Fixed Network lag since 9-16

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Vekaras, Sep 20, 2023.

  1. Vekaras Ranger of the Too Long Name

    Nearly everyone I've talked to on the Bristlebane server (and I assume all of EQ ) has been reporting spikes of packet loss to EQ since at least 9-16. It typically comes in waves, and then is fine for a several minutes.

    I call it network lag because it seems to happen to multiple characters across different zones, and the server side seems to be unaffected (Mercs & Mobs are still acting fine, its just the players are unable to get server updates --mob position & health) Some toons will catch up slower than others

    Is anyone actually looking at this?
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  2. Aziuno Augur

    Are you guys aware of this issue? it is getting ridiculous that nothing has been said.

    Happening on Oakwynd as well, so I assume all servers.
  3. Aziuno Augur

  4. Pixnmode New Member

    It's not just Bristlebane, Mangler has been experiencing nasty lag like this too .. We wiped to Vault last night in EoK due to the insane lag. It's been ongoing several days on our end and from what I've heard most all servers are experiencing packet loss lag. Hopefully Devs look into this soon, Mangler has RoS launch tomorrow we will be dealing with this lag during it.
  5. Vishelle New Member

    When the spikes happen for me, the website also will not load until it resolves.
    Also saw people talking in the cross-game chat channels that it was happening in EQ2 at the same time.
  6. Rashod Lorekeeper

    Same, Drinal -- canceling raids for the second night in a row due to it. Things are fine, then half the raid gets hit with 10ish second spikes (10 sec spike - 1 melee round - 10 sec spike ...) and the other half is fine.
  7. Zerm Resurgence GM

    Yelinak is having severe issues. seems to be ISP based affecting across zones and time zones. up to 90 seconds at times. affecting raiding.
  8. bigpapa Augur

    lot of lag atm ( was fine lately ) , game almost unplayable atm , ,
  9. Svann2 The Magnificent

    ISP based? Do you mean everyone that lags is reporting that they have the same ISP, or are you talking about DBG's ISP?
  10. Yaroc New Member

    Has been happening consistently these last three nights that I've noticed; ping is "off" norm (currently bouncing between 95 - 103ms), packets drop to ~88%. Lagged for 15 - 45s, good for 10-25s, then lagged out again for another 50 - 90s then all is fine for a minute or so.

    Everything was ok earlier, but around 8:30pm EST is when small lag spikes started happening, 9:00EST what I described above started happening.

    Lag spikes are smaller right now, as of right now. Hoping it will clear so we can finish our raids this evening.
  11. Yaroc New Member

    Forums seem to be laggy as well. Took almost a full minute for that post to get posted.
  12. Zerm Resurgence GM

    in our guild we notice similar providers was having issues. but its on DBG side i think.

    UPDATE i dont know if this actually fixed it. but we re spun our task and it helped.
  13. Siphon New Member

    I normally am able to run multiple accounts. Since the 19th even 3 is a strain. The lag issue is still happening only with greater frequency.
  14. RandomPotato New Member

    Been happening on Ragefire for the last week or so. Lag hits for 20-30 seconds, goes away for a minute then returns. Makes raiding rather difficult. We've had multiple players with different ISPs experience it, and some alt tab boxers are seeing zones play normally on one screen but their other screen is very out of sync with the server.

    For clarity, it's still problematic post-patch
  15. Gengrel Lorekeeper

    What's going on, I dont see many post of the latency issues, packet loss. It seems like 75% of the raid force tonight was lagging and most of them were on the East Coast, all had different ISP. All our connections are solid via your testing tools A+ etc. While outside of raid zones it randomly happens too. The ping is 86ms but the connectivity is going from 100.0% to around 98% and keeps bouncing back up to 100% when it starts lagging out. Its enough to have killed me about 5x randomly, very annoying.

    I need to know where I should do a tracert to and I'll post my results please. I swore you used to have server IP addresses to ping listed. Thanks
  16. Gengrel Lorekeeper

  17. DEXe New Member

    yup can't get a word in general chat because whole server can't do anything with all this lag.
  18. Yendys New Member

    Huge issue for us raiding on Yelinak also. During one point half the guild saw the raid target at 60% and the other half the raid saw it at 80%. Seems to affect about half the guild.
  19. Kelric New Member

    Lag spikes are horrible between 7pm EST and 11ish pm EST. Makes raiding nearly impossible, but definitely unenjoyable.
  20. Achillez Elder

    It looks like it is literally all Daybreak services that are having network issues and spikes (from what I hear alot of the people are on the east coast getting them). I got a giant lag spike in game and decided to pop over to the forums and the page took 30 seconds to load. During that time I popped open 10 other websites which all loaded instantly, so it's certainly not my connection.