Nerf Monks please

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Skipper, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. Skipper Augur

    Monks h2h damage on TLP's is absurdly OP. Since DBG has proved they listen and react with OP mages, let's do the same to monks please. Monks should be pulling anyway. Now, they think instead of chain pulling, they should be dps'ing.

  2. Carpediem New Member

    Yeah, let's blow out their candle so yours looks brighter.
  3. IvanK Journeyman

    Then remove the spell focus items and melee augment items too. Those are OP.

    And no, I don't play a monk.
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  4. Xanadas Augur

    I have 2 max level monks and I don't really feel like they are OP. It still takes me much longer to kill mobs than it would have taken a couple of mages.
  5. Igniz Augur

    Dear people who always need to cry for nerfs for other classes, because "they are better than me"


    We don't want you here.

    Sincerely, everyone using his brain for more that just to wear a hat on it!
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  6. Azzudien Augur

    Obvious the OP has not played a monk since they changed boss fights. I am a very well geared monk and post boss buff i have not been in top 10 on dps parse. The classes doing the best dps are wizzies and necros.
  7. Silv Augur

    Openly calling for nerfs [esp. when you actually USE the word in your title] is a violation of forum guidelines. Someone get Roshen on the batphone.
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  8. Dreftan Elder

    I dunno... they did set the precedent for nerfing .. I mean balancing on tlp...
  9. falendar Lorekeeper

    Wow, i am guessing you don't know much about monks. Did you know that monks were not designed to be pullers? they were designed to be a pure dps class, the player base figured out that using FD to pull was actually viable. and for a time Verant/sony had been looking into ways of negating the ability to use FD to pull but remain viable for losing aggro. The original purpose of monks were to be best all around melee dps with rogues slightly better in the rear of the mob. now don't get me wrong, monks are powerful right now, but we are not the best overall dps, that goes to wizards. If you had it your way you would probably want the to remove all focus effects as well which would be near impossible. Focus on playing the class you enjoy and stop worrying about the others, you will have a much better EQ experience.
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  10. falendar Lorekeeper

    Forgot to add, if a monk doesn't want to pull that's perfectly fine, he doesn't have to. But you have the right to not invite him into your group when you are looking for a puller.
  11. Blademaster Elder

  12. Vaclav Augur

    Burst wizards are better - if you think they're better sustained you've got to be using elicit substances.

    And if anyone thinks their damage is appropriate even with the theorized 21/38 vs 20/26 - Many of the best weapons right now are around 11/21 range - which 21/38 is still pretty well ahead of - especially for something that's just "leveled into" versus taking on some pretty hardcore stuff in Sky or other challenging (now) bosses.
  13. falendar Lorekeeper

    burst wizards die to aggro, a well played wizard that knows when to and when not to nuke should out dps any class currently, especially with mana con and dmg focus items in the game. I did say monks were powerful, but it does not make them so powerful it makes content trivial like mage walls were doing. a monk still can't solo effectively, although kunark and fungi will change this like it did in classic. Btw take this into consideration as well monk fists are 20/26 which is a .769 ratio atm, best monk weapon is 16/22 which is a .727 ratio. which a dmg aug the dps is most likely equal with wu's fist of mastery being faster. Although I haven't gotten them to test because they are probably the hardest item to get currently, I suspect them to be as good or better dps than fists with aug and speed.
  14. Raynard Augur

    Monk fists are 21/38. Wu's fists are much better, I have 2 on my 50 monk on test. Just main hand before the passive dmg mod they parsed 19.03 dps versus bare hand 13.52 dps. That is unbuffed, unhasted with no aug.
  15. Porygon Augur

    I mean 11/21 would be equivalent to 22/42 which isn't that far off. I don't think monks are crazy op atm. As I've said multiple times, my rogue parses just under my monk in most fights.
  16. falendar Lorekeeper

    Where are you getting 21/38? fist ratio's are. unless something changed them in the past.
    # 5, 34, 5, 37
    # 10, 64, 7, 35
    # 15, 94, 9, 34
    # 20, 124, 11, 33
    # 25, 150, 13, 31
    # 30, 175, 14, 30
    # 35, 200, 16, 29
    # 40, 220, 17, 28
    # 45, 240, 19, 27
    # 50, 260, 20, 26
    # 55, 280, 21, 25
    # 60, 295, 22, 24
    # 65, 310, 23, 24
    # 70, 325, 24, 23
    # 75, 335, 25, 23
    # 80, 345, 26, 22

    But yea if you are parsing better with them,awesome. I thought they would and glad.
  17. falendar Lorekeeper

    yea and it's gonna stay like that for awhile most likely. they even out, but monks have tended to stay ahead almost every expansion but rogues do pull ahead in a few.

    that 11/21 will always outdps the 22/42. double and triple attack and just more swings in general will cause them to be unequal.
  18. Raynard Augur

    That is the parse that showed that they are 21/38. The chart you reference is now incorrect, there is a thread in the class forum and another in the TLP forum where the discussion has been ongoing.
  19. Skipper Augur

    You're joking, right?

  20. Vaclav Augur

    Again that's comparing a RAID GEARED player against a monk that just happened to level their HTH skill.

    If we were comparing against group geared, that edge could be explained away - but saying "Raid Geared people should do less DPS than a naked monk that just leveled to 50 and got their HTH skill up" defeats the entire purpose of gearing to the game.
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