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    Looks like class site is gone, so I thought I would post some info over here. I searched forums here and found very little on necro hotkeys so here are some I use. I hope others can find some use of them.

    Note: I do not have TBM or later expansions (adjust keys as needed)

    PET KILL - Go Boner!
    /xtarget 1 (preset to MA target)
    /pet attack
    /stance Balanced (just to make sure merc is activate)
    /alt act 350 (Death's Malaise) - if undead
    /alt act 826 (Encroaching Darkness) - if not undead
    (optional) /pause 7, /alt act 3816 (Companion's Relocation)

    PETS! [18s] - add more pets to the battle!
    /pause 19, /cast 1 (swarm pets, 18s reuse)
    /timer 180, /pet attack
    /useitem 24 20 (Vicious Rabbit, 5m reuse, 1.5s)
    /useitem 13 (epic pet, 3m reuse, .8s)
    /timer 163, /alt act 175 (Wake the Dead, 3 min reuse)

    DPS (2-4) - Cast spells 2-5 (Fast / Slow DPS group spells)
    /pause 28, /cast 2 (swift dot1, 24s reuse/ Pyre of Jorbb)
    /pause 12, /useitem 23 24 (Robe of Whispered Death, 3.5m, 0.8s)
    /pause 28, /cast 3 (swift dot2, 24s reuse / Ignite Synapses)
    /pause 12, /useitem 17 (bp dot clicky, 10m reuse)
    /timer 163, /cast 4 (swift dot3, 24s reuse / Pyre of Marnek)
    -- 16s wait before reuse, so followup with DPS 1m+ key below.

    DPS+ [1m] - I cast this after DPS (2-5) or before vs mean mobs.
    /pause 28, /cast 5 (Pyre of Jorbb / Impose for Blood)
    /pause 12, /useitem 23 11 (Turquoise Buckler, 2.5m reuse, 1s)
    /pause 26, /cast 11 (Dark Leech)
    /pause 22, /useitem 23 25 (Dagger of Death; 2m reuse, 2s cast time)
    /timer 600, /cast 7 (Crippling Incapacity or Pyre of Hazarak)
    -- I lose 0.5s cast time with Dagger clicky but I can live with that.

    SLOW+ (key I hit once mob is in camp and tank/pets is on mob)
    /pause 8, /alt act 547 (Eradicate Magic, .5s, 6s reuse)
    /pause 8, /alt act 751 (Scent of Terris, .5s, 4s reuse)
    /pause 19, /cast 6 (Combust Bones, 3s (1.6s cast time for me), 18s reuse)
    /alt act 15073 (Banestrike, instant, 1m reuse)
    /timer 180, /alt act 350 (Death's Malaise, 3s cast time)
    (optional) /cast xx (Spirit Shackle, level 38 spell)

    Frenzy [~8m] - Pet Burn
    /pause 20, /alt act 3707 (Fortify Companion, 15m reuse)
    /pause 12, /alt act 1014 (Lingering Nightmares, <30m reuse)
    /pause 7, useitem 23 17 (Miniature Horn of Unity, 10m reuse, 0.5 cast)
    /pause 5, /alt act 766 (Frenzy of the Dead, 8m 20s reuse)
    /timer 5000, /alt act 3705 (Companion's Blessing, 12m reuse)

    3RD+ [10m] -- 3rd spire, pets, etc.
    /alt act 629 (Gathering Dusk, 10m reuse)
    /alt act 900 (Rise of Bones, 10m reuse)
    /alt act 320 (Swarm of Decay, 9m reuse)
    /alt act 1392 (Fundament: Third Spire of Necromancy, <10m)
    /timer 6000, /alt act 1257 (Hand of Death, 8m 30s)
    (optional) /useitem 23 23 (Blightbringer's Tunic of the Grave, 5m reuse)
    -- I prefer to manually click Blightbringer's once DoTs are stacked.

    Life Burn [24m] - I use this right after I hit 3RD+ key.
    /pause 22, /alt act 68 (Life Burn, 24m reuse)
    /pause 4, /alt act 351 (Dying Grasp, 21m reuse)
    /alt act 15073 (Banestrike, 1m)
    /useitem 23 26 (Necromantic Dragon Bone, 3m reuse, 0.5s)
    /timer 14390, /useitem 23 16 (Overflowing Urn of Life, 5m, 1s)
    (optional) /useitem 23 27 (Mark of the Gravefinder. 3.5m, 1s -- same timer as Robe of Whispered Death)

    GoDR! [24m] -- Burn it down! (twin cast dots for 1 min 6s)
    /alt act 430 (Mercurial Torment, 24m reuse, 5m duration)
    /alt act 1211 (Focus of Arcanum, 10m reuse, 3m duration)
    /pause 12, /alt act 1257 (Hand of Death, 8m 30s reuse, 1m+ duration)
    /pause 18, /alt act 500 (Silent Casting, 12m reuse, 1m+ duration)
    /timer 14400, /alt act 677 (Gift of Deathly Resolve, 19m reuse, 1m 6s)
    -- Each DD will allow 2 dots to twincast (nuke, 2 dots, nuke, 2 dots, etc.)

