueless or that is is some hard to understand. When people say that don't have the manpower and I show them that they are more then the 3-5 man team people then break it down to who are the coffee fetchers and who actually has a legit role in the coding of the game.

    I was the CEO/Owner of a company with a staff of 320 employees prior to selling it to the government. We had a HR staff of 3 people (1 HR manager, 2 employee reps) per geographical location (East and West coast, Japan). I have had a 4 person CS staff for the US and a 3 person staff for Japan, and multiple (40+) CS techs that went out on-call to sites (mostly military bases for onsite tech support). Everything else was tied up into instructors teams (teach military how to use the equipment in class and in practical application), repair team, networking, coders, Joint NATO instructors, logistics, etc. In my experience business broken down in it's simplest form is you have employees who help bring in money, employees who help keep the money you have earned and people in the middle that keep it glued together.

    So with that, I can't speak in detail about Dark Paw games but I will guess a few things. First that coders are the "New money". New content is what brings money in. If you have JUST ENOUGH coders to get by then you are setting yourself up for failure. The picture I posted is obviously for all three games, EQ1, EQ2, and DCUO. If they have specific coders that only deal with each game they are doing it wrong. The coders need to cross train to increase proficiency in the company. Not every game is going to need 100% attention every 8-9 hour work days 7 days a week. When there is downtime in a game one of the coders needs to be working on another game. If this is already happening then you need more coders. If you can't create new content outside of yearly expansion then you need ANOTHER coder. Not being able to create new content = not increasing profit. At some point the constant TLP train is going to slow down, it won't keep the company afloat forever. New content can mean additions to EQ or a NEW game. If DPG's doesn't have something in the works right now, then they don't have enough coders and not in good shape. Microsoft while happy with Windows 10 already have a new system in the wings and a future system on the drawing board.

    Second, if they have an on staff accountant then they are wasting money. Paying someone a full salary for such a small company is a waste. It is also a liability. If that employee jacks up your books and you end up being in the red due to their failure, outside of suing them your screwed. There are plenty of firms to outsource too that would only cost you 7-14% of the salary of a person and have extra benefits I.E, being insured, so if they mess something up they can fix their mistakes. Also suing a company vice suing a person is drastically easier as there is a contract that is signed with terms of agreements. All of this can apply to ANY position. You don't need 3 coding team leads, 3 artist team leads, 3 network team leads (1 for each game). You just need 3 team leads ..all with unique background. 1 Artist, 1 coding, 1 network, ect. All of them as managers and senior members of the company SHOULD be able to help and adjust on all three games. The same way Blizzard coders are able to help on ALL of their games, not just specific ones. Is this being done? I dunno. BTW this is all assuming that DPG even have these positions. I wouldn't be surprised if HR, accounting, and other positions are just filled by Day break games since they are the parent company. I also assume that DBG have full control over their books and DPG has to ask for money.

    As for customer service, I mean lets be real right now. Outside of CS team fixing accounts that are having payment issues, missing characters, lost items, ect, what customer service is really being applied in EQ? We already know they are ignoring the majority of exploits in the game. There is zero in-game support. How big is the CS team? A 3 member CS team could handle all three games. Also customer service is sadly a position that only has a 2-4 year lifespan. I did everything in my power to keep my CS team happy, would even send them down the road to a Spa to get an hour massage while on the clock randomly once a month because it is a thankless job that wears on you. No one grows up and says I wanna listen to people complain all day. So they move on. So while the position is important, you should not invest to much of your assets into a person vice the position of CS.

    Anyhow my point is, if DPG does not have enough coders to either make new content in their current games (outside of just expansions), fix bugs (necro dot revamp going on 4 years now?), or creating a new game in the wings, then they need to consolidate or trim other areas to hire more coders. They bring in the NEW and in this special case they also keep the current money in place (expansions). Once the coders can pump out new content, then with more money you can market, increase CS, and expand.

    Sadly, thought even though I type all of this its just a guesstimate and no matter what the majority of people on the forums are just repeating the what the devs say. We can't do it, It would take to long. Its to complicated ect ect. My question is what CAN be done and HOW can we do it because most long-term successful companies don't say I can't all the time. Those 40+ employees working at DPG, probably assume that they want to be with the company long term, but right now can anyone honestly say they think DPG has a long term plan?

    Yes I would like new classes, new systems, new graphics, bugs fixed, class balance, but overall would just like stuff to happen in a timely manner. Necro revamp to take a 3 years seems absurbed. SK Dot revamp just happen..I am sure it took months and all I read is that SK's hate it due to the mana cost. Doesn't seem like the ship is being managed smoothly IMO.
  20. enclee Augur

    I doubt they have any CS, HR, Legal, Accounting, or other corporate based functions with the split into Darkpaw Games. Those departments are typically handled by the parent company in a shared aspect to reduce costs.
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