Necro swarm pets since the patch

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  1. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Miss you buddy. God bless <3
  2. Zakor Elder

    It will take a few more before they take notice. I applaud you for this.
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  3. Zakor Elder

    And you just showed your pure ignorance...Do those dots that `keep on giving` hit as hard as the nukes in your guild? If they do...I pity your guild.
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  4. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

  5. Kiev New Member

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  6. Prymal Journeyman

    We only need these spells in a group.

    Nuke/Skin em undead. (Optional if pally in group.)
    Mana group tap.
    Once we've 'twitched' mana to the group, the mob will be dead.

    Mana batteries once more. Feel the nastalgia.
  7. menown Augur

    That is a good point. I forgot to mention the group mana tap. The cast time is so long that I never use it. It gives back so little mana for the tradeoff of DPS I could do. And that is saying something because necro group DPS is terrible.

    If there was a way that we could fit group mana tap in without a loss of DPS, we might be more useful for the group and it would help our own mana problems as well.
  8. Siddar Augur

    Group mana tap is a spell almost no necro's use but if they did it would soon be nerfed.

    Really that spells is completely insane once you factor in reduced casting cost plus extended duration.
  9. Iila Augur

    It was pretty good in the Tower of Rot raid.
  10. menown Augur

    What would you suggest, Illa, to make mana tap more used without making it overpowered?
  11. Iila Augur

    Make the base dot worth casting, drop/remove the recast timer, adjust the +mana buff duration so it still makes sense.

    Those would the the main reasons you guys don't use the mana tap, right? The buff portion is "fine" for everyone else in the group. And chain casting it isn't beneficial, since it's just a buff without any burst return. The spell only really matters when mana is an issue, which doesn't come up in most raids. But there's no stacking problems with it, as far as I recall.

    For symmetry, I'd also do a swiftdot version for grouping necros. With the mana return setup so there's no incentive to use both the normal and swiftdot versions.

    I remember you guys using it in ToR because that was the one event where even necros needed more mana, thanks to the debuff.
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  12. Siddar Augur

    There is no DoT involved with that spell line. It is actually a Nuke that drains mana instead of doing damage and then gives group a mana regen buff.

    You can tell its a nuke because it will trigger GoDR. But no one will use a six second casting time spell to trigger a GoDR proc.
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  13. Iila Augur

    Ok, so it would require about 500% more effort from the spell dev than would be possible.
  14. Vrinda Augur

    First, they'd have to want to do something beneficial for necros. That's the first 499% with the actual coding involved as the remaining 1%.

    And yes, the ToRot raid was the only time in recent memory I've used that spell. After that I threw in the towel and retired my necro. If you find any necro mains out there who would like to go back to being a mana battery for other classes so they can be useful on raids, be sure to let us know.
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  15. Iila Augur

    The idea wouldn't be to force necros into being utility, it would be to add utility to what they are already doing, or what they want to be doing.

    Something like: 4th best dot in the 101-105 lineup casts a group mana return.

    Opportunity costs are real, but not something that the spell dev understands.
  16. Tevik Augur

    Hey come on, it's totally worth it to give up one of the few short duration effects I can twist at a time so I can put a song in its place that doesn't do a darn thing unless someone in my group dies, and even then the effect is marginal at best.
  17. strongbus Augur

    only way i use a mana tap in my raid lineup would be if it was a aa that i could cast while waiting for spells to refresh.
  18. Iila Augur

    Since it's probably being used as a test run for future necro changes, what you think of the changes being done to BST dots on Test?
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  19. Silv Augur

    I really wish patch notes designated which dev was associated with the change(s). Seems like A LOT more work making changes to BST DoTs than opening a thesaurus so I doubt it was the 'spell guy'.
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  20. menown Augur

    Bst DoTs definitely needed to be instant cast. Any hybrid will complain about cast times that often get interrupted or may not outweigh the DPS that they could do through melee.

    The part about linking DoTs together for bst is also beneficial for them. Frees up spell gem slots if they were dumb enough to cast that many DoTs over their DDs.

    There have been some rumors of Linking DoT lines for necros. Non necro classes jump to this conclusion, thinking it would solve the complex rotations and constant spell swapping. Currently, we have 12 DoTs that are level 101-105. One of those has an attack debuff on it and never holds during raids because of stacking conflicts. I use these 11 DoTs + 11 more that are levels 100 and below. Sometimes, I use 9 current level DoTs due to events like Anashti Sul: Decay. This means I stack on more than 11 DoTs that are below level 101.

    What I am getting at is I spend a lot of my time casting lower level DoTs, BECAUSE I have to wait for the higher level DoTs to fade if I want to maximize DPS. Our lower level DoTs are way more DPS than our DDs. I'm talking like 3x or more damage without burning. If necro DoTs are linked, what will I be casting with all this spare time? Would we have 11 DoTs and 1 DD on our spell bar? I would be casting my 1 DD spell more times than all my DoTs put together. Also, the better necro DDs have a longer reuse, meaning we cannot spam them. This leads to dropping another DoT from my spell gems and adding a second DD (3rd maybe?) or just sitting around and waiting for the refresh timer.