Necro Bot Team at CoS camp

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vudoman, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Meridian Augur

    Cool. When the going gets tough, quit.
  2. taliefer Augur

    totally normal and not at all suspicious that he uses patch day to dictate when hes "Done" with that camp
  3. Monkman Augur

    I mean EQ is meant to be played in a variety of ways... forming a raid to ward off an evil krono farmer could be a cool player/community event to protect the pre nerf cos from getting into the wrong hands
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  4. Clarial New Member

    Look, letting Motherelf have all the drops for as long as he wants is neither a new or helpful suggestion. Everyone is obviously aware that's an option, or they wouldn't be posting here to begin with.

    The players protesting in this thread are doing so in the hope that Daybreak, the only entity with the power to help us, chooses to help us.

    Choosing to ignore us, or worse, actively condone this player's behavior is Daybreak sending the clear message, "We prefer this player and his vision of the game over you and yours."

    You can debate the ethical, moral and financial implications of this all you want. You can belittle the value of the CoS or those who want to loot it. You can choose to pity this player and the state of his life. You can do lots of things, but do not misinterpret Daybreak's message.

    This is the product you're paying for.
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  5. Notch New Member

    Precisely. Then stop paying.

    Trying to rally people behind a "speak with your wallet" platform will fail. A search of this sub-forum proves the above: your issue is not novel and people keep (re)subbing to new TLPs. And, to be honest, this incident is not as egregious as ones DBG ignored in the past.

    Across every iteration of every TLP, botting, hacking, and duping have been an issue. Sure, DBG may take action and, at times, they did. But, said CSR involvement comes with a fair amount of work from the accuser's end (e.g., video of the incident over the course of several encounters and from several individuals).

    Any suggestions furnished to you from other posters advocating to just ignore this behavior and move on is because this is a fight they've seen before. The usual end result is that you will be frustrated.

    Also, with your jabs at the person behind the character(s), you are dangerously close to violating the TOS yourself.
  6. Iyacc Augur

    So I know it's not the popular response and all it does is support the clown's behavior who is permacamping the item, but most people who want to loot a CoS aren't gonna get one. Demand is high, which is why this guy can sell them for krono. Unfortunately, if he's not botting or training you there's small chance DBG does anything as it's not against the rules to be a .

    What most people fail to do is convert the plat cost for whatever he's charging and then find a way to farm that plat quicker that it would take you to camp it and get one. You can do this with any camp that's popular and always taken whether it's one guy or 100 guys taking turns.

    Decide what's more important - getting one yourself and not spending "krono"/plat/whatever or just getting one and having the item you want. If it's more important to take the moral high road and not support him, then more power to you.
  7. Clarial New Member

    I did.

    You could've written anything in this thread, but you chose to do exactly two things:
    1. You tried to discourage players from voicing their opinions and voting with their wallets by describing the long history of this problem.
    2. You tried to change the focus off of the problem at hand and on to me, personally.
    It's clear you're either the boxer in question, Motherelf, or another boxer who stands to gain as much by exploiting this system. There's no other plausible motivation for your decisions.

    There's also nothing else I can say on this matter. If anyone who disagrees with this system is foolish enough to read your words and choose to submit, I have neither the skill nor time to reach them. If Daybreak prefers players like you, that's their prerogative as a business.

    Speaking with your wallet always succeeds. You just have to actually do it. The only thing guaranteed to fail is convincing yourself that your vote is meaningless and that you should continue supporting a product you're dissatisfied with.

    This is the product you're buying. This is who you choose to play beside in Norrath.
  8. a_librarian Augur

    i liked the suggestion of stealing the mob with a PvP flagged enchanter and heartily support people doing that as much as possible
  9. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    How does that work since the last time I was on a pvp server was discord?
  10. a_librarian Augur

    Non red players can't dispel a red players charm as far as I know
  11. Xeris Augur

    All I'm gonna say here is that: people were farming COS on Agnarr, and are doing so on Mangler. I choose to not let toxic players inhibit my enjoyment of the game. Thus: I ignore them. I could rage on the forums or try to get DBG to act and pull out my hair in the process, or I can enjoy the game other ways. Not getting a COS camp isn't going to affect my enjoyment of EQ. I've been having fun in pohate farming with a few friends, nobody's up there anymore. Getting nice plat + gems + gear for alts. It's great and am having fun. In a few weeks when the rush dies down, I'll hit up seb and maybe some other camps.

