Necromancer AA 2019

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  1. Forcallen Augur

    Just in case there is more time for AA this year I wanted to get the ball rolling early.

    - Hand of Death: Reduce recast to 7:30, reduce cast time to instant, boost the minimum focus effect up from the current 30%.
    - Pestilent Paralysis: increase root duration to 4 minutes. Cast range increased to 250.
    - Pestilent Spray: activated ability that causes up to 8 targets in front of you to succumb to a sudden, violent attack, pushing them back and rooting them in place for 4 minutes. .01 or instant cast, 60s reuse.
    - Death's Effigy: boosted back to cancel aggro up to level + 5 (100% Chance).
    - Quick Dots: something to get us to 50% dot haste when we have a raid haste item (like Quick Damage for nukes). Or even dots dropped to something like 1 second cast time, seems you guys found a way to bypass hardcap of 50% haste.
    - Out for Blood: passive ability that increases the chance that our spell line "Refute for Blood" will trigger "Chaotic Power". Removes or blocks the chance for "Chaotic Weakness".
    - Gift of the Grave: absorb dot damage aspect added being the dot specialists.
    - Speed of the Wraith: increased base run speed by 135%, increase speed cap by 5, duration 2 minutes. 5 minute recast.
    - Embrace the Decay: increased counters cured to 60. Reuse dropped to 2 minutes.
    - Encroaching Darkness: increase snare duration to 4 minutes, increase effect to 75% snare. Cast range increased to 250.
    - Mark Grave/Return to Grave: self only secondary bind affinity/recall.
    - Scent of Thule: Recourse Death's Malaise: restored to 65% slow effect. This was based on our spell Shackle of Spirit which is a 70% slow effect. Cast range increased to 250.
    - Bloodmagic: reuse dropped to 12-15 minutes, down from 18.
    - Gift of Venom: this passive AA adds an additional 24 counters to your proc buff spells Flesh to Venom, Flesh to Poison and Bestow Relife.
    - Shadows Boon: this passive AA allows your life tap dots and life tap dot recourse healing effects to exceptionally heal their target at X% per rank. An exceptional heal doubles the healing value for that 6 second interval.
    - Death's Defiance: this passive AA allows you 1% chance to resist stun, snare, charm, blind and mezz effects per rank.
    - Life Burn: cast time lowered to .1 or instant. Life Burn VII Decrease current HP by 700% of casters current HP (75% Life Burn). Remove dot recourse due to debuff cap issues.
    - Deadskin: this activated ability absorbs 100% of incoming damage up to 48,000. 60 second reuse mana cost as deemed appropriate.
    - Bertoxxulous Eye: summons a magical eye that allows you to see creatures with enhanced invisibility for 120 seconds. Upgraded necro version of eye of zomm clicky that allows you to see invisible and see invisible 2.
    - Companion's Fury: Frenzy of the Dead duration doubled to 2 minutes and boosted. Lingering Nightmares proc counters for Nightmare Draw tripled to 48 (still well behind mage version since its a tap).
    Target: Pet
    Duration: 60s (10 ticks) <--- To 120s (20 ticks)
    1: Cast: Lingering Nightmares IV
    2: Increase AC by 90 <--- To 175
    4: Increase Melee Haste v3 by 18% <--- To 25%
    7: Increase STR by 40 <--- To 140
    8: Increase Pet Chance to Flurry by 5% <--- to 20%
    9: Increase ATK by 500
    10: Increase Chance to Hit by 15%
    11: Increase Hit Damage by 150% <--- To 200%

    - Soulslaver's Vestments: Passive AA that causes necromancer pets to be summoned with appropriate level pet gear. Or activated AA for one set of current level mage pet gear (armor, heirlooms, weapons backpack) once every X minutes.
    - Eradicate Magic: Hastened cast time to instant. Add transform body type undead debuff, 12 seconds duration on a disease or poison resist. Cast range increased to 250.
    - Convergeance: Hastened cast time by 50%.
    - Mortifier's Unity: Hastened cast time by 50%. Add Ashen Skin, Shield of Order, Sigil of the Arcron, Infuse Ally, and Phantasmal Ward(98) to the list of buffs.
    - Call to Corpse: Increase this cap to 110, allow it to work when player is out of zone or in hover mode. This AA line works different then summon remains as it draws the corpse to the necromancer.
    - Lingering Fear: passive ability the reduces the chance that a necros root spells are broken when a direct damage spell strikes the target.
    - Scent of Thule: flip the casting order so that Highest of Scent of Extinction casts first and Highest of Scent of Terris casts second. So that Scent of Terris isn't resisted quite as often.
    - Focused Swarms: AA line to reduce the recast time of our swarm pet spells by 2 second per rank, two ranks. Most current version being "Call Skeleton Army".
    - Focus Liquefaction: add an additional 100 point resist modifer to this line of spells.
    - Focus Ignite Synapses: add an additional 70 point resist modifer to this line of spells.
    - Focus Annihilation: add an additional 70 point resist modifer to this line of spells.
    - Focus Imbue Ally: increases buff duration by 300% for the spells Imbue Ally and Infuse Ally.
    - Focus Plexipharia's Grasp: Reduces the cast time of this dot down to 3 seconds base.
    - Focus Scent of Terris: Add magic debuff and increase debuff aspect to 135 for fire, magic, poison and disease. Do the right thing here as since Scent of Terris was created something like 50% of our spells have become magic based.
    - Zevfeer's Gift: passive ability that allows your lifetap spells to trigger Zevfeer's Touch.
    Zevfeer's Touch
    Classes: NEC/254
    Skill: Alteration
    Mana: 10
    Target: Caster Group
    Range: 300', AE Range: 300'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s
    7: Increase Current HP by 5000
    8: Increase Current Mana by 171

