Nerf Mearates (Now)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ShadowMan, Mar 13, 2019.

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  1. Tolzol Augur

    Well without raids i would retire immediately tbh. It’s only part of game i find fun enough to keep me around for a whole year.
  2. Thrillho Augur

    This raid's issues need to be fixed before another nerf. Lag seems to be the primary one - delays in boss going live, delays in text reaching logs, the named rubber-banding, etc. I have no idea how the lag can be addressed, but that should be a focus. Never have I seen feedback on any content with the comment "seems ok, but we need more lag to up the difficulty." If it ran perfectly, I'd say it's probably the most fun raid I've seen in years. If it ran without issues, every guild would see a performance increase.

    This raid isn't killing guilds. Guilds are killing themselves over this raid. Attempt after attempt, day after day, for weeks on end. If guild leaders are pushing their raid forces to a point where they stop logging in most nights, quit, or move on to another guild, it's the guild leader's fault. Not the raid. Recognize your guilds strengths and weaknesses and correct accordingly. Quit chasing a spot on EGL at the cost of your roster.

    "Run to hallway X" is not difficult. At all. I've made colour-coded maps paired with colour-coded GINA triggers and people still fail the emote. "Fire. Red. Run Direction." Simple. Yet people still fail it. It can be the early run emote where *nothing else* is going on and people still fail it. How?!

    The frustrating part about this event for me was people failing simple tasks. Stay out of the BIG GLOWING AURA OF FIRE WHERE THE BIG PURPLE BALL OF LAVA IS. Or DON'T MOVE AHEAD OF THE TANK TO DROP AN AURA WHERE THE NAMED IS BEING PULLED TO. Simple stuff like that was failed every single attempt. I swear it would have been easier to run a group short than it was to run it with a full raid, simply because there would be fewer people that would fail a task.

    The raid is simple enough as long as everyone pays attention. Review each class - a lot more of them have bane damage than you'd think. Monks can snare and stun! Sure, we don't do much compared to the AE classes, but one bane from a monk means one less from another class. Having every person know what their bane damage is will help you tremendously when you're in the 25% transition phase and need to get to the hallways. I thought this was going to be the end of the raid - failures by luck, since you had the wrong bane classes in the wrong hallways. But with the crazy amount of bane damage there is, this is not the case.
  3. Tanols Augur

    March 10, 2019 is when we recorded our Palace Gates win ... June 2, 2019 Maeratas.
    So for 3 months we recruited needed classes. Worked on training people on nailing down that 100 - 25% phase 2-4 hours per week. RL shuffled people around assigning them to specific tasks until had the right people in the right places. Everyone worked with everyone to increase performance and solve lag issues, dps issues, curing, healing, tanking, banes.
    Once a week runs through Arx to farm Venenium. Shaman pumping out cure pots to make sure everyone had a way to self cure if needed.
    So lets say 25 - 50 hours spent grinding on that 100% to 25% portion of the raid.
    In all honesty 25% to 0 was nailed in less than 10 attempts, maybe 3 hours total and not all in one night. Realistically we only had 3 or 4 times where we could dps boss below 25% and one of those was the win.
    Did we get lucky with the RNG, lag etc. You betcha!! More importantly was the patience and perseverance displayed by leadership and members. (Though a few times I was afraid RL was going to blow his vocal cords, pull his hair out by the roots and or have a complete and total melt down over avoidable errors etc. LoL)
    We are not a guild filled with rock stars. I would put maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of our roster being as good as anyone server wide in their respective classes. What we did have is everyone giving 110% of what they had to give and fair bit of luck as a result of putting in the time and effort. We didn't grind ourselves to dust against it. Instead a honest assessment of what was needed was made and the work was done.
  4. yepmetoo Augur

    I salute your dedication.

    I wish we'd actually go kill the raid every week. Our problem is we refuse to raid more than 1 day a week. And with GMM and every other TBL raid except PoFire and Mearatas, we're easily past 3.5 hours on a normal night. So then we're done.

    GoT is over, but it summer, however, we did get a flood of apps and had a full raid for the first time in a long time. Hoping we spend time in Mearatas instead of farming more boring raids, its a quick way to weed out terribad players.
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  5. yepmetoo Augur

    Gonna put this right here...LOL. Hurts knowing a few more seconds and you'd have been copacetic.

    I really hate timed fails on raids. Always have.
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  6. Endaar Augur

    As a meta comment, I really wish people without signatures would post what guild they're in.

    The problem with this event is that it really does require 99% perfection from the entire raid roster. That's great for the guilds that can pull it off, but for those who can't it creates a choice of either not winning the raid and pissing off those who are putting in solid performances day after day, or benching people that have shown they can't play at this level. Neither is good for the long-term health of a guild.

    I'm still not prepared to say it needs another nerf. But there certainly is a valid discussion as to whether an event that inevitably will further consolidate all the top players in a smaller number of guilds is appropriate for the current state of the game.
  7. Maedhros Augur

    0% FAIL. I hate this raid so much.
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  8. Kamor Lorekeeper

    This is a terrible idea. If you change how the mechanics work on the mephits, I can't imagine the mechanics on the sentinels not changing. Going from 3 to 2 CC able hallways sub 25% may not seem like much, but it will matter.

    Just add 2 ticks to the hallway debuff at 25%, and reduce the dmg output on the mephits a bit more; that will solve tons of issues.
  9. Allayna Augur don’t just kill em all?

    We like killing things!
  10. Cadira Augur

    The night before you got it to 6, last night you got it to 0. Guess what comes next?!
  11. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Despair... Lots and lots of despair...

    JK :D

    We are going to rock it next time.
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  12. Mintalie Augur

    Where is Gotcharms' amazing win video? I'm in desperate need of some inspiration and thought I bookmarked it but I blonded that simple task up, apparently.
  13. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Tell your pet to put some stank on it when attacking UEE so you can win! :)
  14. tyrantula Elder

    You don't need the video when you have the extra inch speech. It's beautiful.
  15. Spellfire Augur

  16. Mintalie Augur

    He is extra stanky, I promise.
  17. Endaar Augur

    Hoping someone can clarify a couple points for me on the banes...Assuming two members of the same class are both baning the same mob, do they need to be using different spells? Possibly related to that, can more than one bane land per server tick? Thanks
  18. Lisard Augur

    1 bane every 2 seconds, everyone can use the same banes
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  19. Elyssanda Augur

    we had 4 bards Tuesday night for our 4 tries at Mearatas. one of those tries we got him to 0%. Of those 4 tries our bard banes looked like this (combined banes over all tries), the number after each bane is how many times it was cast total.
    Bard 1 - 30 banes landed
    --- Dekloaz's Melodic Binding Rk. III - 42
    --- Dirge of the Sleepwalker XVIII - 1
    --- Wave of Somnolence Rk. III - 11
    Bard 2 - 47 banes landed
    --- Dirge of the Sleepwalker XVIII - 2
    --- Requiem of Time - 48
    --- Slumber of Jembel Rk. III - 231
    Bard 3 - 114 Banes landed
    --- Dirge of the Sleepwalker XVIII - 13
    --- Selo's Assonant Strain - 453
    --- Wave of Slumber - 88
    Bard 4 - 27 banes landed
    --- Dekloaz's Melodic Binding Rk. II - 190
    --- Dirge of the Sleepwalker XVIII - 1
    --- Lullaby of the Lost Rk. II - 71

    So you can see, we cast FAR more than land, because 2 or 3 landing at the same time, only 1 will hit.. but you have to just keep trying.
  20. Cadira Augur

    Looks like bard 1 2 and 4 need to get their s*** together!
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