Nerf Monks please

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Skipper, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. kythik Lorekeeper

    It's not often I agree with Vaclav but this is soooooooooo true.

    A BiS raid geared rogue will do ~90% of the dps of a BiS raid geared monk. When both players are doing their 100%. That requires the Rogue to have a Thornstinger which 4 of us do on LJ but I believe no one does on ragefire.
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  2. falendar Lorekeeper

    No, I don't joke. A monk does not have to pull if he or she chooses not to, it's their decision. That decision may result in less groups but it's still theirs to make. I don't always want to pull and I will make a group with a second monk that does the pulling instead. You don't get to dictate how someone chooses to play their character.
  3. falendar Lorekeeper

    I am not disagreeing with him, I am just saying that although they are currently powerful, it is not gamebreaking and will level out. I personally want to use weapons, but with fist dps being better aside from wu's fists which are the hardest item in classic to get, that's not a viable option.
  4. falendar Lorekeeper

    Very interesting parse results, nice work there.
  5. Skipper Augur

    Be sure to put that on your raid guild app.
  6. falendar Lorekeeper

    lol wow man you are really closed minded. I am in a raiding guild and have been on nameless, combine, and fippy, and here. I've pulled in all of them,and there were days I took a break from pulling. but I do know some monks that generally don't pull. again it's their choice and if their guild is ok with it then win/win. You really need to stop trying to dictate how people play their classes man, it makes you look bad.
  7. Vaclav Augur

    He's trying to state it's a fundamental strength of the class, and generally you should be trying to play 110% to most people.

    It's like a ranger or druid saying "Well, I don't like snaring..." - sure it's their playtime, but plenty of people will look down on half-assing your play.
  8. falendar Lorekeeper

    Except he's saying that's all they should/can do. The other fundamental strength of the class is dps. so they can do both they need not be delegated to just pulling.
  9. kythik Lorekeeper

    Monks don't 'need' a nerf. Rogues especially just need some fine tuning. Even with the 25% melee dmg buff(at lv50) come next patch Wizards/Necros look like they will continue to be superior to any other dps.

    Granted my opinion is purely based on the raid level play. Group play though monk/necro/mage naked are superior to all other group content geared classes. ok maybe the monk will need a haste item.
  10. SebastianTheIbis Lorekeeper

    Lol at this thread. Wizards are kings right now. Necros close second. Followed by any other caster with a nuke... followed by monks (lol), followed by rogues/rangers/warriors/whatever.

    Monks aren't even close to the best right now with current mob hp. Now if you made mobs have like... 1 million hp, then monks would be pretty awesome since everyone else but necros and shamans would run out of mana. But barring that? Monks are just melee who happen to control their aggro better.
  11. Silv Augur

    You mean people are trying to balance the game based solely on a raid geared perspective?! Well that's never turned out poorly before...
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