Necro’s Scent of Thule doesn’t work!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Orcen, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Orcen Journeyman

    While I appreciate the effort of combining debuffs, Scent of Thule has a big mistake. It is supposed to cast the ‘Highest Rank” of Scent of Terris. But it only recognizes the level 52 spell, that not only is resisted a lot, when it does land it doesn’t debuff enough fire now to enable Burn Bones to land. On a level 211 mob, after seven casts, still couldn’t get scent of terris to land, let alone Burn Bones and Death’s Malaise IV to land.

    The Scent of Terris spell was never upgraded as a spell, it was done through the Scent of Terris 'Alternate Abilities'. The top AA Spell was giving a de-buff of about 140 resists to magic and Fire. Enabling the highest rank of a spell which was never increased since 52 as a spell seems to be a mistake. I think someone forgot to look and see the highest rank was in the form of Alternate Abilities only.
    This is killing necros. Fire damage has been a mainstay since the beginning for necros, not fire spells on top level mobs are resisted all the time, all because Scent of Thule messed up the Scent of Terris line.
    I love playing necro..
    At this point I have not bought the new expansion for the first time ever. Why? Because necros cant debuff mobs in OverThere anymore, so I can just imagine their effectiveness in the new expansion will be down the toilet.
    Tons of Feedback was given about this way back when it was on test. And all the feedback was ignored and pushed through anyway.
    Can you guys at DB… FIX THIS so it includes the Highest AA of Scent of Terris there was available instead of the level 52 spell?

    Thanks for listening…. I hope.
  2. Evildo New Member

    Lol good words but u must be a new necro get used to us not getting anything m8
  3. Moege Augur

    No you don't, you do not even realize how big a nerfbat was swung on necro's.
    You cannot see this since you don't have beta tbl.

    My account lapsed and I am currently silver. I will not be spending a cent more in retaliation.
    I would suggest that if you want to continue playing EQ choose another class.
  4. Orcen Journeyman

    Fix this please, necros are useless in new content because of this nerf... this one change destroyed necros... useless class now, dps sucks, pets die, this is terrible.