Nec/Sk Dot Revamps

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Nekk, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Darkoon New Member

    Hope your patient. This conversations has been going on since mid January, with no response.
  2. halagren Journeyman

    yea well it's been nearly 3 years now with the promise of "the next few months" so ive decided to post for a dev response at least once a week until they respond. maybe if we straight up annoy them enough theyll take 3 seconds to write something
  3. Skysoldier New Member

    Upgrade all the Necro Focus Dots, upgrade all the dots, shorten cast time at 110 to 1 sec. All necro buffs stay persistent until death. Get rid of the useless AA like underwater basket weaving and chicken wire canoe engineering. Useful as moose on a boar. Redo, revamp, upgrade or update the damn epic. Been since 1999 and Prince since we've had anything meaningful placed in our hands, every class in EQ has some kind of way outrageous killa weapon and we got squat. OR, make that passive dot a aug or a perma ability. Or gimme a gnome to throw at mobs ... And we need a skeleton mound, and a at 110 I want a undead gnome pet !!! YEA !!!
  4. halagren Journeyman

    it's been another week, still no dev response, bump. wake up guys 3 years is too long for no response
  5. xaga Elder


    i have posted threads with the devs name in the title -> nada
    i have sent DMs -> Nada

    there is a bug tracker ticket submitted -> Nada

    Pretty sure this is a moot point to them by now and they are hoping we all just quit playing necros and turn into druids....
  6. groznel New Member

    still waiting for even the lowest effort bone thrown to our class.. revamp any dot line for any class but the issue remains the debuff limit affecting every necro in every era.....
  7. Evurkvest Elder

    If nothing is done to necs they could change Lingering Death(and whatever the AA that boosted dmg was called) like they did a few years ago. Same dps, less dots.
  8. ~Mills~ Augur

    The problem now is they painted themselves into a corner. By adding so much bloat and making other classes want to use dots that a Necro dot revamp on its own no longer solves the rebuff cap issue.

    At this point necros need the revamp and be limited to 6-10 dots.
    And they need to consolidate debuffs like one or two encompassing debuffs for shaman, druids and enc.
    And they need to look at a ton of other stuff and see if it can be handled differently. Aka multiple gut punches on a mob or gelid claws or all the other nonsense that has silently been part of the issue to smaller degrees.
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  9. Wamthump New Member

    TLP necro feels underwhelming, IIRC i used to be able to kite and kill in MPG as long as the mob didn't summon. Now i'm being beaten like i stole something. My dots just don't have the zest they used to and i'm left wondering what happened after i left the game for years. The shaman and druid both tick higher than me on raid targets and i'm fairly useless on trash unless i'm mind wracking on cd. My pet is a paper weight that is the weakest dot i have unless he gets some special buffs. At level 70 with over 900 AA I should not feel so "basic". My concern here is that the dev's don't seem to care for this class whatsoever and are avoiding talking to the community as a whole due to plausible deniability. I have a 2.0 and clicky robe from anguish but the melee repeatedly stomp my damage into the ground. Just sorta wondering if the melee are working as intended and necros are broken or am I working as intended and the melee are highly resistant to normal boss mechanics like dodge/parry/avoidance/shielding/armor/litigation/sex appeal... Look, I get it, ya'll are busy but this is a pay for service platform and at this point the necro community is yelling "We are Negan!" followed by an expletive of choice in order to get some verification that something is being done. Obscurely writing "were working on it" is like saying "we'll see" to a 6 year old when they ask about having a friend over... please stop treating me like a 6 year old.
  10. halagren Journeyman

    tried to post in the bug forums and they straight up deleted my post within minutes. rest in peace necros the revamp will not be happening
  11. Brohg Augur

    According to what, halagren?
  12. Beergoggles Lorekeeper

    At this point it's not a question of will the dot revamp ever happen, it's will the dot revamp be worth it. I gave up waiting and have been happily spending my money elsewhere and checking back here every couple months. After seeing what has happened with the previous class dot updates I'm not confident in their ability to not mess up the class worse than it is now. It's bad enough this fix has been 3 years in the waiting, but that doesn't include the years before that the class was in a bad spot before devs even acknowledged there was a problem and never addressed the issues. Honestly they should be embarrassed by how long it takes them to address class issues.
  13. Hadesborne Augur

    Now THIS is how I feel we are being treated by DBG. This sums it up perfectly.
  14. Mell Journeyman

    This thread is too long so I didnt read them all.
    Im curious about that instead of all the troubles of fixing so many old DoTs at so many levels,why not just add new BIG DoT ,which is the same DPS as the result of DoT revamp that Devs claimed years ago,every 5 levels since level 75?
    No need to modify all those old codes this way.
    Just set them to not stack with older DoT and problem solved.
  15. Bewts Augur

    The simple solution is to take the streamlining they’ve done with AA lines and apply them to the Necro spellbook.
    Useful from 1-60 where damage scales according to level, obtained between levels 1-20 (not in this order):
    Fire DoT
    Magic DoT
    Poison DoT
    Disease DoT
    Health Recourse DoT
    Mana Recourse DoT
    Snare DoT
    Debuff DoT
    Magic Lifetap

    Re-issue improved damage ratio upgrades 61-70 and again each 10 level tier until the Ranking system is introduced.

