Necro/sham va chant/cleric

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  1. Tinolien Lorekeeper

    I see these recommended as very effective duos.

    Would anyone mind breaking down the comparison? They’re both charming duos right? Which one is “stronger” for farming plat/krono?
  2. Twistingtime Augur

    If you need someone to tell you which combo is better you're probably not going to be hardcore farming plat/krono on either one. In other words, if you are already pretty keenly aware of what these two classes can do then you probably are going to need to take your time learning how to maximize them. Which means you will need to spend lots of time learning their skills and mastering the playstyle. In the end how well you do that is what will determine which of these combos is stronger. No one can see which of these duos you will play better.

    Just try them. You'll have an idea about how both combos play by level 20, which is like a day, and even better, you can figure out which one you prefer playing. Because no one can tell you that you'll find the necro shaman combo more fussy or you won't like how the cleric sits when they med or any one of a dozen other personal preferences. This server is going to be around for years, a few days of trying classes to see which one you prefer is worth it in the long run.
  3. Tinolien Lorekeeper

    Did you really type all that only to say nothing at all?

    I know i can try them out myself. I’d like some insight from experienced players how they perform at top end and later. If that’s not you then please just move on to the next thread rather than bashing me in mine.

    Anyone have any insight to share who perhaps have played both of these combos on a TLP before? I’d really appreciate some shared experience. Thank you.
  4. Fluid Augur

    Welp, I don't think of myself as good at running Shaman or Necromancer but I can hum along.

    Shaman are really OK for several reasons. They wear decent armor comparable to a Ranger so for a casting class they are pretty durable. Their DOTs are only second to the Necromancer. They have slows and haste, both of which come in handy. They heal and buff just fine. They do have some limitations like spell range compared to a Druid, Wizard, or Magician who can all hit from 300 range. They have Root which is not always the desired MO, with the Necromancer it just means they will have to be the one that snares! Keystone Cops for Kiting if you don't have snare. Pet is not exactly dominating, works more like a DOT for anything other than farming Spiderlings.

    Necromancer is just too tough! The Pet is second only to Magicians and if you can get away with it, Charm Undead. Devastating DOTs that make it hard not to draw aggro if you aren't careful.

    Lot's of options for the pair. Fear and Aggro Kiting, Root Rotting, straight up fights with the Shaman healing and buffing PET while slowing MOB, maybe tossing in a DOT too.

    Enchanter/Cleric can handle more situations but will probably be slower leveling in some of them. Limited DPS except by charming. They can pacify just about anything for breaking camps. The Shaman/Necromancer will mostly have to concentrate on undead. Clerics can rez!!! Enchanters can manna pump with Breeze => Clarity. Enchanters have good crowd control if you need it.

    Everyone<'cept me!> hunts Unrest followed by Guk. No shortage of undead MOBs on that leveling path. If you are not fixed on hunting open spaces like the Karanas or Burning Woods, the need for speed will probably not require a Shaman using SoW to ease the pain. Necromancer/Shaman fit better for the surface.
  5. Twistingtime Augur

    Is it really that hard to decide between classes. Game has been out for 25 years. But if you need someone to list out for you what that classes can do sure.

    Necro/Sham - Splitting tools with snare and FD, which doesn't actually work all that well to split when you are charming and FD will break your charm. Slow, which isn't going to help much if you aren't charming because your pet is a wet paper bag. It should make it easier for the necro to tap tank though. Both have dots and can root rot if needed. If you know how to play a necro well a shaman adds a decent amount of force multiplication. They kinda suck at healing charm pets though because Cheal is king.

    Chanter/cleric: The ultimate duo. You can kill anything anywhere if you know what you are doing and it is a mob that will aggro a pet. Not really sure what else there is to say.

    The biggest factor in how strong these duos is will be player skill, which none of us can judge via a forum post. Except to theorize that if you have to ask about class skill sets and how they synergize you probably have a long learning curve ahead of you. If that is the case cleric chanter is the way to go because you are going to die a lot and normal res will be better for you than necro res.
  6. Trippa New Member

    I currently play enchanter/cleric .... Anything under level 55 with an enchanter/cleric... even if you pull 20 mobs, can be handled. AOE mez in our time is insane and you can just pick everything off one by one. With C2 and a greater mana pot plus the tower gear it is unbeatable. I do not think necros can compete with the utility the enchanter can bring for things that just go reallllly wrong. On the other hand my shaman buddy and his war combo can also do crazy stuff with that aoe slow... it is almost like a mez in its own right. Soooo long story short, things go really wrong - chanter.... Normal w.e - doesnt matter. I also have developed a way to AOE kill lower level mobs with this duo. I will run around on ench and gather up 10-20 mobs, run them back to my cleric and aoe mez. Then I will time the clerics AOE nuke line with the enchanters AOE mez going off right after the nuke and I just nuke everything down taking very minimal damage. Just have fun with whatever you do!!!
  7. Pizzanomicon Apparently from Grobb

    I mean the guy has a point, but if you're in the know , you know that ench/clr box duo can't be beat until like GoD +

    Shm/necro is only good for dps racing mid-high hp targets and doing " a few " mobs that ench/clr " might " have a riskier time doing. You also get double feign death ... shrug.
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