Need help with Beastlord gear for Phinigel!

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  1. GrugSA Augur

    Priorities should be like this
    Haste>Casting Focus>Regen>Atk>AC>STR>WIS>OTHER
    Ear 1 Fingerbone Hoop+ orc fang till you get Solstice don't use hammered golden hoop as a beastlord
    Head Crown of Narandi is way better, It's actually near BiS for Beastlords in SoL
    Waist Belt of the Great Turtle
    Back Cloak of Flames
    Face Mask of the Dragon Slayer or Mask of War
    Shoulders ODS
    Wrist Nathsar or dragon hero or whatever
    Ring 1 Djarn's
    Feet Iksar hide
    Range Idol of underking or the thorned

    Clickies & bag stuff
    Pre-nerf fungi staff
    Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring
    2x Velium resist bracelets, rings and 2x blue diamond resist ears
    Lodi shield for EB and FR/CR
  2. Accipiter Old Timer

    Confirmed. "Soandso doesn't appear to need anything from a shadowknight."
  3. Bewts Augur

    You cannot pre-farm it, but a Fungus Patch Vest is what you want as your slot. You upgrade it with a Lunar Fungus Covered Tunic from VT (I think from mini AHR?).

    The regen makes a world of difference, even in PoP.

    I'd also suggest Narandi Crown over white dragon helm. There aren't many FT options for the BL, and without a doubt you're almost always going to be mana starved (if you're playing correctly).

    Epic OH is probably your best early option until oh, I don't know claws from Cursed? BONUS that the epic OH is 40% haste and um +40 attack? Kinda hard to beat that excepting the terrible 13/22 ratio.
  4. Numiko Augur

    Most important "gear" you can have is a 60 Druid and 60 Enchanter to follow you around.

    *peeks at Sig* .. oh look at that!
  5. Numiko Augur

    I like to blow them up when they start to run, may take slightly longer but you also want the PL'ed character to keep skills like Def / Off and others up to snuff so they actually have to spend some time fighting the mobs.
  6. Bewts Augur

    PLing surely helps. It's too bad there are hard caps on haste which diminishes the value of the chanter's contribution. That mana regen though, that'll play a bigger role in the 40+ levels.

    I still find that just putting your nose down and grinding seems to be roughly equivalent to all the thorns men wipes, charm breaking and other stuff to get the max XP per kill from PLing.

    I am actually rather curious if you can still put 5 toons in a group across a zone and then kill mobs on the other side with a toon and net the group XP bonus without having to share the XP. Used to take massive advantage of that loop hole back in the day on EQMac Shakerpaging PoValor for AA...
  7. pimenttoncheese Elder

    Here is what I've collected so far for launch:

    [X] Ear1 : Electrum Black Sapphire Earring
    [X] Ear2 : Electrum Black Sapphire Earring (Solstice replace)
    [X] Head : Crown of Narandi
    [X] Face : Tribal War Mask
    [X] Body : Phase Spider Carapace
    [X] Neck : Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace
    [X] Arms : Black Pantherskin Sleeves
    [X] Back : Cloak of Crystalline Water
    [X] Waist : Belt of the Great Turtle
    [X] Shoulders : Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons
    [X] Wrist1 : Hardened Clay Bracelet (Coldain Military Wristguard replace)
    [X] Wrist2 : Imperial Wardog Collar
    [X] Legs : Black Pantherskin Leggings
    [X] Hands : Gauntlets of Fiery Might
    [X] Boots : Black Pantherskin Boots
    [X] Ring1 : Ring of Di`zok
    [X] Ring2 : Di`zok Begirding
    [X] Range : Idol of the Thorned
    [X] Primary : Serpent's Tooth
    [X] Secondary : Smoldering Brand

    Fungi Staff / Gobby Earring / Jboot / AoN chilling for clickies etc.

    That's what I've put together from junk I had floating around on alts and a little bit of auctioning. Definitely room for improvement but I'll prob just flow with this until get 60 and raid replacements, and / or fist ratio gets better than junk weapons.
  8. Garmr Augur

    Electrum Black Sapphire Earring
    Electrum Black Sapphire Earring (Solstice replace)
    Iksar Hide Cap
    Crystal Spider Eyes
    Phase Spider Carapace
    Glowing Bone Collar
    Black Pantherskin Sleeves
    Lodizal Shell Shield
    Spiked Seahorse Belt
    Black Pantherskin Shoulders
    Wrist 1
    Hardened Clay Bracelet (Coldain Military Wristguard replace)
    Wrist 2
    Dragon Bone Bracelet
    Nathsar Leggings
    Black Pantherskin Gloves
    Iksar Hide
    Ring 1
    Ring 2
    Slimy Green Ring
    Stank Sammich
    Smoldering Brand / Stave of Shielding
    Cheap Shield for AC till dual wield / Stave of Shielding

    Also have a couple of pokers to use for 1hp skills while leveling and plan on grabbing a couple of polished steel ulaks from bazaar in short order to work the h2h side of the house. This isn't the best gear I know, but it was all cheap in the grand scheme and will easily work to level my new main to raid level where I'll start collecting replacements.

    BTW - I'm rolling a barbarian, if you are as well on launch day. Look for me in the area I'll have my cleric (Imvi) there for PL and I'm not opposed to filling the group (more xp and all that) and if you will be running a box to PL too, even better. Plan on EF>Permafrost then "maybe" Paludal>Echo depending on how full they are, may try to stick to lesser used places.