    - Reaper's Harvest: killshot AA, whenever the necro or his pets get a kill shot on a non trival mob he has a 30% chance to proc Death's Fury.

    Death's Fury
    Target: Self
    Duration: 42s (7 ticks)
    2: Increase Critical DoT Damage by 100% of Base Dot Damage.
    3: Increase Current Mana by 400 per tick
    4: Cast: Wraith's Fury

    Wraith's Fury
    Target: Pet
    Duration: 42s (7 ticks)
    2: Increase Pet Hit Damage by 85%
    3: Increase Pet Chance to Flurry 75%
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  2. Toruch Fleshrot Augur

    Well done. I concur wholeheartedly..
  3. strongbus Augur

    agree with all of these. But would like to add a aa version of our mind wreak spells(steals mana from mob and give to group) and make it mgbable. Kinda said that necros have mgb but only thing we can mgb is DMF and that is never really needed on raids.
  4. Toruch Fleshrot Augur

    I'd like to see a final level of pets fury, result in making it a passive and constant boost. No longer having to be refreshed.. i mean with all the aa points needed to level fully , it should make it permanent.
  5. ~Mills~ Augur

    Yes please. And some of these related to Scent of Thule and Terris, Death's Effigy or individual spell line resist mod boosts should be happening now. Not something that was broken or taken away randomly and then counted as a beta addition "pack".
  6. seber Augur

    Nice Job
  7. Forcallen Augur

    - Arcane Shielding: instant cast, 20 second reuse caster archtype AA that casts your highest rank from the Shield of Order line, at its standard mana cost. Shield of Order, Shield of Consequence, Shield of Fate, etc.
  8. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Glad to see you're still brainstorming Forc

    To expand on the "Gift of Venom" idea

    - Festering Flesh: Rank 1-6 Innately Increase Proc Counter on FTV line by 4 per rank, Rank 1-6 Activated: increase Proc Rate 10-20-30-40-45-50% and Increase Base Dmg by 5-10-15-20-30-50% for 1m fixed duration, 20m-18-16-14-12-10m reuse.
    - Bertoxxulous's Endowment: Rank 1-10 Innately increase Spell Duration by 30s per rank and add 2 counters per rank, Activated: Bestows lesser form (1/2 of current era base values) of the buff on all group members with a 30s base duration and 2-4-6-8-10-11-12-13-14-15 counters


    - Minion's Mediation: 1s cast, 10s reuse Pet only buff that triggers Divine Arbitration Heal, consumes an Essence Emerald

    One idea I kind of like...

    - Reaper's Repudiation: Toggle on/off
    Permanent Buff on caster with Aura;
    Buff: Decrease DoT Duration 50%, Decrease Caster's DoT crit rate 200%, Decreases Caster DoT crit dmg 100% - Imbue all Direct Damage spells with a 15-20-25% chance to trigger Reaper's Reclamation: (50-75-100k Base Damage nuke on Undead Mobs), Increase Duration of Smoldering Bones by 6-12-18s
    Aura: gives 15-20-25% chance for undead pets to Flurry, Increase Undead Pet Crit rate 33-35-40%, adds 200-300-450 atk to Undead pets.

    I'm not very good at this, I'll ask Purroxy for some suggestions later
  9. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Nice list.

    And what I'm sure is an unpopular opinion, the venom stacking thing while relatively inconsequential is a bit funny. Fix the stacking, bump up the damage slightly, and most importantly, I agree 100% with your request to decrease the casting time on mortifier's unity. Refreshing venom is tedious enough that I would even be happy with an AA dedicated strictly to venom if it was a very fast cast. Swapping spell sets for dots is the tedium that we have learned to accept...but spell swapping venoms is a bit much.
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  10. smash Augur

    I have to warn strongly against this, which I am sure the devs already consider. This in effect allows a person to "store" a corpse in a hard to get place, and then can back back to it.
    Also, I am fighting in Meratas(as example), my bags are filled, I make a corpse, the xp that cost is not much.
    then gate to PoK, put items in bank/sells, and use call corpse to get back.

