Nerf Mearates (Now)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ShadowMan, Mar 13, 2019.

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  1. Ditka Journeyman

    I like how some will scoff at the idea of an asterisk put in front of them by not beating it prior to the initial nerf, but now want one added after this upcoming one.

    So pathetic. RoI is the only one that shouldn't have something denoting they accomplished this raid without it being easier.
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  2. Lianeb Augur

    Why just RoI...there were 2 others
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  3. Tolzol Augur

    MS and valhallah also beat it prenerf
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  4. feeltheburn Augur

    thats not quite true now is it mr new member?? I believe 2 other guilds beat it before hand, and your statement of "easier" is insulting and a load of horse"""t too for the others, this raid is still far from easy. Please feel free to crawl back under your rock now.
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  5. kizant Augur

    I'm always doing hallways but the nerf didn't seem all that noticeable to me tbh. In fact it seemed like the final hallway emote was timed even worse with the mephit spawns somehow. But it could have just been bad luck the last few wins.
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  6. Someone Apprentice

    Lol what are you talking about? You just keep proving my first post about your inability to weigh in on the significance of the initial nerf. But hey, keep on digging man!
    - Unfettered Emerald Excellence - Made the following balance changes to this raid event:
    - - Lowered the boss's regeneration slightly.
    - - Increased the damage done to mephits by bane abilities slightly.
    - - Increased the amount of time between mephit waves in the final phase of the encounter.
    - - Increased the amount of time between armor suit waves in the final phase of the encounter.
    - - Decreased the number of mephit spawns per wave in the final phase of the encounter.
  7. Lisard Augur

    As the 3rd Guild to make it into mearatas on 2/10 and was working on mearatas before they, RoI, finally beat it, i can say we made it pretty far down in our couple of attempts, the hardest part of the 100-25% was just not messing up the cure. when we were finally consistently making it to 25%, the next hardest part of this raid was the 90 seconds of the boss invulnerable. and having everyone A. not stand in lava Auras. B. Move as a Unit. C. Make sure we Land a Cure BEFORE we run to our hallway emotes. D. Make all Tanks understand they had 1 job for 18 seconds (there about) and that was to AE aggro and Fort/Flash/Deflect until we can all return from our hallways and regroup again. E. catch back up on the double-triple set of mephits (based on timing) from the hallway emote chaos. thats 90-120 seconds of pure anarchy contending with Lag, Making sure 54 (in our case at the time due to burnout/retirement/fustratedpeoplenotloggingin, 49 people) are all on the same page b/c if 1 of those people up at any point during that time it makes it all that much harder.

    Enter The first round of Slightly Nerfs, first run of the night, we make it to 10% <-we learned about enrage timer LEL....holy my guild was actually able to bring the boss down now and not just stall out at 22-23% for 7 minutes pre-nerf, b/c we couldnt combat the regen fast enough while jumping thru all the hoops, most our melee/casters were riding that line of "i can see a sliver of yellow/blue"

    Again, Slight nerf indeed, it did not change the event's difficulty TBH...with this upcoming nerf, they are completely gutting it, taking out that Transition difficulty that decimated so many players/guilds, is gonna make it so easy now, thats an Asterisks worthy nerf.
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  8. Axxius Augur

    I noticed the same: we got mephits spawning right after the emote and jumping on random people running to the halls more often after that patch. But the interval changes only after the emote, so it must have been just RNG luck.
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  9. Endaar Augur

    I hate that as a member of a guild who is utterly stuck at 25%, I have to entirely agree.
  10. Lianeb Augur

    Riding the line of a sliver of yellow or blue Mana was part of the nerf.
    It went from needing 30 banes to 20 per wave. It’s a minor change but also not insignificant, when you consider that the mephits left up for to long start chain casting elemental madness (yellow/blue mana drain)
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  11. yepmetoo Augur

    Not being able to root/stun the sentinels is going to hurt those guilds having issues with enough dps. Will need 2 more heavy dps people on sentinels to keep up, assuming equal distribution of sentinels. A guild could get unlucky or lucky now for a lot more variance on the impact of sentinels.

