New class, why aren't more upset?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Vicus, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Beimeith Augur

    What you're denying is reality. EQ doesn't support it, this is fact. Your opinion/beliefs mean nothing to this. It is not impossible to change EQ to support it, this is true, but it IS impossible to change EQ to support it and be financially viable to do so. So unless you have a few million dollars to waste paying for the dev team to spend years making the change, it isn't going to happen.

    Adding class/race combos is NOTHING like this at all. That is a completely different situation.

    They were able to make Beastlords and Zerkers because there was space available, it has nothing to do with them being "better" in the old days.

    There is a 16 class limit. EQ launched with 14 classes. 16-14 = 2. There was room for 2 classes to be added to EQ. They added 2 classes. The end.
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  2. Vicus Augur

    Fine. Make a new character that comes out with the next expansion. Then you only have to add the class to the current expansions inventory. Make zero previous lore/quest/ect that even mentions that class. Only balance the current raids for the new class. Also there is no "redoing" the class system. I am not asking for a class that can heal/tank/dps all in one. Make the class a specific role and ensure it is balanced within current content. At least live players would have a USEFUL new addition to game-play. While it won't help TLP players it might draw interest for new players to catch up on a new server knowing that once they get to endgame they are playing a class that no one has 100 of geared copies of with max aa's already. Whoever played the class would be starting from ground zero like everyone else. That is at least exciting. There would be theory crafting conversations vice this is the only way to play "insert class" because we already know everything.

    I am also sure the live server players would enjoy the new players that join their servers to help bolster their rosters. Right now the live servers rosters have been static for years (basically since free to play was introduced). Outside of new expansions there have been no reason for people to join live servers. A new class = xp pots/bags/mounts ect. That = income. Overseer = ?
  3. Elyssanda Augur

    I would prefer good gameplay/zones/quests/itemization >>>graphics fixes to characters>new class.
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  4. Benito Augur

    If the OP is so adamant about a new class, he should ask the other EQ projects or e-m-us if they can add a new class for him.
  5. Febb Augur

    Investment of funds to pay the developers to create a new class. I don't think we would see a big enough return on it to justify the development time and money spent on adding one class.

    I don't think they designed the Overseer system to be useful for everyone. I think it was created to mainly to drain completionist's stockpiles of db cash in order to get people to spend more money on db cash.
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  6. Herf Augur

    For the poster it's too bad that the Fantasy Hero system was never made into a computer game. It allows any level of customization. Of course it's also open to endless amount of power gaming/scamming, which in the real world normally be ridden herd over by the GM.
  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    I still believe EQ should be sunset and a new EverQuest developed and launched in a way that grants veteran EQ and EQ2 players great incentive to play the new one.

    Whether this new version should be a reimagining of EverQuest (EQ3) or a remake (EQ1) is debatable.
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  8. Vicus Augur

    This is NOT fact. It is HARD. The dev even said it would be a big overhaul. They did NOT say it was impossible. I never stated what you posted was UNTRUE. I just said it was hard. Do I think they are going to do it? Nope I don't. But after 19 expansions (15+ years) not one dev was motivated enough to do the legwork to improve the code in this effect. If you look at the history of MMO's, anytime a new class is announced in a game (pick your mmo) there are a ton of new players that post, "I've always wanted to try this game....looks like now is a good time". Because a new class means everyone is starting from the same point. While other are more experienced and have more money, the character is still new. It gives a freshness to the game. That is why TLP's are so popular at launch. Everyone starts at the same point. That IMO would of been worth the effort and would of brought more money in then whatever side projects they have missed the mark on over the years.
  9. MasterMagnus Augur

    It doesn't need to be sunset.

    It needs to be treated like the CURATED GAME that it is now.

    TLPs prove the nostalgia is king.
    Adding and adding functionality beyond the core game just leads to more bugs.
    Devs and bosses need to treat this like a Curated Game
    Players need to remember, they are playing a Curated Game

    You'd be amazed at how you can still play Zork. Is there a lesson there?
  10. Mookus Elder

    If there's a 16 class limit, we could vote a class off the island and then the OP could get his new class!
  11. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I would have titled this "No New Class - Why everyone is fine with it"
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  12. Vicus Augur

    Having passion and the power to change something are two different things. Everquest sold their soul when they went to Daybreak games. The Dev team actually deserves a lot of props for keeping the game alive because Daybreak games (the people the devs report too) has zero interest in doing anything to further this franchise. There were a dozen things that could of been done to fund this game for the good. You don't think a kickstarter would of maxed out if they promised new graphic overhaul system, new classes, and a better engine that would be able to expand on the system more? Everquest Next landmark was purchased by people who wasn't even interested in building houses just because they wanted to support a new EQ. I wish the people who owned this franchised had a tenth of the passion it's long term player base has.
  13. Benito Augur

    It's great to be passionate. When players disagreed with the system or model severely, they branched off into e-m-us. You may want to approach P99, TAKP, RA, and others if they have not reached GoD yet (release of the Berserker class). They can program a new class as a selling point.
  14. Vicus Augur

    It's a good idea. I'll expand on it (without the sarcasm). New TLP. This TLP has 4 new classes. 4 old classes have been removed. Take away a Tank, melee, healer, caster. Add new classes for each type. Everyone would get a "new" class to level from classic to live with. Fixes the 16 character issue. Would it take work, yep, would it be the most popular TLP launched, yep. Could even charge 20$ a month for this server and it would be maxxed out.
  15. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    All valid points, except the curated game part.

    DPG is selling EQ expansions and updating the game. It's not in maintenance mode. It's actively being worked on. I will agree EverQuest is being presented and organized professionally.

    Nostalgia is hot right now. That's obvious. Is it king? Staying power of TLPs is debatable.

    I would rather see the IP funneled into a new game, drawing new demographics. But DBG / DPG are gun-shy, and for good reason - outside of EQ2, not a single effort to launch a new EverQuest game has seen any success at all. Does this mean it can't? No! It means that the mis-managed, oversold, overhyped, vaporware of the past needs stay there.

    I'm selfish. I want to experience EverQuest lore in a modern game engine.
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  16. Vicus Augur

    Nope I'll stay here and use my voice thanks.
  17. Laronk Augur

    On my paladin I tanked Nosja in the TOFS2 raid (until dead drunk) multiple times. I think its currently (not in tier3 yet) the hardest hitting raid named? not sure

    Narandi clones are very tankable

    Really knights get tank roles in all 3 tofs raids because there's adds to tank anyways, and in GD there's adds to tank. EW2 we always use a paladin to tank the unstable where it gets blown up but its stunnable so eh. EW1 doesn't have much add wise but I think griklor is knight tankable I just haven't tanked him.
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  18. Benito Augur

    You have a 100% chance of a new class if you program your own e-m-u. You have a 2% chance of a new class if you approach an established e-m-u. You have a nil chance here.
  19. Vicus Augur

    I am with you on this. The current system for EQ is not sustainable. There are many ways to fund this game but sadly I think the parent company just doesn't care about brand Everquest. There is zero marketing for this game in anyway. They haven't even tried to cash in on a battle royal or mobile game during the huge demand of them over the last two years. That is saying something. I am going to ride the EQ train until it's gone but I don't think is a next phase unless some major overhaul in DBG.
  20. Benito Augur

    We already know some of your inaccuracies and lack of knowledge. But this takes the cake.

    SOE/Daybreak was one of the first studios to break into the Battle Royale scene with H1Z1. (Unfortunately, Fortnite was a direct disruptor and made BR even better).

    As recently as few months ago, Daybreak tried (and failed) to launch Planetside Arena (Planetside themed BR).

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