Nec/Sk Dot Revamps

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Nekk, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. strongbus Augur

    your path 2 is what every other game out there does for their necro type class. just cut/paste a mage type class but have the spells focuse round dis/pos/lifetaps. 90% of their damage spells are dd based with a few dots here and there.

    Doing this would just make necros mages with weaker pets.

    Now if they wanted to up our pets to the level of say just under a mages earth pet in tanking wise that work.
  2. Lisard Silly

    well if they made their "dots" into "aura's" they place on the ground that would be nothing like a mage.
  3. Venau Augur

    Haven't played in about a year? Maybe more? I dunno. But.......anything good happening with respect to changing DoTs? Think I've read our scent was partially returned to useful status? Anything I should know?
  4. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince


    It's too early in Beta to say, alot of Spell Changes and AAs to come. Scent is gooderer than you'll recall it being. So Far, Embalmer's got Nerfed, GoDR got Nerfed, HoD got buffed with a portion of EC's mod (not full), Funeral Pyre/Mercurial got combined which is a weird, weird Nerf, Gathering Dusk got buffed to increase DoT base dmg while negating subtlety. Again though, still too early in Beta to say much.
  5. Beergoggles Elder

    Any updates on your thoughts on the necro changes in beta? I work offshore and will be out until sometime in January so won't be able to participate in beta to check out the changes for myself. Interested in how the changes are panning out as I'm wanting to main my necro again but if the changes aren't improving the class I need to start thinking about what class I will be maining in the expac.
  6. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Spells/AA still aren't really in and certainly not finalized yet unfortunately, as for the events, there's so many high HP mobs, that the raid has to deal with simultaneously in several cases, that there's going to be several lolworthy events where Necros come ahead by a mile. ToFS3 is muh jam
  7. ShadowMan Augur

    Can't really tell anything yet but appears to just be more of the same old. Necromancers do not need or want what happened to other classes but doing nothing during a level cap expansion again isn't right either. To me it seems like focus effects and dotting multiple targets will continue to mask the issues faced and it will just be cast 18 dots forever.
  8. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    From what I've seen so far, the Kael raids and the third ToFS raid are the best for us. Technically the first ToFS raid can be pretty nec friendly even though it is basically a bore for us...I wouldn't want to assume that other guilds run that event in the way that mine does.

    The eastern waste raids are rather unfriendly to us. It's to be expected though, there are always raids that have the on/off damage mechanics that we will just hate.

    I have not done the velks raids yet. (Are there velks raids? I forget, and don't feel like looking) I'm hoping that I like them, because as it stands right now...from my selfish-dps point of view, I only like half of them. Not everyone likes a long duration burn fight though, and if every raid was that...EQ would be boring.

    Can't really form a final opinion though, since the AA's are not released, and spells are also still being worked on. So far, I have some grievances with the spells as things stand now.
  9. Venau Augur

    Huge thx for the update guys. Can u please push for a 10 min snare so I can kite more mobs if I come back? Like a hoard of 20ish mobs isn't THAT much right?
  10. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    The aa update that hit Friday (or was it Thursday?) of last week shortening the duration extension from lingering death (and other classes comparable aa's) in exchange for a bigger increase in base damage is so far giving me a better perception of things. I have not done the tier1 raids since the update, but shorter duration dots at higher base damage seems like a very good thing. It certainly is for the Kael raids, where you're having to change targets a lot.

    I have not been able to do a full comparison yet, I'm sure there are some variances due to a dot having an unfortunate reduction in the number of ticks (especially the proliferations) but the base-30 dots seem certainly seem to have been directly improved.

    TLDR: More base damage on our dots, with shorter durations means we are refreshing our higher DPS dots instead of casting far deep into our spellbook to stack more of our weaker DPS spells. It has seemed like a good change.
  11. menown Augur

    A side effect to the lingering death AA change is that now our Pyre of the Shadewarden DoT has about the same base tick damage as our Hoshkar's Swift Sickness. I am still working on a new weave for raiding purposes.
  12. Beergoggles Elder

    good to see some changes have been implemented for testing at least. the change to lingering death sounds interesting. I wonder how that will effect the wounds lines, or maybe they can change lingering death to only work on dots with durations under 1 min 30 seconds or so.
  13. Forcallen Augur

    Should be a very solid change with lots of adjustments. My computer the bed so can’t even test it for awhile.
  14. seber Augur

    it time for neco dots now