    Atm, the AA is given out at shadows of Luclin, and the max level is 105, which in effect people can use this til that level and do this.
    About use in hover mode, well nothing works in hover mode, so why should this ?
  11. Forcallen Augur

    I don't think your understanding what the request was or how call to corpse works. Call to corpse and summon remains only bring the corpse to either the necro or to the targeted player. Resurrection and the fact that a corpse is left anytime you die is what allows people to do what you seem to have an issue with. Anyone can die then go to bind to sell off something or hit up the bank or vendors and then be rezzed back to where they were if their are 2 players present with a merc, rezzing class or rezz token. You don't need call to corpse or summon remains to ever do it. A necro would not die in one zone then go sell stuff off or whatever and then magically leap back to his body all by himself, he or she like anyone else would still need a second party there to rez them.

    Summon remains calls corpses to the targeted player, so it makes sense they need to be in zone to target for it to work. Call to Corpse summons a corpse to the necromancer instead, here is where I was asking for it to work with the corpse targeted rather than the live player for the times when corpses end up somewhere dumb and can't be dragged or grabbed from ending up in some obscure out of range location. Its mere convenience that a necro or sk can then target the corpse and summon that body to be rezzed instead of forcing the player to run back to the zone unrezzed and doing it anyway.
  12. smash Augur

    Guess I shall learn not to read words that not there. In my read I read it as "Call necro to corpse. Which is the situations I warned about, and some in other posts wanted ;-)
  13. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Quick, somebody change the subject so they don't get the idea that we are most concerned about call to corpse AA.
  14. Forcallen Augur

    - Embalmer's Carapace: buff duration extended to 60s, reuse dropped to 15 minutes.
  15. menown Augur

    - Mercurial Torment: reuse time dropped to 15 minutes.
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  16. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Here's a surely unpopular but random idea that I would personally enjoy.

    We have an AA that consumes an EE when activated. If our summoned pet dies and we recast the pet, when it's summoned it returns with the same equipment that the pet had.

    Wake the dead pets in some scenarios being so large can be extremely comical at times, but in other cases detrimental enough to where the AA is not even used. Perhaps just enable to toggle that makes them be summoned as the same model of pets as skeleton army or rise of bones.
  17. ShadowMan Augur

    At this stage of the game you are lucky if you get to keep what you already had.
  18. Jaylin Augur

    I would like the ability to self semi equip our pets. Let us summon the 106-110 version of mage stuff with necroism.

    Bone Armament: Consumes a bone chip to construct a weapon out of bone

    Summoned: Bone Club 1HB
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 45 Delay: 20 Ratio: 2.25 Backstab DMG: 38
    Disease DMG: 16
    HP: 800 MANA: 0 END: 0
    Proc Effect: Maddening Rabies(or something) Proc Rate: +125
    1: Increase Current Hate by 6%
    2: Increase Hate by 1250
    Required level of 70. Recommended level of 91.
    Class: All

    Summoned: Sharpened Tibia 1HP
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 45 Delay: 20 Ratio: 2.25 Backstab DMG: 38
    Poison DMG: 10
    HP: 800 MANA: 0 END: 0
    Proc Effect: Inject Poisoned Marrow Proc Rate: +125
    1: Decrease Current HP by 3500

    Required level of 70. Recommended level of 91.

    Class: All

    Summoned: Sharpened Femur 1HS
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 45 Delay: 20 Ratio: 2.25 Backstab DMG: 38
    Magic DMG: 10
    HP: 800 MANA: 0 END: 0
    Proc Effect: Splintered Wounds Rate: +125 1: Decrease Current HP by 3500
    Required level of 70. Recommended level of 91.
    Class: All

    Graverobbing: (for lore to make it work) Reanimates a recently deceased corpse and forces it to give you its armor before crumbling to dust.

    Summons a bag of decayed armor
    Summoned: Decaying Belt Armor
    Slot: Waist
    AC: 88 HP: 5000 MANA: 0 END: 0
    STA: 100 + 8 STR: 100 WIS: 0 + 8 INT: 0 + 8 DEX: 100 AGI: 100
    Required level of 75. Recommended level of 96.
    Class: All

    Decaying Plate Breastplate
    Slot: Chest
    AC: 159 HP: 255 MANA: 0 END: 0
    AGI: 0 + 12
    Required level of 7
    5. Recommended level of 96.
    Class: All

    And so on.
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