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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Erko, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Erko New Member

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search the forum. I just hit 70 and was wondering what the difference is between eagle, dragon and tiger. Should I train all of them? What do they do?
  2. Zunar Augur

    They trigger AA attacks.
    Eagle's strike=damage over time (bite of the asp)
    Dragon punch=stun (gorilla smash)
    Tiger claw=attack debuff on the mob (raven's claw)
    You can manually rotate these to stack, or autoskill one for slackness :)
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  3. Randomized Augur

    Beastlords and Monks get two /autoskills just so you know :)

    So don't forget your to autoskill your kick of choice and your punch of choice :) (I use Eagle Strike for more DPS) and Flying Kick on my Beastlord
  4. Szilent Augur

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  5. Zunar Augur

    Yeah it'd be nice if we did, but have to settle for round kicks ;)
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  6. Randomized Augur

    Yeah that one! Sorry lol had logged out of my Monk before replying to this >.<
  7. Erko New Member

    Thanks for the quick responses. Very helpful.
  8. Zanarnar Augur

    one tiny note on Eagle's strike, on raids its generally NOT a good idea to use this, so revert to Dragon Punch as not to chew up a debuff slot on the raid boss.
  9. Erko New Member

    Thanks Zanarnar, good to know!
  10. Iribabh Elder

    All the Beasts in my raid generally run Tiger Claw. Yea it eats a debuff slot but it overwrites for each other and the ATK redux stacks with everything. It's not a bad thing. Don't run Eagle though for sure. I don't even use that crap in group content. Damage is too low to matter.
  11. Alnitak Augur

    Eagle's strike DoT is invaluable when there is TWO beastlords in the group. It does count for Coalition trigger count, so both beastlords can just use Ikatiar's Blood (which should be used anyway to maximize dps due to Vindication triggering and dps boost from Coalition) and 2 beastlords each can fulminate for 2.9mln on average every 60 seconds. That's over 103K dps (nominal, criticals are extra) if fight is longer than 45 secs, without a need for a second DoT cast, so the mana is preserved.
  12. Iribabh Elder

    Hmm pretty sure that is not the case anymore and even if it is it isn't worth it in lost raid dps. Coalition trigger count includes ticks from dots that are already on the target though.

    Also if you have 2 beastlords using that crap dot (which max ticks for 10k non crit, maybe 53k on crit) that's taking up 2 slots that could be going to a necro, bard, shaman, druid, whos dots tick for 600k+ (and in some cases several million). Talk about a huge dps loss!

    You only need to keep Chill on the target (and should be doing that anyway) to cause fulminates to happen if you are spamming Blood.

    Also - Vindication triggers from Chill when you need to refresh it during your Vindi burn anyway.

    On topic of the damage added to dots from Coalition, that 52k is flat added after hit/crit. It's not nothing but it's not a ton. It also goes away if you reapply your dot, so personally I try and use that on my Chill since I'm only casting that once every minute(ish) to maximize gains from it, that bonus goes away on my very next Blood cast.

    Finally, worth mentioning that fulminates can't crit.
  13. Alnitak Augur

    I was writing in response to your "I don't even use that crap in group content."
    I play in a group with 2 beastlords alot of times, number of debuffs are not an issue in the group.
  14. Iribabh Elder

    It's still a very minor dps gain. I parsed it a while back and it was like...2k? more than just using Tiger Claw or Tail Rake/Dragon Punch. Personally in group I'd rather have the Raven Claw atk debuff but that's me.

    Definitely a no-no in raid. In group play it can also mess up CC too. I used to use it in group content back during RoS and such and the number of times I broke mezzes repeatedly because I happened to punch something 1x was enough that I decided that 2k dps gained wasn't worth broken CC on a dot I can't control.

    In the end play as you wish, but I wouldn't recommend that ability.