    The lower damage on the mephits will have almost no impact on that issue.

    If you couldn't live through 2 waves of mephits with the boss inactive, no sentinels, and your entire raid force available at 25% such that if the boss activated right as another wave hit, you were not going to beat the raid anyway.

    So I think this will just mean more guilds get it to 24% instead of 25% and not help a lot on wins =P
  12. Scornfire Augur

    The notes have been clarified to reflect Mez and Snaring sentinals will still work, not 100% clear on the wave, but that's only one more set of "Must kills" vs 3. Lower Mephit damage could be pretty big, depending on the actual numbers, since them jumping and murdering cloths in the halls was the most frequent cause of non-cure related death.

    Disagree, the window of time where everyone is running to halls is the part where the raid is most susceptible, certainly for those who already have this event beaten, this change drastically improves the viability of farming it. There will still be Guilds who struggle to counter the hard 20m fail timer (Not an enrage imo, there's 0 chance of winning past 20m6s currently) but I imagine within short order even those who haven't dealt with sub 25 will at least have it under control, the matter of having enough DPS/Baning will still be a bar to clear though. We were under 2m remaining both times we've won
  13. Maedhros Augur

    I am fully aware that the event had already previously been nerfed. Are you dense or something?
    Lisard summed it all up very nicely. Those changes had little to no bearing on whether a guild could survive at 25% or not. As the event really hinges on that whole 25% transition thing, the previous nerf did not make much of a difference in that fact. 2 or 3 fewer mephits during the 25% transition is hardly a serious difference.
    The biggest change was the lowering of the bosses regen, which affected the entire raid the entire time. Can I weigh in on that, or in your highly esteemed anonymous forum troll opinion did I not have enough experience on the matter?
    Apparently you think the first nerf was a major one, so cheers and congratulations on your opinion!!
  14. Axxius Augur

    That was already nerfed in April when the boss'es regen was reduced. Of course, there is still a dps requirement, but it's nothing too dramatic. Being in Mearatas means you got through Stratos, Smoke, Esianti, Empyr 2 and have enough dps to kill UEE in 20 min if you don't lose dps during the event. And this latest patch will help tremendously there. People dying to the mephits during the 25% transition or getting mana/end drained right after it because the mephits that spawned during it are still alive - that was the biggest reason why a guild that could get to that stage would fail to finish the event before the enrage.
  15. Brohg Augur

    Attempting, via pedantry over adjectives, to pooh-pooh the impact of the nerf that literally changed your Ls to Ws is a ridiculous position, Maedhros.
  16. Maedhros Augur

    Err, if I am not qualified to talk about the impact of the nerf because I did not beat it prior to the nerf, how do you rate if you havent even tried the event live at all yet?
    My position is that the greatest impact of the nerf was the reduction of the regen and that the words slightly are in it twice. But why bother with those troublesome words, they only get in the way.
  17. Lisard Augur

    Im gonna put a mental * next to all 'Someone's' posts until he post under his main characters name.

    if your gonna trash talk and drop mic's do it proudly.
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  18. Fintank Augur


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  19. Brohg Augur

    I need no position on the degree of the nerfs to observe that your argument is from pure semantics and flies wildly in the face of plain observation: you could not beat the event before those nerfs, you could afterward. Developers may well have dropped only a single mob's hp by a single point -- if that's what made the difference, then it's Night and Day. Pleading here on the forums that your win shouldn't get the asterisk because the nerf YOU won after is different than the nerf THEY win after is small minded ungenerous BS. In the modern parlance, it's a bad look.
  20. Maedhros Augur

    When did I plead anything about not getting an asterisk? My guild beat it after the nerf, we fell under the line on EGL. That is the asterisk as far as I'm concerned and I am not ashamed one bit about how we performed. If you read back a few pages I was minding my own business when Someone decided to take some anonymous shots at me.
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