Necro hp regen

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by andross77, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. andross77 Elder

    Hi all, we have a thread over on the TLP section debating whether Iksar is a HUGE advantage for necro's or not. Someone posted this:

    At lvl60(65) regular races naturally regen 4(7) standing up, 5(8) when FD and 7(10) when sitting down.
    At lvl60(65) Iksars/Trolls naturally regen 12(18) standing up, 14(20) when FD and 18(24) when sitting down.

    To that, I would say, yes, if you are on Agnarr and stuck at 65 forever, 10hp vs 24hp is a large advantage (2.4x). But does that scale all the way to 110? or by that time is it something like 400hp vs 420hp? My highest necro is 85 and i only have 1 race so I can't really test it. Any 110 iksar and other race necro want to chime in with naked regen stats?
  2. Tatanka Augur

    The real question is not 10 vs. 24 (2.4x), but, how many HPs do these chars have. I'm struggling to remember how many HPs a level 65 has, but I think it's in the 7000 range. So, that 14 point difference is ~0.2%/tick. Pretty much a drop in the bucket.
  3. Corydon Augur

    Comparing the "standing" values (7 and 18) it's only 11 HP per tick difference. The lv 64 spell Seduction of Saryrn decreases your HP by 42 per tick. So you go negative on both races unless compensated by items. The negative ticks add up though. You lose several hundred HP in a couple minutes. Still, doesn't really matter too much. A single lifetap will give 875+ HP back. So, just pick the race you like best. Doesn't have to be Iksar.