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    Good day.
    Necro Gift of the Grave AA is either enabled or disabled. Obviously it should always be enabled. However, the actual buff icon that appears once activated clearly states Permanent. Due to always having so many buffs, I click that buff icon off and sure enough the actual AA is still enabled. However, every time I zone, gate, log on etc, the buff icon reappears. It does not seem to work like the buff icons of items like our belts, or shoulders, rings etc., where once "clicked" for the first time, you get the ITEM "AA" for it, you click it off and you NEVER have to have them on again and they certainly do NOT pop back on your toon when you zone, log on or gate.

    Is the Gift of the Grave benefit actually staying on even though no icon is present? If you purposely click the buff icon off, then buff lock yourself and then zone, you will get the message " Your Gift of the Grave V spell did not take hold".
    Just want to make sure.
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    The effect is not a shadow buff. It is not a permanent stat buff in the background like the item clicks turned AA. It is effectively a weapon stance. When you zone it is reapplied to give you the buff. Its based on equipping weapons. It used to trigger by clicking another AA and would be a secondary effect/recourse from it. It was changed to be a toggle. Its toggled on and off for the active effect being on or off when the buff applied. When you equip a shield or a 2h weapon, it applies the buff automatically

    To get the benefit, the buff does have to be on you
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    Thank you so much. It makes perfect sense. Cheers.