Necromancer AA 2020

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  1. Forcallen Augur

    Likely to early and not sure what the teams plans are but:

    - Hand of Death: Reduce recast time to 7:30 (currently 8:30) and reduce cast time to instant.
    - Pestilent Paralysis: increase root duration to 4 minutes. Cast range increased to 250.
    - Pestilent Spray: activated ability that causes up to 8 targets in front of you to succumb to a sudden, violent attack, pushing them back and rooting them in place for 4 minutes. .01 or instant cast, 60s reuse.
    - Quick Dots: something to get us to 50% dot haste when we have a raid haste item (like Quick Damage for nukes).
    - Out for Blood: passive ability that increases the chance that our spell line "Refute for Blood" will trigger "Chaotic Power". Mage AA version is Flames of Power
    - Gift of the Grave: absorb dot damage aspect added being the dot specialists. Something like Gift of the Grave VI:
    1: Absorb DoT Damage: 20%, Max Per Hit: 20000
    3: Absorb Spell Damage: 15%, Max Per Hit: 20000
    - Speed of the Wraith: increased base run speed by 135%, increase speed cap by 5, duration 2 minutes. 5 minute recast.
    - Embrace the Decay: counters cured increased especially curse. We have had cure curse for our pet since level 7 and can cure our pet of 79 curse counters every 4ish seconds yet our 3 minute reuse self cure is unable to handle current curse counter requirements.
    - Encroaching Darkness: increase snare duration to 4 minutes, increase effect to 75% snare. Cast range increased to 250.
    - Mark Grave/Return to Grave: self only secondary bind affinity/recall.
    - Mercurial Torment: reuse dropped to 15 minutes and add a .5 second reduction in dot casting time that bypasses haste cap of 50%. This would put dots at a 1 second cast time for its duration.
    - Scent of Thule: Can we just have this restored to what it was, its silly that we now either don't use it at all due to debuff cap issues or end up using 2 debuff slots for what should be 1.
    - Bloodmagic: reuse dropped to 15 minutes, down from 18, additional 6 second duration added to all phases.
    - Gift of Venom: this passive AA adds an additional 24 counters to our proc nuke buffs. Flesh to Venom, Flesh to Poison and Bestow Relife.
    - Shadows Boon: this passive AA allows your life tap dots and life tap dot recourse healing effects to exceptionally heal their target at X% per rank. An exceptional heal doubles the healing value for that 6 second interval.
    - Death's Defiance: this passive AA allows you 1% chance to resist stun, snare, charm, blind and mezz effects per rank.
    - Deadskin: this activated ability cast's your most current rune spell, latest being Frozen Skin. 60 second reuse mana cost as deemed appropriate.
    - Bertoxxulous Eye: summons a magical eye that allows you to see creatures with enhanced invisibility for 120 seconds. Upgraded necro version of eye of zomm clicky that allows you to see invisible and see invisible 2.
    - Convergeance: Hastened cast time by 50%.
    - Mortifier's Unity: Hastened cast time by 50%. Add Shield of Order, Sigil of the Arcron, Infuse Ally, and Phantasmal Ward(98) to the list of buffs.
    - Lingering Fear: passive ability the reduces the chance that a necros root spells are broken when a direct damage spell strikes the target.
    - Focused Swarms: reduce the recast time of our swarm pet spells by 2 seconds. Most current version being "Call Skeleton Horde".
    - Focus Imbue Ally: increases buff duration by 300% for the spells Imbue Ally and Infuse Ally.
    - Focus Plexipharia's Grasp: 3 seconds cast time removed from this spell line (currently the only dot thats not 3 second base cast time). Frozen Leech dot line added to this AA, currently does not receive the 25% boost from focus AA lines like all other dots.
    - Reaper's Harvest: killshot AA, whenever the necro or his pets get a kill shot on a non trival mob he has a 30% chance to proc Death's Fury.

    Death's Fury
    Target: Self
    Duration: 42s (7 ticks)
    2: Increase Critical DoT Damage by 100% of Base Dot Damage.
    3: Increase Current Mana by 400 per tick
    4: Cast: Wraith's Fury

    Wraith's Fury
    Target: Pet
    Duration: 42s (7 ticks)
    2: Increase Pet Hit Damage by 85%
    3: Increase Pet Chance to Flurry 75%
  2. kizant Augur

    Might as well.
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  3. Deux Corpse Connoisseur

    Persistent paralysis would rather see the reuse timer reduced think the duration is okay.

