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  1. dwish Augur

    Hey guys, I have just started playing again after taking a little break from the game and I have a quick question. I have noticed the exp in ToV is pretty bad, and I have searched some old threads regarding this, and it seems like quests/missions is the way to earn exp in ToV.

    My question is currently I am 110 with about 20% exp in the level. Would you recommend I get 111 in an older expansion zone before I start doing the tasks in ToV? I know the exp at 110 in older zones was much better then ToV mobs, so I am thinking about grinding to 111 first before I start ToV to maximize exp from tasks in ToV. Thoughts?
  2. Cadira Augur

    I don't think it'll make a huge difference being 111 before you start tov.

    Side note, do /overseer once or twice a day for some quick and easy additional xp.
  3. roth Augur

    Overseer is a nice source of exp. Up to you if you want to use it for Collectible Dispensers or just get the character exp. If you do go for the collection sets, older ones are good for AA’s, but a few newer ones are good (about 2%) for leveling. It was recommended to me to get the Heroes done for a lot of exp, and once 114, use collection sets to get level exp.

    Leveling via kills will be very slow, but at least the AA’s once you hit 115 are decent.
  4. Celephane Augur

    ToV experience isn't worse than anywhere else, the difference is the amount of experience needed for each level. I'd get to 111 before you get any achievements though, since exp at 110 is a lot easier to get than at 113+. If you do "all the things" you should be well into 114 when you are done, then finish off doing whatever.
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  5. eqzekisdead Augur

    If you die and rez a corpse right now then that corpse will reappear after patch day. You can rez this corpse a second time to get free xp. This has been happening the past 4 months I have noticed. Might be fixed now though.
  6. dwish Augur

    Yeah, I guess that was my main question, as to whether I should wait to do any progression in TOV (achievements) as from what I gather that's by far the best way to level in this expansion. I can grind to 111 in a lower level zone with lower hps mobs fairly quickly, then start working TOV progression for the exp gains.
  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    No reason to wait. The actual amount of exp you get is no different, its just less at higher levels because you need more exp for higher levels.
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  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I don't know how you are gear-wise, but my SK at 111 and low AA was able to tank EW/GD mobs just fine in conflagrant gear, to give you some idea of the difficulty. I would try grinding to 111 in ToV first and see how it goes, and then head to somewhere like GMM if it's a little too tough for you.
  9. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Not sure my ranger xp went alot faster in the darkened sea expansion as i was able to kill more at a time just depends if you got a good dps group i molo so tov was real slow since the mobs have so many hps. what i like bout darkened sea is its progression so i dont have to worry about people stealing my mobs and the ha's are nice minus caverns ha which is lame i ran degmar, thul island and then arx back to back to back was nice xp and sold the collectables for good pp. bout 30min each with my merc.

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  10. aozs Augur

    The AA grind slows down considerably at 115, so I would recommend grinding out core AAs in GMM at 110 if you haven't already.

    Another thing to consider is lesson burns. For example, if your group's schedule allows for a lesson burn every day, but only has time for ToV progression on the weekends, you may end up hitting 115 before even finishing ToV. If you pursue such a strategy, you'll want to start on ToV sooner than later.

    I've found that grinding in GMM is still decent at 114 simply because the kill rate is so much higher than in ToV. I recently leveled a 6box crew to 115 and used all my lesson burns in GMM, as I found it to be faster than grinding in ToV. So that'll remain an option, if that's a potential concern.

    Also, I brought up a beastlord to replace the berserker in my main box team. With exp locked to 100% AAs starting at around 20% into 110, I ended up somewhere in the late 113 range after powering through all the progression and missions in ToV. This is on FV, so I'm not sure if that affects the exp rewards or anything, but I think that's about what the progression is worth.
  11. Windance Augur

    As other have stated. The XP required for 111->115 is significantly larger than the previous expansions.

    For example my group in GD nets about 3% / hr at 115 with a full group killing fairly steadily.

