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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rhythar, Jun 23, 2021.

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  1. Accipiter Old Timer

    OMG, you nailed it. He's a closet boxer!
  2. Accipiter Old Timer

    Then why are you here?
  3. Accipiter Old Timer

  4. Gnothappening Augur

    Oof, sounds like half the population are boxing. Aradune is already dying, I see you want to finish it off.
  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    What server? What you wrote implies Mischief. (I'm tired of typing Mischief/Thornblade.)
  6. Accipiter Old Timer

    I think that point was Day 2.
  7. Gnothappening Augur

    They promised 6 months of GM support. I believe they provided that much, for the most part. After six months, it was open waters.
  8. Accipiter Old Timer

    I don't know how that one program works, but wouldn't they be able to see odd-looking chat and/or tells to the automated characters? I'm genuinely curious.
  9. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    That's a good question. I would assume all communication is done outside of the game, but I really don't know. Since they are already hooked into the client memory, or impersonating the client itself, it would be easier to just use the in-game communication to coordinate, but as you point out that would be easier for GM's to detect also.

    As I understand it, the automation software has a monthly cost, so maybe it communicates through a central server provided by the dev? Or it could be done on the local network with some open ports. We also don't know what the GM's can or can't see with the tools they have.

    If these programs are capable of sending text messages to the person running it and accepting text messages back to respond in game, then we have to assume externally coordinated communication between characters would be trivial for them.
  10. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    I got suspended on Mischief just by BEING afk, while my character did nothing. My pet did nothing either, as it was dead. I was FD the entire time. So quite literally, there is nothing my character could even do at all the entire time. The GM summoned me about 5 feet away. I didn't notice the you have been summoned text when I came back to the keyboard for two reasons. #1 I've never been summoned by a GM before, and #2 it went to a chat window that I do not read.

    But, the policy is that if you are going afk for "more than a few seconds" you need to camp out.

    No one actually does that. I'm sure there are people online right now that have been grinding in their camp since kunark launched. While there may be someone who is playing on a laptop who brings the laptop with them when they need to use the bathroom or refill their drink, but unless you are pulling a cartman and gaming on a toilet while someone is refilling you with mountain dew and hot pockets...Imagine for a moment the level of tedium involved with people camping out in the middle of a group or raid every time they had to use the bathroom, grab the phone, open the door, get a drink of water, or do any other number of momentary activities that have nothing to do with the game. It's an absurd policy and whomever thought it up is an absolute moron.

    They responded that I was suspended for "unattended gameplay." While feigned, there is literally nothing my character would even be capable of doing until I came back to the keyboard. When I did come back I didn't even realize my character was moved, because there would be no explanation for being moved that came to me, and I was only moved a very short distance. I thought I must have hit a button to change my camera perspective or something. I took 2 steps, and I was disconnected.

    There was no interaction with the GM of any kind. No tells, nothing in say, nothing in shout, nothing in ooc, nothing in auction, nothing of any kind.

    The GM interaction in this game has always been awful, even on truebox servers you can see people that are obviously botting, but nothing happens to them.

    But a person who only plays one character can't even leave the keyboard for a few minutes without risking a suspension even though their character is literally incapable of doing anything while they are afk.

    How many times over the years has someone fallen asleep on a long raid, or in a long session of playing?
  11. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit


    Between a friend and I, we have 4 tunnel bots on a rotating schedule 100% automated doing what they do best trading.

    On a fun side note on Phinny it took over 30+ days of tickets from friends to suspend our /baz bot.
    It's really a joke on what they enforce and what they don't.
  12. Accendo Community Manager

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