new chanter nerfs

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  1. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    Thanks for the pm's, yes I had some small errors underestimating some. But no I purposely left off Eye of Life and Decay and bard aria as not everyone has them and this was meant to illustrate basically what anyone in game has easy access to.

    Base mana cost per cast 8617 (10771 x .8).
    Base damage per tic is 52,451 (45217 x 1.16)
    Base damage group focused is 87,593 (52451 x 1.67).
    Base damage critical hit group focused 416,066 (87593 x 4.75).
    Average weighted base damage per tic for critical rate 199,273 ((87593 x .66) + (416,066 x .34)).
    Average weighted base damage per tic for critical rate and twincast 219,199 ((199273 x .9) + ((199273 x 2) x .1)).
    Average weighted DPS 36,533 (219199 / 6).
  2. High Voltage Augur

    Exposed on what? The fact enchanters are a dps class now? Do you really think it's a secret we are doing very strong dps in raids? Or the fact we do solo well, under certain circumstances?

    The very same is equally true for necros and mages. So what?
  3. Siddar Augur

    He is talking about everything not just DPS. This calls for necromancer parses while at the same time providing no enchanter parses is disingenuous. It also is asking for someone to provide parses of both enchanter and necromancer in a youtube video. That wont doether of the classes any good.
  4. Brohg Augur

    EQ play definitely top secret stuff. Definitely not 50 people including devs can watch all the best in absolute detail every time they do anything in nine events a week.
  5. Fohpo Augur

    To be fair, I don't think watching the RoI stream or one of the other higher end raiding streamers tells you much about the intricacies of any class in particular. Especially since parses aren't even entirely that accurate given the limiting range of combat logs and how damage registers. It does seem that this thread is turning into a crusade against chanters though, hopefully it gets locked soon.
    This is good advice for the thread...
  6. EnchFWO Augur

    If you look at certain people's posting history it becomes abundantly clear who the extremely bitter troll crusader is in this situation - it's not just against Enchanters. If this thread wasn't started by Enchanters they probably would have found a way to do it themselves or turn it into this. I do find it funny how someone can call out people about not knowing their class when they don't even play it for starters and think they understand all of EQ because they can do math. :rolleyes:

    Necros complain about non-Necros posting in their threads and then here we are!

    I have a consolation prize - I can't top the parse on Hoshkar because I'm mez locking basilisks. You know... the one event this expansion that actually requires me to do my 'intended' job. Can't wait for the DPS nerfs to roll in and the next expac has 1/2 the raids requiring CC! Wonder how many guilds will be recruiting Enchanters in that scenario.