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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ilyanir, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Bobsmith Augur

    This. They tried and borked it bad. Remember the 700k burns and 300k sustained ez mode dps for about a week on beta. ......I member
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  2. Fooba Elder

    After we get ship to ship combat.
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  3. Sindaiann Augur

  4. bbanz Elder

    when was the last time a dev chimed in on necro dots?
  5. Siddar Augur

    TDS beta.
  6. ShadowMan Augur

    EoK beta. Aristo assured the necro community as soon as he finished up his EoK beta work load that the dot revamps would be finished up.
  7. seber Elder

    I do love how dev cant do math last 3 dots all like 3k for sham druld and enc ros one now 47k make me lol.....
  8. fransisco Augur

    They would get eaten alive if they did. There would be soo much hate thrown at them.
  9. Hadesborne Augur

    On the contrary. They get so much hate because they haven't said anything. When issues arise, not communicating anything to your customers has been and always will be FAR WORSE than keeping the lines of communication open.
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  10. seber Elder

    any nec still used epic any more in my guild don't see any used it much on raids ???
  11. Niskin Augur

    I like to think that all the recent attempts by DBG to communicate with us on the forums about things like this have gone well. There will always be people who don't care and post counter-productively in response, but when they get good responses from most of us in return it really helps.

    I mean even when Rox said there were no plans for a new TLP and then they launched one a couple months later, people didn't go nuts. We get that things change or people don't always have all the information. We just want to know what is going on whenever possible, and especially with major game impacting things.

    I hope Necro's can eventually get some kind of answer on both the Epic and Dot revamps.
  12. Rizzin Lorekeeper

    Speaking for most, if not all Necros... please ignore us :)
  13. Foliax Journeyman

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