Necro spell bug?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by took2summit11, Dec 5, 2018.

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    I think there is an issue with the recast timer of Ilsaria Swift Decay Nec 104 spell. You can cast Mazub’s Flashblaze Nec 103 with Ilsaria’s Swift Decay 104. Ilsarias Swift Decay is a combination of Livianus Decay 101 and Ilsaria’s Swift Sickness 104. Traditionally Nec 101/102 swift dots are on separate timers and 103/104 separate timers. Likewise, 101/107 or 102/106 would have separate timers and 103/109 and 104/108 would be separate. The issue I am noticing is that when I cast Azeron’s Flashblaze it puts Ilsaria’s swift decay (the combo dot) on cool down. Azeron’s Flashblaze however does not share a timer with Hoshkar’s Swift Sickness the 109 version of the 104 spell. I believe it is an error for the Azeron’s Flashblaze and Ilsaria’s Swift Decay to be sharing the same timers.
  2. took2summit11 Augur

    After looking further into it, I noticed Disease swift Decay 104 is timer 6 and the fire swift decay 103 is timer 5. I looked back to the 99 swift disease also 6 and the 98 swift fire also timer 5. For whatever reason it looks like the 108 swift fire swaps to 6 and the 109 swift disease swaps to 5. This would mean we cast ilsaria’s Swift decay 104 AND Hoshkar’s swift sickness 109, both disease, since their timers swap from 5 to 6 and vice versa for fire 103 and 108 spells. Is this by design?

    EDIT: After further thinking about it, it’s actually a good thing for the 100-105 spells to be on different timers than the 106-110 spells, to let us stack up on whatever resist the mobs we are facing is least resistant to. So I am going to assume this is by design and I now applaud it now that I understand it better.

    Thanks myself, you’re welcome myself.

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