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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rhythar, Jun 23, 2021.

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  1. Machen New Member

    I saw Rhythar 3 boxing. Please ban him.
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  2. Machen New Member

    The regular GM's ARE doing their jobs. There is a lot GM's do besides banning your personal enemies.
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  3. Dailor Augur

    GM Doex, Woebot, and Emwon are my box accounts.
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  4. Rhythar Elder

    Doing a fraction of one's job is not doing one's job.
  5. Machen New Member

    Banning people you think should be banned isn't part of anyone's job description.

    If you don't think you are getting your $14.99 worth of customer service and gameplay and everything else your sub entitles you to, there is an easy solution.
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  6. Rhythar Elder

    Enforcing the rules is part of a GM's job, and the current ones don't want to do it.

    And I don't see how I can play on a 2-box EQ server if I cancel my subscription.
  7. Machen New Member

    No, it's not. It's what the players want them to do. Doing what the players want them to do is NOT their job.
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  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Aradune can still exist as the 2020 Truebox TLP, thats the point it has in existing beyong the 2box rule. You can play Kunark on TLPs 2021, PoP on TLPs 2020, TSS on TLP 2019, HoT on TLP 2018..choices!
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  9. Rhythar Elder

    What other 2-box server is left as a choice if Aradune stops being a 2-box server?
  10. Brontus Norrathian hitchiker

    When a person in real life calls 911, they are alerting the police to a crime in progress or some kind of emergency. The police rely on the public to make such calls to alert them to possible crimes. Until the police show up, they don't know if here has been a crime, they are taking the word of the 911 caller. Then the police have an investigation unit that does detective work and investigates.

    If we are charitable, the OP is like a 911 caller who sees a crime and is reporting it.

    The GMs have all kinds of advanced tools and commands to do proper investigations of players who are violating the rules.

    The GMs should be able to conduct proper investigations based on tips from players. Yes, it's very helpful if players can provide evidence to GMs but it should not not up to the players to do the GMs work for them.

    EG7 President Robin Flodin said that the EverQuest franchise has earned over 1 billion in revenues. The claim that DBG cannot afford to hire more GMs is dubious at best when even DGB has admitted that EQ TLP servers earn the lion's share of their revenue.

    Years ago when they had volunteer guides, many of them were actually involved in active player misconduct investigations under the supervision of GM admins. They were working remotely. Now that working remotely from home is more practical thanks to COVID crisis, perhaps DGB should revisit hiring and recruiting more GMs and Guides who would happily do these tasks to help the EQ community. Just a thought.

    I'm sure the current GMs are wonderful people. But, allegedly marking petitions as resolved when the problem is not resolved is not helpful to anyone.

    I think we should all give the OP the benefit of the doubt and thank him for coming here to raise community awareness of these violations which are negatively impacting the play experience of paying customers.
  11. Tweakfour17 Augur

    What 2 box server that's actually enforced exists now including Aradune?
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  12. Rhythar Elder

    I'm working on Aradune.
  13. Nolrog Augur

    This is such an absurd, ridiculous generalization.

    I have had far more problems with single players intent to cause problems than I have ever hand with a guy boxing multiple characters.
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  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    To continue your analogy, if someone reported a suspicious event to the Police & after not having seen the Police themselves, because they can investigate invisibly, or not having seen the suspect being apprehended they then posted in the local/national/international newspaper that the Police were a bunch of Criminals and Liars how well do you think they would be perceived?

    Do you think the community would thank them or would they chastise them for the way that they unfairly slandered the police force?

    I have nothing against people complaining, my issue with the OP is with how they went about making that complaint, if the attitude openly shared on the forum is indicative of how they communicate in general I dread to think of how those petitions read.

    Going around saying that people (in this case GM) are incompetent, not doing their jobs, liars, criminals because the demanded result was not seen to take place is such a clumsy, primitive & lazy approach to spurring action that it should be pointed out as completely unacceptable. What the OP did was, to put it bluntly, abusive.
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  15. Stepbrowhatamidoing New Member

    GM's wont do anything than silence you, i reported a fully afk automated far taunting group, in chardock. They are all 60 now, i reported Floating monks pulling from diffrent islands in PoSky, nothing done. There are people with PoKnowledge achivements, reported they still play.

    But if i say their names on this forum i get in trouble.
  16. Stepbrowhatamidoing New Member

    They are still investigating it the email says

    enchanters wizards rogues ect all taunting, didnt know that was a skill option
  17. NumberWonEUteeth New Member

    I think you may be in the wrong thread
  18. sieger Augur

    I honestly thought it had been suggested in one of the official forum posts pre-Aradune launch that there was probably going to be a point when they would stop enforcing the 2-box limit on Aradune. I assume that point probably was reached when they stopped utilizing the "dedicated server GM" on the server.
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  19. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    This, exactly. They thought they could do it, they were wrong. That's ok, I'm glad they tried, but pretending it wasn't a failure of a concept at this point is a mistake.

    The problem with Aradune, and the GM enforcement on it, is that having a 2-box limit on a Truebox server means the policing should be incredibly easy. Like you see more than two characters acting in highly coordinated and highly robotic repetitive ways, and they gone. You could do that and still have low false positives. This is what the players see, this is what they expect. This is not the standard the GM's are working from.

    To be fair, we don't know what the GM's have to observe to make a positive identification. So them operating on anything other than what we see as obvious makes it look like they are clueless or worse. Keeping in mind that GM's have to work from a common script, they can't just go rogue detective and solve the case while breaking all the rules. The standard operating procedure for these things has to be common and achievable by all GM's.

    The upside is they don't have to prove their case in a court of law, so there is some leeway for GM intuition to play into it. They won't make a public statement about it though, because anything they tell us would benefit the people they are trying to enforce it on. So it is what it is, mostly unenforceable, and with that unenforceability remaining unaddressed. The only good answer is to remove the two-box limit language. A possibly-good alternative would be to revise their policies and come at this a different way. Give the GM's more access to data, to tools that would help them make these judgments. But as has been said, stopping these players isn't in their best financial interest. So it's better to just admit it and move on.
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  20. Tanar New Member

    Box on, brothers!
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