Necro for soloing/group content

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Faelim, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Faelim Lorekeeper

    Hey all, I got to lvl 45 on a warrior on phinny, quit for a while, not maybe hoping to play. I don't have the time to invest into a tank and be godly geared. Was thinking of a necromancer possibly due to the fact they can solo. How are they in group content in kunark? Decent?
  2. Kiani Augur

    Necromancers are good in groups - not great, since dot damage isn't ideal, but they are a good option for a dps spot, and even worth considering as ghetto CC.
  3. Soon Augur

    Necros are great option for dps spot if they charm. But charming necros are rare. I only met 2 on phinny.
  4. yerm Augur

    Necros are fine in most groups. Lich is really silly good for efficiency, dots do enough duration in most environments to be fine, and the summoned pet is solid dps. Obviously dps will take a hit compared to a charm environment, but since necros are basically undisputed #1 dps when charming that's to be expected. Screaming terror is also incredibly useful in charm groups even if unable to charm yourself - it can salvage a bad timing pull + charm break, and most importantly lets the enchanter go afk now and then without needing to either kill the charm pet or Russian roulette that the group suffers.

    Where you are liable to slump is in a sky-high dps group (eg goblins with charmed Alizee), a light blue plowing fest (eg Disco 1) where the undercons go down in a hurry, and/or rather obviously in a PBAOE group.
  5. Lumiens Augur

    I think what I enjoyed the most about my necro was getting to help CC with Screaming Terror and Root parking mobs. Other than those Rock Golems in the Hole that have a million hps, dotting on the necro in exp groups is pretty lackluster. Necros are great though at undead camps where you can use your undead DD spells instead of dots and keep a charmed pet.

    I made my necro originally to with the idea in mind that I could just solo and get exp when I was playing in off hours or while LFG. The only problem is that with the way exp works on Phinny I would literally almost get the same exp per kill for one mob soloing it that I would get for killing that same mob in a full group of 6 people. It was a lot easier getting groups on my necro than my rogue, but still could take a while at times and is seeming to take longer for 50+ Kunark content.
  6. Poydras Augur

    Yeah it's a good choice. Their main shortcoming is grouping in places where you're killing light blues and such very fast, since the mobs die too quickly to be worth dotting.If the mobs are undead you have decent nukes though, though they will require you to quit your job and devote a year to practice evocation up first.

    They are good dps when groups do harder mobs though.

    As for solo, yeah you won't want to level much that way, but you will likely want to spend a lot of time camping stuff for loot and their solo skills work great for that.