    2nd Burn [20m]
    /alt act 433 (Embalmer's Carapace, 20m reuse)
    /alt act 710 (Funeral Pyre, <26m reuse, 2 min duration)
    /alt act 629 (Gathering Dusk, 10m reuse)
    /useitem 17 (bp dot clicky, 10m reuse)
    /pause 7, useitem 23 17 (Miniature Horn of Unity; 10m reuse, 0.5 cast)
    (optional) /useitem 23 23 (Blightbringer's Tunic of the Grave, 5m reuse)
    -- (use key after 3rd spire fades) - wait for audio trigger

    Pet Heal (Mash)
    /pause 1, /cast 9 (Cascading Doomshield, 18s reuse)
    /pause 28, /cast 10 (Icy Mending)
    /pause 1, /alt act 441 (Companion's Aegis, 30s reuse)
    /useitem 23 18 (Terror's Juju; 3m 30s reuse, 2s cast time)
    /timer 20, /useitem 23 22 (Shadow-Vexed Silk Robe; 15m, 2s cast time)

    /alt activate 531 (instant invis)
    /timer 70
    --- I also just hit this when I want to Invis.

    /alt activate 773 (Death's Effigy, 1m 30s reuse)
    /timer 900, /alt activate 428 (Death Peace)
    --use the best available FD

    /alt act 821 (Harmshield)
    /timer 6000
    /g Harmshield Active (18s)

    /alt act 901 (Whisperwind)
    /alt activate 531 (invis)
    /timer 95

    Cure [1m] (Mash)
    /alt act 764 (Embrace The Decay, <5m reuse)
    /timer 600, /useitem 27 0 (Cleansing Rod, 1 min reuse)
    /useitem 27 1 (Shield of the Immaculate)

    Buffs (Perm) - permanent duration clicky buffs
    /pause 7, /useitem 8 (back item spikes ds)
    /pause 32, /alt act 533 (Group Perfected Dead Men Floating)
    /timer 1200, /useitem 23 4 (Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch)

    Buffs (Long) - long duration clicky buffs
    /pause 52, /useitem 23 2 (Efreeti Death Visage)
    /blockspell add me 11572 (block spectre illusion)
    /blockspell remove me 11572 (unblock spectre illusion)
    /pause 102, /useitem 23 5 (Direwolf Totem of the Spirit)
    /timer 1200, /useitem 23 6 (The Chiefs Influence)
    (optional) /pause 32, /useitem 23 6 (Refurnished Puppet)
    -- Which is better for familiar? (6 mana regen/20% dodge or 525 hp/mana).

    Buffs (Quick) - shorter duration buffs
    /alt act 9001 (Reluctant Benevolence, 5m 55sec duration)
    /pause 17, /alt act 441 (Companion's Aegis, 30s reuse)
    /pause 7, /useitem 4 (Geomantra, 3m reuse, ear slot)
    /pause 12, /alt act 905 (Gift of the Grave, 1m reuse)
    /timer 3250, /cast 8 (Imbue Ally, 5m 42s duration or Deadskin)
    -- I also have an audio trigger also to tell me when I need to refresh RB.
    -- Imbue Ally and RB will wear off about the same time.

    Set Roles
    /grouproles set tank_name (group MT/pet)
    /grouproles set player_name 2 (group assist)
    /grouproles set player_name 3 (puller, optional)
    /xtarget set 1 groupassisttarget

    TRIB (On)
    /timer 140000, /tribute personal on - long timer to show I clicked it
    /tribute guild on
    /trophy personal on
    /trophy guild on
    /g Tribute Activated!

    TRIB (Off)
    /tribute personal off
    /tribute guild off
    /trophy personal off
    /trophy guild off
    /g Tribute Deactivated!

    Level 105 Necro Group Spell Lineups: (Fast Kill / Slow Kill Group)
    1 Skele swarm pets
    2 swift dot1, 24s reuse / Pyre of Jorbb
    3 swift dot2, 24s reuse / Ignite Synapses
    4 swift dot3, 24s reuse / Pyre of Marnek
    5 Pyre of Jorbb / Pyre of Hazarak
    6 Combust Bones
    7 Crippling Incapacity / Impose for Blood

    8 Deadskin / Ibue Ally
    9 Cascading DoomShield
    10 Mind Extraction / Icy Mending
    11 Dark Leech
    12 Soul Rend

    Note: I do not have TBM or later expansions (adjust keys as needed)
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