    This allows them to control the damage scaling without having to look at every single DoT in the spellbook or worry about giving SK OP’d spells tuned for Necros. It also simplifies the process drastically on revamping the existing scatterbrained spell progression that is currently a burning dumpster fire.

    Obviously keep the uniqueness of other spells and when they are first introduced like FD (and it’s upgrades), sacrifice, the disease based Lifetap (which should scale tbh), ancients (that scale with ratios equivalent to the subsequent tier of spells), the resist debuffs, etc.

    Granted, this scrubs some of the game knowledge required when understanding the strength of resist checks and stacking options that will make the class easier to master than it currently is.
  16. Coas Lorekeeper

    Sad to say, but this revamp will never happen. They're already working with a skeleton crew and do not have the time or resources for it. Even if they did, I do not believe that they actually care enough to finish the revamp. As a necro, it's pretty lame that we have the 6th highest base DoT damage behind druid, shaman, enchanter, ranger, beastlord.
  17. strongbus Augur

    said it once I say it again take the mage swarm of many line of spells make it a self only aa that works with just our dots. take our current dots make them not stack with older versons. have the aa add x amount of base damage to each dot depending on how many you have going with the extra damage added being enough to keep us at our current level of dps. quick and easy to keep up with each new group of spells/level as you just add in extra aa levels to buy to boost the dps up for that new spell/level limit.
  18. Jaylin Augur

    Dont worry, we dont get dot revamps.... but we get

    - Necromancer - Scent of Terris has been renamed Scent of Thule and the ability line has been changed to trigger Death's Malaise, your Scent of Terris spell, and the highest rank of your Scent of Gloom line of spells on your target.

    Come on... isnt being able to cast the scent of terris, with scent of extinction better than not having to cast 18 spells?
  19. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    So yeah...I've been playing on live again. I'm level 110, have been raiding in eok/ros, gained a ton of AA...comfortable with the new spells, new aa, etc.

    I am still in the camp that something should be done to address a few problems that are unique to necros (detrimental slots being filled up, having to cast 18-24 dots on a target, etc) and overall it feels like the class is fine, with some caveats.

    I say that because while there are several events where a necro is not ideal, and it's getting more and more common as events get more dynamic...For example, how many events are there where the objective is not to kill something directly, but keep it at a certain health percentage, or in fact do no damage at all? There's a lot.

    I'm glad that events have more variety of course, but the above problems in paragraph 2 of this post do still vex me. I was talking about this with a couple people who play other classes, and I wonder if it would time to just remove the current system we have regarding memorizing spells?

    EQ was of course designed in many ways to emulate D& D style games, and the spell memorizing system has changed greatly, and improved in almost every step of the way. We no longer have to look at the spellbook like we did in the days when the game first launched, we can right click spell gems to bring up a tree of spells (although there are many spells that are placed in appropriate entries), and we have up to 30 spellsets that we can activate with a hotkey.

    For certain raids, I am switching between 3 spellsets, just for that single event. I could potentially get this down to 2 spellsets, but then instead of switching out 4 spells per spellset, I would be switching out more, etc. I think this is a preference thing. But the memorization time of spells is substantial in some respects.

    To my knowledge, the only classes that have spell set problems in that manner are necros, and buffing classes. Shaman of course, have it really bad as it relates to spell memorization, because their role is completely different during a fight than it is before the fight. I've not been able to talk to an enchanter on the topic yet (because finding one online outside of raidtime is so hard to do lately), but I suspect they have the same issue shaman do...

    Two wizards for example, have said that they never have to change a spell set once a target is engaged. Out of 13 spell gems, it seems like wizards commonly have 2 runes loaded, and 11 spells that are related to their role.

    In most raids, if a necro is only using 11 dots...they are most likely underutilizing themselves.


    I think it should be considered that we ditch the spell gem concept entirely. Perhaps at level 100, a person can cast any spell in their spellbook provided they have the mana, and they are not in a cooldown.

    There are a couple challenges of course.

    1: Many spells were designed around having a cooldown. For example, a necro's swift dots have a long refresh rate, and that refresh rate is shared across other spells.

    2: If no one had to use spell gems, the issue that may happen, is some classes may think "I might as well cast all of these dots, just because I can" and let's not forget the main problem, that is the number of detrimental slots on a target being limited. It's important to address the limit on detrimental slots.

    Here's an idea:

    Keep spell gems as they are, but only for spells that have a cooldown. For example, pyre of the shadewarden does not have a cooldown limitation. Allow me to cast pyre of the shadewarden and other dots that are like that, without the spell being memorized. Make me memorize spells that do have a shared, or extended cooldown, such as swift dots. Allow *ALL* classes this same flexibility.
  20. xaga Elder

    just bumping this thread because why not.... its not like the Devs actually read these posts ;)

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