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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Faelim, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Faelim Lorekeeper

    Hey guys, I got my Bard box up and leveling, marching toward level 110 to meet my 110 paladin. I'll be running rogue mercs as well as grouping with brothers beastlord. What Heroic stats do I want to focus on? Also what should I twist as a priority. I'm pretty noob when it comes to non tanks, especially bard priority for dps and for twisting with the group! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Tucoh Augur

    My strat for heroic stats for all my characters leveling up is to get heroic stamina so they can survive AE spells ASAP while I am gearing them when they are at their cap.

    A lot of bards go with heroic dex to increase their critical strike chance. It's what my bard is using.

    Many bards are switching to heroic intelligence due to the increased mana pool.

    If you give us the current level of your bard we can provide song recommendations.
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  3. Chorus Augur

    honestly, as a box, I wouldn't worry about it. Just slot in whatever you find along the way. The only toons in a box set that matter for slotting are the tank and the one you play as a main (if not the tank). Everyone outside of those roles I just slot with whatever I find and they often don't have a full set of current era gear when I start the next era and I haven't had any difficulties with it. You will perform just as well in the group game if you min/max only the tank, especially if you don't want to work too hard at it. I happen to be a bum :p

    For songs, overhaste, haste, suffering procs, arcane procs are the basics. I add in insults, pulse and crescendo to those base 4 and do fantastic in group game. Aura I usually use regen auras, but sometimes I swap out to overhaste aura if I pick up someone to group with that has a lot of swarm pets going on. The twist changes at 115 though to include the 4 dots and haste/overhaste, plus maybe an insult/crescendo/pulse series if you want to bother with all that. However, I'm not real fond of this change personally, but it is what it is.

    Also, you will want to get those achievement AA from CotF expansion on, otherwise the bard will be missing a significant portion of their mana regen. Other classes can get away with skimping on these, but for bards, it's critical to have them unless you don't want to do things like insults/alliances, then it won't matter.
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  4. Rrowzing New Member

    overhaste aura
    4 DoTs, warmarch, suffering, another song of choice
    Always let Boastful Bellow run to conclusion and immediately refresh when it does (this was 85% of bard dps pre-111+)
    Alternate Epic & Fierce Eye (can get two 30 second overlaps)
    Quicktime up 4min, down 6min
    voice boosters increase Selos Kick damage.