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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Elidroth, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Elidroth Developer

    In the next update, Necros are going to be receiving a new AA called Death Blossom. It's basically a group/solo centric version of Death Bloom, with some adjustments.

    Can only be used while in Fast Regen mode.
    Will not stack with Death Bloom
    Has a reuse time of 3 minutes
    Requires you to have the original Death Bloom as a pre-requisite
    It's free. No AA cost.
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  2. Sinestra Augur

    Any hint as to what the cost in hps and the return on mana will be? Will it be what Death Bloom was?
  3. Nenton Augur

    Gift horse in the mouth and all that but does this mean being in full out of combat regen mode as opposed to no swords with the timer started?
  4. Nenton Augur

    To clarify, I'm assuming this Death Blossom is requiring full out of combat regen to make it unusable in raid zones? Is there not a way to just disable the AA if you're in a raid zone?

    Waiting 30 seconds to be able to use the AA in the group game is a lot of wasted time. Other classes just don't have that kind of restriction on their mana restore abilities. Once again, yes, gift horse in the mouth, etc.
  5. Axxius Augur

    If it was anything but the full occ regen mode, you could just FD and use it anytime anywhere. ;)
  6. Kurayami Augur

    That is the whole issue, no other class has that restriction on mana restoration abilities. It kind of defeats the purpose of having them. Still, at least necroes will only have to be useless for 18-24 secs to get to the ooc timer instead of a few mins at a time now.
  7. Elidroth Developer

    Almost identical. 100hp lower damage, and 100 mana less returned.
  8. Elidroth Developer

    Most other classes don't have FD, don't have pets, and don't have a lot of other things Necros have too. You do. The OOC regen is to prevent it's widespread use in raid zones. There currently is no way to do that via flags on the ability.
  9. Kurayami Augur

    Elidroth, out of curiosity, is there a way to check if ooc timer has 24 seconds or less on it? Would solve the problem of this being useable in raids, and make it great for grouping again. Just a thought, thank you for moving in this direction :)
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  10. Sinestra Augur

    Thanks for changing this. It has a bit of a restriction, but it's nice to see the change.

    You say this will not stack with Death Bloom, but I gather they don't lock each other out? As in, if I use Death Blossom, I can't use Death Bloom for 10 minutes?
  11. Nenton Augur

    So certain items which aren't usuable in certain zones (think manastone or there were some items I ran into during HoT which couldn't be used in PoFear: dragorn mask, ethereal arrow summoning quiver), those restrictions are on the item rather the associated spell effect? Reason I ask is the failure message you get says the "ability" cannot be used rather than anything about the item itself.
  12. Iila Augur

    Since the Death Bloom nerf hasn't actually hurt raid necros in any meaningful way, is there honestly a point to splitting this into two separate versions?

    Unless there's plans to do a bunch of 30+ minute sustained raids, the 10 minute DB change didn't make a difference to the longest raid I've seen recently (3 grouping Lord Nagafen). So all the nerf does to raid necros is hurt their ability to recover after repeated deaths. Which doesn't seem like it's worth all this effort and complexity.
  13. Spamilton New Member

    Thank you, good sir.
  14. Sobeit Journeyman

    Thank you very much Elidroth for listinging to the necros who only do groupage. I haven't any issues with the restrictions.
  15. Axxius Augur

    Is there no other way to prevent its use in raid zones? The check for being in the OOC regen mode is not working well. Example: - it requires being in the OOC regen mode to work. Ever tried clicking it right after entering that mode? It will keep failing and saying that "you need to be in the fast regeneration mode" despite you already being in it, for up to 30 more seconds. If this new AA is going be like that... :oops:
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  16. Siddar Augur

    So you can hit OOC regen then click Death Blossom then right after then go back into combat while Blossom is running? Or is OOC required not to just to trigger but for the Death Blossom buff to work?
  17. Fanra Augur

    The check for OOC regen mode has constantly failed due to, I believe, bad syncing between client and server.

    The client's timer believes you are in regen mode and displays to you that you are, but the server's timer thinks you are not. Thus, when you hit the button to use something that requires it, the server tells you that you can't.

    It is likely that to prevent cheating that the server will refuse to believe the client when it says you are in OOC regen mode, so just having the client tell it so will not be done. What is needed is for both the client and server to sync up with the timer they are both keeping (I assume) so that they are correct.

    I've complained about this in the past (regarding Tranquil Blessing AA).

    The strange thing is that when in OOC regen, your HP, mana, and endurance are regen'ing at a fast rate, so if they are truly out of sync, then those don't match. So, maybe I'm wrong here and it is just some weird issue with AAs and items.

    If it does affect HP, mana, and endurance, then that might explain a lot of deaths when people thought they shouldn't have died.

    Since it requires programmers go to into the code and deal with a sensitive issue (syncing and timing), I haven't been holding my breath on it. Dealing with that kind of issue is non-trivial and could lead to all kinds of issues. If EQ wasn't such a code mess it might not be so bad, but...

    UPDATED EDIT (again).
  18. MrFlik Journeyman

    I guess it will be interesting to see how much time will be saved in total OOM + DB OoC regen? But I suspect I'll still be able to make a coffee.
  19. Iila Augur

    When you're in that "fake" OOC, your hp/mana will tick up by 3%, then jump back down when the server corrects your client. So they will desync, but not for more than 1 server tick.
  20. Elidroth Developer

    Correct. They are on different timers.
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