New Class: Warrior-Wizard

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ojier, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. ojier Journeyman

    Yeah, that's right - I would like to see a new class called Warrior-Wizards.

    The best melee tools with the best bombs....maybe just limit it to one such per account...
  2. Tucoh Augur

    The Herald of Xotli was an amazing class, and a type not frequently done in games. Usually war/wiz require such different stats (str vs int) in games that trying to build a dual class only works when you can saturate the stats enough or the contributions complement each other (ex: fighter/mage in AD&D is pure gold).

    However, in terms of gameplay I think beastlords, rangers and shadowknights are so close to a warrior-wizard classes with a little flavor (ranger has bows, beastlord has a pet, sk is a necro) so I don't see why a warrior/wizard class would stand out from them.
  3. Dre. Augur

    Since you seem to imply melee+spell offense, I think you mean Wizerk, which is probably what they should have done instead of the Berserker class. Warriors in EQ are generally centered around defense first, offense second.
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  4. Roartyger Smoot Elder

    If I were to post a link to Kronar: Dark Miasma on Oglaf I could possibly be accused of corrupting young minds. You will have to look it up yourself and confirm your age. I would even caution adults to be careful as you may laugh uncomfortably.

    All male or female would be a warrior sorceress by default. There is no outfit that screams guy for the male warrior sorceress. It's not a great look. Even the written word is sorcery. Scented candles? Might as well make a beeline for the Twilight Zone.

    Maybe Dok in Halas could be the Mistress of Scented Candles?
  5. Bigfan Augur

    Warriors already do fine dps, sk does great dps, paladin not so much.

    We don't need another tank that can out dps rogues and monks..thanks.
  6. IblisTheMage Augur


    Or the dreaded Ragicionk, the confused Bamandin, and the frustrated Clerocro...
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  7. Dre. Augur

    Wouldn't it be great if you could take parts of two classes and make a 3rd out of it?
    Imagine how many hours of not-breaking-Bards would be saved if they used a more conventional spells system. Or you could just give track and Selos to Enchanters...
    Sounds kind of like "drunk"? I'm not sure if I'd trust a healer that FD's, but if they dual-wield scimitars that's pretty sweet.
    Pet tanks for me to backstab, and I can drag players to the group that aren't dead? Sounds good to me.
    They could probably do this tomorrow and nobody would care. I prefer the beef-flavored version though.
    See also: Shadowknight.
    The ultimate box? All the cool utility stuffs, track, ports, SoS, CotH and Selos, but doesn't actually contribute much to combat in a classic tank/dps/healing capacity. Basically a convenience kit that happens to come with a second merc slot. This might just rapidly become the most popular class.
  8. Intenso Augur

  9. Tour Augur

    What? No ports? No healing? Want best buffs too, right?
    You’re lowballing here. Go for broke! You need to really commit to terrible overpowered ideas. Ask for everything!
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  10. Gnomereaper Augur

    The only room in the possibility for a class is a new healer class that would have to be similar to the Vanguard healing monk or the balancer from EQ2 which is a ranger with a pet and really good healing abilities.
  11. snailish Augur

    There is no room for more classes.

    Most of us would be angry if it was done, but there is a much stronger argument to streamline the existing classes from an efficient development standpoint. Whether that be merging 16 down to 8-10, or going more archetype (knight, dps, heals,.... utility? gets tricky) with flavor abilites on the same cool downs (so you cast the paladin set of abilities it blocks the contrary SK abilities, etc.).

    Gameplay-wise it is just a matter of who gets what abilities.

    More healing... I like Warhammer's disciple of Kain (spelling) that was basically a dual-wielding dps class that did AoE close range healing procs while DPSing, with some distant heals as well iirc (been ages). Don't need a new class though... that falls well under AA & spell line development.
  12. Bigfan Augur

    Cleric > shaman > paladin > Druid

    Is currently rank of healers..cleric is only slightly a head of shaman due to remedy being.5 and reckless being 1 sec..

    But you could argue, shamans are better overall due that they are mostly grouped with bards.
  13. Brohg Augur

    this is based on Splash, I guess? Which includes curing and casts faster than druid Alli, but Alli has no cooldown as long as new targets can be found.

    Revitalization+Adrenaline combo to cast 5+4=9 times/minute, vs
    Merciful Light 10/minute, but the druid ones are bigger (with a little protective sauce on Adrenaline)

    Luna vs Wave, similar tradeoff in size vs frequency

    Merciful Touch = 'vida, but smaller.

    Druids have Survival which rescues the group in place of paladin Expiation which is self-only

    Burst exists, but the Quiet time is pretty crippling

    paladins have their lines of ToT heals, but so do druids if we start down that road.
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