New Anniversary Tasks

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Flatchy, Apr 19, 2022.

  1. Flatchy Court Jester

    • Anniversary Part 2 - Two new missions on April 20, 2022 and a return of the 5th to 13th-anniversary events from April 12, 2022 through the end of the anniversary events May 10, 2022, at 11:00 p.m. PD
    I know the old tasks are up and running. Has anyone seen the New ones they speak of yet?
  2. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Supposedly they come out after tomorrow's patch which would be the 20th - and no rumors other than a clicky that points to the nearest collectable as a reward for one of them
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  3. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Theyre on test if you want to try them. Both harder than the first anny mission, imo.
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  4. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Some Damage augs I saw some with procs but didn't seem that great if you already have challenger. Maybe 1 extra point of damage? anyone go the numbers on these.
  5. Riou EQResource

    like beyond espoir each one has 2 possible items that are slightly better then the t3 tol tradeskill pieces, each one has 2 specific slots like beyond espoir had

    Rat mission - fingers and waist
    shar vahl mission - shoulders and range

    they are quite a bit harder then beyond espoir as well
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  6. DruidCT Augur

    It would be difficult to make them easier.
  7. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Better or worse than the cov aug?
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  8. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Oh, yes they could!!!

    I have yet to complete it. Remember there are players who are not level 120/raid geared :D
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  9. Paladin Augur

    I agree! The MOB's are a overpowered!
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  10. The real Sandaormo Augur

    The one handers I saw were 17 dmg + a proc and the 2 handers were 28 with a proc but again I saw them in passing so not sure what or how good the procs are.
  11. Riou EQResource

    You can flip through these augs for that missions Bonus, there is a reward button to choose a different one in that set once earned, the whole group gets this bonus item at once

    the Collectible finder is the bonus from the other mission, only 1 person gets it per run it will put a red x on your map with possible find path if the zones pathing isn't bad

    they both have 1 hour request lockouts (5 hours on completion)
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  12. Plumbus Lorekeeper

    The augs are not better then the ones available already. They also still have not added range slot to any of them.
  13. MageGuy MageGuy

    However....they're a lot better if missing some challengers.... :)
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