Fixed Network lag since 9-16

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Vekaras, Sep 20, 2023.

  1. NImxat Elder

    With in our guild the lag appears to only affect midwest - east coast players. Someone on Discord suggested using a west coast based VPN to avoid the lag. This does not fix Daybreak's problem.
    Is it permissable to use a VPN?
  2. Kelric New Member

    I wouldn't think it would be an issue, but we shouldn't have to use a VPN for a game we subscribe to in order to play.
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  3. Wardo Garrix New Member

    Yelinak has this bad, like many have said. Runs well until around 6:30pm central, but then the lag spikes start. Small at first, then they ramp up to nearly a minute, 1 combat round, then lagged again. As Yendys said above, OMM showed 80% on my screen while others saw him and 60% and lower. Caused a wipe on the first round. Had to regroup and go again, trying to adjust for the lag. Very frustrating!
  4. Aoibhinn New Member

    It's happening to everyone I've talked to on Mischief, and not all of us use the same ISP, and it's not just east/midwest people either. I'm west coast, and I know of people in other countries affected too.
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  5. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Id guess if its only certain regions that there are issues on the path to dbg. I dont think anything on their servers would have a problem with some regions and not others.
  6. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    This has been passed on and is being investigated, thank you for the report.
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  7. Gengrel Lorekeeper

    it looks like they merged all our post because i was looking for my bug post on it. Anyone having lag today ? About to start myself and will update if I run into it :(
  8. Yendys New Member

    Just cancelled our raids for this evening - no improvement yet - strawpoll says about 33% of the guild is affected in some manner.
  9. Bukuu New Member

    It is unplayable on Bristlebane. Had to logoff early last night and again tonight. Why can't the Devs just update us on the issue. BTW we are playing to play and can't
  10. Gengrel Lorekeeper

    its back tonight and got me killed doing group progression :\ time to call it I guess, I hear WoW is on sale right now....around 7:15PM EST
  11. Yaroc New Member

    Lag started again, 7.30 EST almost exactly. Killed us twice doing the Dragon Egg progression group task.
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  12. Siphon New Member

    We have had this issue year ago. it was tracked down to a faulty router. it seems to be eastern time zone and central. west coast does not seem to have the issue. I cant imagine how we have had this many posts and no reply by gm to atleast check on this to verify.
  13. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    This issue has been passed on and is being investigated.

    When/if there is news to pass on, it will be passed. Thank you.
  14. samuraijack619 New Member

    Game is almost unplayable. Raids had to be cancelled. 60 sec delay in lag for half the guild last night on thornblade.
  15. Xslia Elder

    Just wanted to add to this as of 9/21 (Thursday night) raids for us were difficult. For some of our raiders, lag was so bad, they logged in the first hour (we start 7pm Eastern). Lag was not experienced by all, and those that were impacted were scattered across the globe. Some stated it was only bad while in raid instance.
    Thanks for looking into this.
  16. Cideral Lorekeeper

    for hours at night on thornblade it's unplayable
  17. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    In regard to the lag issues some of you are experiencing, it is requested to send a Customer Service ticket in so they may obtain further data directly from you.

    Login using your account credentials, then click Contact Support in the top right of the webpage.

    Thank you.
  18. Rank New Member

    So nice to have a faction event and unable to play the game for a week now.
  19. RandomPotato New Member

    Well, the lag, it's back tonight. Again. Worse than usual. Typically the Lag-O-Meter dips from 100 to 98 and right back up, but the lag persists. Tonight it's been dipping all the way down to 60% before coming back to 100%.

    Initially, I thought maybe tonight the whole east coast being slammed with Ophelia might be the cause, except guildmates in PST/MST were having the same problem at the same time with similarly worse performance.

    While I respect that we should "send a ticket", this is a problem thats been ongoing for over a week, causing guilds serverwide to cancel raids and making your product virtually unplayable in raid or group content. Taking tickets is fantastic, but witht he forum reports it seems to be hitting all over the globe, not just a particular coast, so it's (likely) a DBG/DPG/DXG/EQ problem. I'd wager y'all employ some IT guys that are looking at this? Wake them up.

    It's been a problem for over a week thats affecting gameplay across servers and continents. I've personally seen it happen with 1-2 clients while the other clients /following me on the same machine, get no issue, farming low level mobs/achievements. That is probably not an ISP backbone issue. when it's client specific.

    This much downtime for players, the hit or miss nature, and heck, the inability of guilds to raid is kind of a huge bummer for the playerbase. It'd be fantastic, f this is inf act a EQ/DBG/DPG/Acronym issue, that some sort of time is restored to players, or a weekend bonus of some nature as a gesture of good will as a sort of "apology" for boning the connections. In the past this happened fairly frequently, time being credited to accounts (we're talking like.. a day or so, not weeks) when things were the companys fault...

    bring back that good will.. yanno
  20. Windance Augur

    Raiding tonight had two times where raid instance froze for 20s+
    Multiple people reported the game frozen so it was not just me.

    While frozen the EQ forums were also unavailable.

    Seems like a DoS or network routing issue.

    This was on bertox.
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