    If you are mostly soloing/moloing content then I would definitely recommend staying at 110 in GMM and getting core AA done before moving to 111+. Once you start leveling up you lose the level con bonus and your net XP is going to drop.

    I would highly recommend getting used to doing the overseer stuff as well. It takes a couple minutes a session and can be done while your LFG or waiting on raids, etc.

    The base XP for over seer is 0.275% for a Level 1 common 6hr quest. The xp per quest scales up as you pick longer or more difficult quests. After doing them for 3+ months I can regularly get 2-5% at 115 every day with out too much trouble. ( If you really try to min / max it you can get more but it then takes longer to mix and match )

    The last suggestion is to make friends and join a guild. Many guilds will be happy to help a returning player get back into the swing of things. Especially if you plan to raid and are a class the guild needs.
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  12. dwish Augur

    I'm not a new player by any means, just returning from a break. I was max AA when I left and I am not really missing any super important AA (been gone about a year). Also, I was max raid gear when I left as well, so I am gear well enough. I run a beastlord/bard and I am currently able to make about 10-11% per lesson in 110 grinding lower level zones. I think my plan as some have suggested is to grind to 111 fairly quickly then start ToV progression. I'll have to look into overseer as well, as I have no idea what that is haha. Thanks for the help.
  13. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Lesson no. 1
    If there are quirks, HUSH!
  14. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Find at sexy Ranger in FM and get some HEADshot experience.. You will be stronger soon.
  15. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Not sure this was said or not, no way I am reading all that. Spend Collects rewards on regular EXP not AA's. I did see someone say regular AA exp slows down, UH no it doesn't, I very routinely have to blow Glyphs outside raids to get rid of them.

    Playing Overseer and putting all rewards into regular exp will get your 2 to 3% per day. more if you time things out and play 2 times a day ( once in the AM and once in PM ).
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  16. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    You can actually get nearly 15% exp in one day if you do the right missions and get lucky on criticals.

    Critical success = double the exp gain.

    Level 5 common scholar missions get you like base 1.8% per success The elite and rare missions will get you more. Honestly, its pretty ridiculous and needs to be nerfed (IMHO).

    So a simple common scholar mission 1x a day can get you up to 3.6% real exp for ONE mission.

    You get a lot less criticals on level 5 ones though, even with 95-100% success probability, but smart mission use can get you like 10% exp a day easy enough.

    I've been more interested in maxing overseer levels and getting merc aa, but its funny having alts I don't play and won't play at 99.999% into 115 =P
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  17. Windance Augur

    There is a big difference between casually doing overseer and hard core min/maxing. Just like there is a big difference between casually XP'ing for 1-2 hr a day and grinding AFK grinding 24/7. Please don't call for an XP nerf based on being maxed out from having done 1500+ overseer quests.

    But back to the original post.

    If you're already well geared and maxed from previous expansion you shouldn't have any issues moving into ToV.

    There was a real step in difficulty going from T1 to T2.

    Skip the hard T2 heroic missions until your 115 and geared up ( unless you have friends/guild mates able to help run you through them )

    and WELCOME BACK !
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    If your a tradeskiller, start the Earring quest from the crusader in the EW camp as soon as you start TOV, or you will end up repeating stuff you have already done. :)
  19. dwish Augur

    Thanks for the tip. I have all but like 2-3 tradeskills maxed so I will definitely look into that quest when I start ToV.
  20. Tatanka Augur

    Actually, the difference between casually doing Overseer, and hard core min-maxing it is about 10 minutes per round (so, 20 minutes per day if you do 12 hour quests). WAY less of a difference than casual XPing vs. round the clock grinding.

    As a reference, I'm currently getting ~12% of a level per day, super casual Overseering (new word ;) )

    That's taking the first 12h quests I see, taking the first decent agents that I see, and not bothering with conversions, except maybe once a week or so. Just over 5 minutes, twice a day.

    It's also not worrying about not having all agents (missing maybe 12 total), or doing any more recruitment quests.