    Also, like Iyacc said, if I really want a COS, I'd hit up some plat farm locations (I.E. planes!) and get enough plat to just buy one rather than mess around trying to DPS race some boxer/botter who does this professionally. It's not worth my time/effort. Frankly, if some guy wants to lock down a camp for 3 whole weeks, or even 3 whole months, and he has the ability/time/desire to do it, more power to him.
  12. Knard The Strategic Tactician

    Amidst the chaos of missing out on a CoS, I've at least collected my VP key stuff, and my Charasis stuff.
    But that CoS is a great utility item, it would be nice to have one. Might just have to say to hell with it, and just buy one from the Krono farmer, as much as I'd hate to do that. -_-
  13. Febb Augur

    I don't understand the people that act surprised that this type of behavior happens in expansions where loot is tradeable and there are little to no instancing available. It's like beating your head against the wall over and over again and expecting not to get a headache. People need to stop being so nostalgic and take those rose colored glasses off when they first played in these early expansions. These issues have existed always since the game launched. It was designed that way and it's something Daybreak obviously doesn't want to change regardless if people can box army now.

    The solution is to stop playing in the early expansions and play in the better designed expansions where you can have your own private instance and loot is no trade. Yes, the RMT market still exists but doesn't have near the impact it does on early expansions. You'll be much happier overall.
  14. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Since this thread has started I made 11 krono... Why people bother to camp items is stupid when you can camp silly players selling gear to re-sell that gear.
  15. Rhazes New Member

    I first talked to him on top of a mountain he had spent a year in complete silence to better learn the meaning of a whisper, Next I ran into him feeding homeless orphans. He is just like Jesus. He should be allowed to have all camps locked down for the entire era. He is such a great person everyone should go through him after buying Krono from Daybreak.
  16. Elemenopi Augur

    Are people really socking spawns in EQ that hard in 2019? :p
  17. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    I camped Ledge on RF, Phinny, Selo and Corinav. The only server that had anyone botting this camp of those was Corinav, although RF had quite a few people that would show up and box 6+ with IS boxer.

    Although me responded to post like this on the forums... well that's a different story.
  18. Vudoman New Member

    That video is crazy - thank you for posting it, really shows even to the most casual observer the magnitude of the issue. Most people say move on - who cares - but its not the point ...

    How is this not a zone wide disruption?

    How is that person there 100% of the time all day and night - even GMs will tell you - that you must move away from spawns if you go afk for a minute to the bathroom (maybe they play from the bathroom?) or you really should log out if not at the keyboard ...

    I get it - they can make lots of Krono selling and controlling the market and operating in the environment that DB allows.

    No way to convince me that DB has no option to respond or stop this if they wanted ... of course they can. It is the state of the game apparently.
  19. Spayce Augur

    I treat these people as what they are: low skilled cheap labor. I pay landscapers. I pay painters. I pay a kid to shovel snow off my driveway.

    I don't want to farm low level content for a CoS, so I am more than willing to pay some loser in real life $18 to farm it for me. I suggest adopting the same attitude with these people and use your newfound time to go do something a lot more fun in game.
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  20. KronoKing Elder

    that guys placement looks like the people who farmed fire beetles, and GMs said it was ok. hes clearly not afk like the fire beetle farmers were and spamming /pet attack a_goblin_bodyguard like the a_fire_beetle farmers did seems ok.

    they dont really do zone disruption anymore. i tried that on some AE farmers, i mean if they can pull the whole top floor of seb or most of the deep, and train people on the way, isnt that zone disruption? but gms wouldnt do anything.