    Highly doubt they would go for an AOE root boy that would open up so many possibilities...AA root is one of our best AAs think we want to be careful about asking them to tinker with it too much.
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  4. Silu Elder

    Mirrored Pestilence: 3 more ranks (get us to 10% base DoT twins)
    Death's Effigy: More ranks to reduce the recast and/or remove/reduce the 2% mana requirement, so it can be used after taking a rez.
    Summon Corpse: Allow it to work when players are technically 'in zone' in hover mode
    Dying Grasp: More damage / substantially reduced recast (1-2 mins, not 20), similar to the AA Force of Elements.
    Focus: Paroxysm: Focus AA that works on dissident/dicho/future additions to this line. Since they are level 255 spells that don't get impacted by worn spell foci, it should be substantial. Currently, these spells are tons of mana for not much ultimate damage due to the lack of worn focus affects.
    Funeral Pyre: This AA is kinda worthless after the DoT revamp, since the effect can't be removed early. It increases mana cost by 35% and reduces DoT duration by 50% for just 40% more base damage. With our DoT durations being shortened by the Lingering Death -> Enhanced Decay change and mana costs having skyrocketed with the revamp, this really isn't that great. Maybe add additional ranks that reduce / remove the duration reduction while increasing the base damage boost.

    I do like something that would increase the blood nuke proc rate, like what mages have for their chaotic line, and cutting the Grasp cast time in half.

    As for Pestilent root, shaman got VP first, we got PP a few expansions later. Shaman then got a spray/beam version. This would be in line with that.
  5. Zynt Augur

    Crit chance on mana drain line that effects the amount of mana returned.
  6. menown Augur

    If you are referring to the Ignite XX DoT line, then:

    [59952/9833] Ignite Intellect
    Classes: NEC/114
    Skill: Conjuration
    Mana: 3264
    Target: Single
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Magic -30
    Reflectable: Yes
    Trigger Spell DS: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 3s, Recast: 1.5s, Rest: 1.5s
    Duration: 30s+ (5 ticks), Dispelable: No
    1: Decrease Current HP by up to 5020 (5.9 HP per 1 Target Mana)
    2: Decrease Current HP by 4874 per tick

    The spell does not return mana. People get confused with the text, "For each point of mana drained, the target will take damage". Drain does not imply a siphon, such as our leech or lifetap spells. However, I have never been able to tell if line 1 even works. Maybe it does in a duel against another PC, but definitely not against NPCs.
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  7. Beergoggles Elder

    He may be referring to the Mind Erosion line of spells.
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  8. Jaylnn Gnomish Bog Jogger

    Since it wont be level increase, maybe we can get a few new things.

    Bone Armament: Consumes a stack of bone chips to construct a weapon rack out of bones (a Version of the older mage weapons with disease/poison/corruption procs

    Summoned: Bone Club 1HB
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 45 Delay: 20 Ratio: 2.25 Backstab DMG: 38
    Disease DMG: 16
    Proc Effect: Maddening Rabies(or something) Proc Rate: +1251: Increase Current Hate by 6%
    2: Increase Hate by 1250
    Required level of 70. Recommended level of 91.
    Class: All

    Summoned: Sharpened Tibia 1HP
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 45 Delay: 20 Ratio: 2.25 Backstab DMG: 38
    Poison DMG: 10
    HP: 800 MANA: 0 END: 0
    Proc Effect: Inject Poisoned Marrow Proc Rate: +125
    1: Decrease Current HP by 3500
    Required level of 70. Recommended level of 91.
    Class: All

    Summoned: Sharpened Femur 1HS
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 45 Delay: 20 Ratio: 2.25 Backstab DMG: 38
    Magic DMG: 10
    HP: 800 MANA: 0 END: 0
    Proc Effect: Splintered Wounds Rate: +125 1: Decrease Current HP by 3500
    Required level of 70. Recommended level of 91.
    Class: All

