Need help with class to level boost

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  1. MightyUnclean Elder

    I'm thinking of playing EQ again and boosting a brand new character. I haven't played on a live server for years. I need some advice on which class I might have the best experience with. Here's some things that are important to me:

    1) Pure DPS is ideal, especially no group tanking or healing. Group buffing is fine.
    2) No kiting.
    3) Good potential for both soloing and groups.
    4) Relatively easy to learn and play. The fewer buttons involved with the usual PvE rotation, the better.
    5) Ranged and melee are both fine.
    5) If they fit these characteristics, I think my ideal classes would be Ranger (with a bow), Wizard, Beast Lord or Berserker, but I'm open to all options.

    So what do you guys think? What class is my best bet?

  2. Iven Augur

    Go for a pet class as todays EQ is all about soloing. Necro has some sick DPS in longer fights which is great for soloing. Beast Lord is also fine and maybe the ideal hybrid between soloing and grouping. Magician is more group orientated but can solo too.
  3. MightyUnclean Elder

    OK, thanks. Man, I was mainly wanting to play to group and socialize. People don't group up at cap to grind gear and AAs and stuff?
  4. Iven Augur

    They do but its not that common anymore as the open experience grind groups are gone mostly on live servers and its all about the latest two expansions. Moloing (soloing with mercs) + boxing has destroyed the multiplayer experience groups. There might be more open groups on the true box (no boxing allowed) progressions servers but it does require All Access membership.
  5. MightyUnclean Elder

    Ah OK, yeah, not the game for me then. My favorite part of EQ was always the small groups and the socialization that went with them.
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    That's dependent upon the guild you join, on the more populated servers there are large guilds of very social folks who group up a lot.

    It also depends a lot on the time-zone they & you typically play during.

    FYI Moloing wasn't what killed groups, low populations did & alongside the slow death of the Pick up Group scene as the game got older and players became less inclined to group up with random players they did not know and stick to grouping only with guildies.

    Mercenaries/Moloing with them allowed players to still do something productive due to a lack of groups - it's why they were added to the game, since many players did not want to transfer off to a more populated server.
    People often get the sequence of events backwards on that score.
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  7. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    You'll almost never find a group to get experience with if they aren't your guild, or very good friends. If you can find a large active guild, you'd probably have groups on a semi regular basis. But always be prepared to solo or molo.

    If that isn't your preference, well, then I guess EQ isn't for you. The game has definitely changed.
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  8. Szilent Augur

    The folks out doing the thing aren't lurking on forums to talk crap about the game. Grouping is fine, them as want groups make groups & do the whole thing.
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  9. Windance Augur

    As others have said. join a high pop server and there are plenty of 'group' guilds.

    The key to getting groups is to be self starting and have some projects you can work on solo so you say:

    "I'm doing XYZ anyone interested in joining me? ..."


    "level 85 ABC - LFG PST" ...
  10. Vumad Augur

    The socialization is just fine. Just don't expect to find people in every zone you run to LFM. The game is massive and the player base is not.

    Boxing isn't bad. I 3-box because I have my little group that meets my schedule. You may be just fine doing some solo while you LFG for a mission, but I can't waste 30 minutes LFG for a mission or task. But I 3-box MAG instead of a tank so I can invite a tank. A lot of people 2-3-box and are very welcoming of company, as long as that company is carrying their weight and not just there to leech XP and loot, as would be expected with any group.

    Joining a guild helps. It's not that you can't get a non-guild group, it's just a lot easier. Guild social network keeps you in touch with other players. You can see when people are on and which classes are in which zones. Instead of just blasting out LFG, you can send a tell to a guild member who is soloing or 3-boxing and ask if they want company. Too many people should be LFM instead of LFG but most people just want to LFG then whine there are no groups instead of taking lead.

    When I read your post, my thought was beastlord, and that is one of your options, so that is my vote. BST is one of the most independent classes in the game. It's buffs and debuffs are solid support, FD lets it split pull, and its pet tanks well, and so does the BST. BST can do some melee and back out to heal pet, but with merc cleric and slow, it's not even necessary.

    Wizard is absolutely the worst solo class in EQ right now and really just can't if you don't want to kite. At least go mage if you want to WIZ and solo, or NEC. NEC is very powerful, and if you solo against undead, you can slow, pull and CC and will out perform a mage.