Nec/Sk Dot Revamps

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Nekk, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. ~Mills~ Augur

    No way. I don't want my class fundamentally changed that I'm a nuker who has some extra dot effects.

    Its not complicated its just a lot of work. You lump what we have into fewer dots. You make the first few decent base. You reduce the middle and late stuff some to offset the faster ramp up some, as in if it they combine the 2 poison dot lines you make it 85% of what it would be. You make doom dots be the combined of all four currently. You give us a back a good self debuff for our resist lines, make it not stack with Malo if thats the stupid we have to accept to debuff again.
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    I will pay... is that what you want to hear?
  5. seber Augur

    be nice see kind of sick cast 10000 dot on ever raid smile
  6. Nifty Slacker Augur

    I'm going to throw in my 2 cents here. I 6 box, and I have a necro. I love the necro, it's a cool dps/utility class. I've been wondering how my necro dps stacks up against the rest of my team and I parsed a darkness howls mission. We're all familiar with darkness howls, so I figure this is a decent testing ground (for group play).

    I typically pull 2-4 orcs at once because I'm comfortable with that. At one point during this parse, I had pulled 9 because the orcs were running through the walls. My necro cast Mind Excoriation usually once per pull, and I always dotted the 2nd mob and beyond. Didn't bother dotting the mob that the rest of the team was killing because it died too fast. I never use cooldowns on trash mobs, although I know some people do. The results kinda surprised me, so here it is.

    #1 Monk -82,064
    #2 Necro -64,805
    #3 BST -64542
    #4 RNG -54786
    #5 PAL -54,422.

    The Necro and BST have the least aa's, about 21k for each of them. They can improve a ton. The ranger, paladin and monk have between 24k-28k aa's. There isn't much room to grow for them.

    For group play, and a boxing perspective, I feel like the necro is in a good spot. I know there are problems in raids and having multiple necros, and I'm not sure what can be done about that. But, at this point, I feel that if Daybreak were to change necros dot lineup it would become unbalanced.
  7. Brohg Augur

    You should cast Remote Sphere of Blight. You'll need just a little care in not fighting atop "friendly" mobs, but - yeah. Sphere. Especially on that 9-pull :)
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  8. Ibudin Augur

    yea, should be pulling 250-300k DPS on that mission with sphere lol.
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    I'll give sphere a try next run guys, thanks for the advice =)
  10. seber Augur

    from more 23 pager I read thu most post other class like 8F Auto firing pizza eating DD class why that don't see 1000 post neco your class post ???
  11. strongbus Augur

    at this rate i say we are more likely to see the derv just start at some new level increase exp and give us more powerful dots that don't stack with anything lower in the same line and leave the older ones alone.
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    Which one of these is most likely to occur first?
    1) Star Citizen
    2) Half-Life 3
    3) Pantheon
    4) Necro DoT Revamp
    5) Man on Mars
    6) Apocalypse
  13. ~Mills~ Augur

    They already said while they would like to get to this they just don't have time.

    So barring strongbus's suggestion above, which they kinda tried one beta but then took away saying we also had to give up our epic and possibly coa bp click for. IIRC he was gonna grant like a 40% increase to base dot power one expansion when nukes were getting like 20%, but with the drastic drop in crit rate coming with it essentially negating any real gain. Or Dzarn drastically changing the lingering death bonus. I just don't think anything is happening. They just don't have the time or resources for the work it would take since they left it on the back burner for 3 years.
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    Who gives even the slightest about losing epic though? No real gain? This isn't about dps - it's about a dramatic change in quality of life - as someone who plays entirely necromancers and shamans, and flat refuses to play his necromancer anymore - amalgamation for purposes of getting gems back is THE gain i care about. Yes, it has a dramatic improvement in ramp up, and thus dps on short fights, but that's entirely secondary.
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  15. ShadowMan Augur

    Did you read what they wrote? They aren't talking about dot revamps like people have seen recently where someone had a 3K dot and it was then suddenly 27K and stacking was changed.

    Many expansions have had a 20% increase in base spell power. That time they offered 40% but at the cost of losing 18% critical rate and CoA bp's 40% boost to critical rate every 5 minutes. I don't think that came along with any stacking changes at all so you would still be weaving multiple sets. From what I heard of that beta that was simply a you give up your epic and critical clicky for 20% extra base dot power for the new dots but lost all that critical on every dot old or not, which wasn't really much of a suggestion based on the math some showed.
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    I left the game in 2015 and now checking the forums for the first time since. I can’t believe there is still talk about revamping Necro DoTs. Are the developers still looking at it?
  17. Nylrem Augur

    They don't have time is bull, honestly.

    They have a tremendous amount of resources, if they'd care to use them... The players themselves.

    Crowdsource it to the players. Simple solution, and, for them, super cheap.

    Crowdsource it out to the player base, giving all parameters what they want, and award like 3 lifetime gold subscriptions to the accounts of your choice, for whichever revamp proposal they accept, for each necro and SK.

    Or, approach an individual player, like Kizant or someone else just as knowledgeable, and offer the same type thing.

    Then just have staff change the numbers and non-stackability of the spells, and boom, done.

    Can guarantee would get way more than 6 returning players/increased gold accounts from fixing necro and SK dots...
  18. Brohg Augur

    lol @ more SKs due to dots. yer funny
  19. Nylrem Augur

    well, ya, really meant just necros, sk too OP already, better DoTs just icing for them :)
  20. Lisard Augur

    i didnt read any of this topic...but as a bystander to the necro class, a raid leader.

    1 Necromancer need so many debuff slots on a single mob, let alone a guild with 3+ necromancers...and so many lower/useless clicks/classes using up a dot slot for very minor returns effectively making your god of a necro next to useless on most encounters that only have 1 main raid boss.

    wouldnt it be more feasible to just have two paths for the necro....1 path is this im gonna use every dot/debuff slot in existance to be a DPS god while the 2nd path would be more in line with the other casters of where they use like 2 dots and a DD line of spells

    path 1: current necro way requiring 20+ debuff slots for 1 single necro

    path 2: DD nuke or Aura (think more spells like sphere of decay) oriented, maybe have some recourses effects on each nuke (like reverse alliances/covenant kinda dealio where it puts a buff on yourself if you use x nuke in x time it does a big nuke off it) something along these you made a class that is limited in MOST guilds to being useable in larger quanities then 2 per raid guild/team,

    would that open up some doors for the class rather then having to deal with the complications of Dot revamping/nerfing/balancing a class as complicated as a necro?.