    Graverobbing: Reanimates a fallen knight to be used for spare parts

    Summons a bag of decayed armor
    Summoned: Decaying Belt Armor
    Slot: Waist
    AC: 88 HP: 5000 MANA: 0 END: 0
    STA: 100 + 8 STR: 100 WIS: 0 + 8 INT: 0 + 8 DEX: 100 AGI: 100
    Required level of 75. Recommended level of 96.
    Class: All
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  9. Zynt Augur

    Right. I should have and did mean to label it as "mana siphon." That's my bad.
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  10. Silu Elder

    Welp, since we just lost 15.7% of our sustained DPS in the 2.0/2.5 nerf... More ranks of Critical Affliction?
  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    You got way more than that as a result of the consolidation, plenty compensated already just front-loaded.
  12. Santrigan Lorekeeper

    Blood Magic used to have a 13 minute reuse timer back before AA were consolidated, BM was 'stealth nerfed' back to 18 minutes during the consolidation; it would be nice to get the 13 minutes back because we'll need it once the dot revamp is done.

    Hastend Decay could be changed to decrease the base cast time of the Grasp line and the Mindwrack line of Spells by 3 seconds so they would be in line with our current dot cast times. Hastend Decay is obsolete with next patch because our last swift dot will have its reuse timer removed.

    A % boost to all dot damage for Lifeburn aa would be nice too would make more sense to cast it. 200% of hp as nuke is nice but the dot Lifeburn applies ticks for 10k and nothing modifies it having it modified by our passive and active AA would be nice too.

    Also Dissident spells need to be reworked because with the Grasp/Leech revamp they are pretty much useless, too much mana for too little heals and damage. And Dichotomic/Dissident is only focused by Passive aa, magic foci, Third Spire + Gathering Dusk, not really something to have in the rotation right now.
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  13. Evurkvest Augur

    Good points, my picks would be:

    My own suggestion is to change the soon to be worthless AA Hasted Decay to reduce cast time on swift dots to 0 - 0.5s. Possible also an AA to increase the duration and/or dmg of the swifts. All for making swifts worth casting again in groups.
  14. Xnao Augur

    Its time for improved twincast.
  15. Beergoggles Elder

    I'd like to see something done to make lifeburn interesting or at least worth using. The damage from lifeburn is incredibly underwhelming especially considering the risk/reward aspect of using all that health to deal damage when the reward isn't much of a payoff considering the risk. If the damage aspect isn't changed I'd at least like to see some sort of utility added to balance out the risk/reward. It would be nice to feel like I need to use lifeburn rather than having an AA that I consider worthless and undeserving of being on my hotbars much less used. Maybe something like 5-8% increase to critical damage on mobs, could even be limited to spell damage or percentages lowered if it would be too much of an increase in damage output especially in raid game. It just seems like lifeburn was once a class defining ability and now it's not even noteworthy.
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  16. Venau Augur

    I agree with removing Funeral Pyre from the class. Sure there are ways to "fix" it. But wouldn't it be more simplistic to entirely remove this from game and then at some point in the future modify/improve an ability we use more often?
  17. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince



    Funeral Pyre is still a serviceable secondary burn and a useful situational tool for paring down the duration of wounds to get at proliferation DoTs faster. There's no reason to be eating the additional mana cost as Blood Magic lasts more than the full duration of Funeral Pyre on longer events where mana may become a concern
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  18. Venau Augur

    Is the Wounds line going to be consolidated? If so, do you believe it will produce less damage than all current lines you are using today? Obviously I havent raided in a while but I find this interesting to hear thoughts on the topic.
  19. menown Augur

    If necros receive the same treatment as Druids did for their Doom DoT (Chill of the Corpsetender), then the revamped Septic Wounds would tick for 8,734 per tick and the Doom DoT would tick for 26,649 per tick. This value is less than just the current Septic Wounds + Cytotoxic Wounds does combined.

    Now I don't think these values are correct. Extrapolating all past Druid, Shaman, and Enchanter revamps to Necro revamps has been inaccurate. The shorter duration DoTs received a smaller increase than the other classes, whereas the longer duration DoTs received a larger increase than other classes thus far.
  20. Venau Augur

    Hmm so how do you tie in these uncertainties with Funeral Pyre and why? I'm not here to argue or be disruptive. I'm just trying to understand what everyone thinks and why? Kinda like a nerd having fun trying to analyze something:)