Fixed Internally Necro - 120 spell Proclamation for Blood procs previous version of Chaotic Power X

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Qaotic, Dec 17, 2021.

  1. zleski Augur

    I share the frustration for this long-standing issue, but there is a difference between tracking an issue and being able to reproduce it. The former comes before the latter. Now that there are documented reproduction for the devs, they can fix it.

    Mind you, my level of frustration here is that it seems like this is one of the many items that should have been addressed before GA. But it didn't happen, so we're slotted in the general bugfix cycle.
  2. Forcallen Augur

    It was confirmed officially in November. It was publicly shared as being known and tracked in December. It was bugged to Aristo in October.

    I bug'd this issue back in October before the spell was even officially named, it was just New Assert for Blood at that time. I /bug'd it again in November when it was named and tweaked but with the bug still. Aristo reads /bug almost every day on beta so I know it was seen at some point after any of those 3 /bugs I submitted. A few others also reported or /bug'd this through out beta as well.

    Finally just before beta ended I posted the bug remained as of 11/27 hoping it yet again was addressed before design lock and launch. The bug was then confirmed via the header a few days after that. Then after it was confirmed, on 12/7 Truenorth stated the bug was known and being tracked in an actual post.

    Yet here we are post the January patch and its still not fixed. 51 days after they first confirmed and stated it was being tracked. Roughly 93 days after it was first bugged in Beta.

    I get $h!t happens and I get there are far more pressing issues but to just have it "reconfirmed and listed as tracked" yesterday a month+ after it already was and 3 months after it was first shared is a bit comical.
  3. Shriek New Member

    I hope this is getting fixed in the Feb patch, this is a big issue for necros.
  4. ShadowMan Augur

    Unless they sneak it in last minute its still not happening.
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  5. Shriek New Member

    There is no excuse for that. It's not a small thing for necros and those items have been broken since launch.
  6. Frustrated New Member

    It's not like it was hard to reproduce. It's not something that works sometimes and sometimes doesn't
  7. Evurkvest Augur

    Im sure this will be fixed swift as the DoT revamp :)
  8. ShadowMan Augur

    For sure should have been fixed in January and crazy it’s not yet in February but we aren’t the only ones with issues like this.
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  9. Shriek New Member

    Really hoping this got added in todays patch. If they have time to fix weapon graphics and minor little things, they have time to fix these large, broken things for the necromancer class.
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  10. chorklit New Member

    Nothing in the patch notes, and just confirmed it is still broken.
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  11. Marton Augur

    Any bets on this (not) being fixed?
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  12. Rizzin Elder

    It wasn't fixed on Test, which was patched yesterday. Funeral Pyre has a new AA level now though (so it is fixed).
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  13. ~Mills~ Augur

    How is this not addressed yet?
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  14. Forcallen Augur

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  15. Marton Augur

    Thanks for info.

    Looking forward to April patch.
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  16. Rizzin Elder

    I assumed there would be a patch tomorrow on Live, but I don't see a note on it yet. Sometimes fixes skip Test and go straight Live, so it would be worth checking out the March patch when it happens.
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  17. Toruch Fleshrot Augur

    still not fixed as of 3/9/22
  18. artery New Member

    Very disappointed that this hasn't been fixed yet.
    Still using 111-115 spells from previous expansions because they end up with same damage using much less mana.
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  19. Rizzin Elder

    I find the new spells damage more quickly (for more mana) so I have shifted with the release of the type 3 augs. Eventually I'll get a boost when things are fixed :)
  20. Sup Rog Elder

    This has been a known issue for months, not a big fix, just a simple spell update. Why is this getting overlooked every patch??
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