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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Nekk, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. strongbus Augur

    my biggest fear in all this silence is they are doing a complete revamp of the class as a whole and not just our dots.

    as in turning eq necros from what we are now(dot casters with a few dd) into what most games necro type classes are(dd caters based round lifetaps/dis/pos with a few dots). That would fix all the issues in one change with regards to groups and issues with dot stacking.

    but it suck hard for the class
  2. Azorin Journeyman

    I do not think you have anything to fear in that regard. First and foremost is that they have neither the time or the desire to touch the necro class in a positive way to help them in the group game let alone in raids. I am sure they just hope all the necros disappear = problem solved (mission nearly accomplished).

    I have not played my 14 year old necro much in the last 3+ years other than to login and change his hotbuttons due to the latest nerfs. There is really no reason to play him over my shaman on the same account. Pet as a tank is very sad these days, slow dps ramp up, and mana regen is not near what it used to be, etc. Shaman pet is only slightly worse than necro pet (both are just a minor dot), has better dots, heals, debuffs, buffs, and much more.
  3. Ibudin Augur

    Lol, sounds good. Stick with the Shaman.
  4. ---Xislaben--- Augur

    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you /kidding
  5. Evurkvest Elder

    I like how nec dots work atm, its very rewarding for someone that can do it right. My guess is that a revamp will be great for a mediocre necro and not so good for a top nec.

    If SKs get powerful dots im guessing their dps will be nerfed elsewhere as they are rather awesome as it is.

    Not really looking forward to a revamp, keep on slacking pls :)
  6. Vaeeldar Augur

    And how are dots helpful in the group game no matter who you are?
  7. Filter Augur

    Plenty helpful if you're in a low dps group, partial group or solo/molo. Not every group melts mobs upon contact but if you're in that category, you're right nec's aren't helpful.
  8. Vaeeldar Augur

    So in groups that don't include a berserkr, rogue, wiz, mage essentially? And less than full groups got it.

    Honestly it doesn't take much Honestly I was running a necro, mage, mage, bard or ench, sk and the necro was useless. I just dropped him for another mage. At one point one mage equal wiz. BUt frankly just decided to go 3 wiz on the paladin/ench group and 3 mage on the ench/bard and sk group.

    I just think almost any full group is going to be a joke for a necro.
  9. Anotherday New Member

    Necros are fairly useless in other eras too. Current prog servers Necros are still viable on raids because they havent hit the debuff cap yet but group its not worth it. Melee and other casters have received too many buffs to burst damage for a necro to be worthwhile. Necros were never met to use taps or poison dds for dps...
  10. Ibudin Augur

    Dead horse being beaten to death by the same group of people.

    If you're a multi boxer player, then I would never consider a necro in that scenario, its just not practical to /auto attack with a necro, common sense...duh.

    If you're in a zone/group, and all they can do is single pull a mob and melee/nuke it down in 20 seconds, then ...yes necro's are a waste but so are a few other classes. Boring group anyways, wtf wants to sit in a camp with a single mob coming in only to kill it in 20 secs? But I see this stated over and over in this thread, thats how people play the game these days (I dont see it, but heh I dont follow the status quo, I play my own way).

    If you're a raiding necro - you're oppionion doesnt matter because the group game necros are pissed and they have all quit the game cause they can't DPS like wizard or bezerker, and in fact they already quit like 5 expansions there, we taught EQ not to mess with 5 expansions ago necros who never play their necros anymore.

    What the hell just happened?!!
  11. Vaeeldar Augur

    It's no harder to multibox a necro than any other caster. As to mutlimob fighting unless the necro is just root rotting while the group fights (which may as well be solo play) than your tank isn't tanking multiples short of raid gear.

    So yeah sorry I'm tired of non necros coming in posting and saying just pull 3-4 mobs than you can dps like the rets of dps classes. The only class in game required to do. Group game necro is broken. Period.
  12. Nekk Elder

    Correct and I hope the hard to play doesn't change much. It's fun to play and rather keep it that way. You're also correct that the necro group game is broken. That needs to be fixed and is more the concept of my post.
  13. menown Augur

    Will it be before the year 2020?
  14. Tubbycat Journeyman

    No bud, too many idiots, including from your own guild. I'm a bit dismayed that you hold back so much. You could say so much more!
  15. menown Augur

    Because despite all of the whining and protests, the revamped DoTs are more powerful than if there was no DoT revamp at all. Classes with DoTs, but never used them prior, are now using them. Look at the spell change history to see how pathetic they used to be if you don't agree with me.

    The worry with Necros is that Aristo will not listen to player feedback. I mean we are talking about a complete class revamp at this late stage in the game. That would get any necro on edge.
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  16. IblisTheMage Augur

    From a non-necro perspective, it appears as necros have the best raid-dps, and a “indestructible” versatile solo/molo play option making for a strong solo role as well. Getting them into the 20-sec pr mob group game would likely interfere with one of these kewl aspects.

    A better fix would be to bring kill time up again (more mob hp). Kill time of 30-60 seconds and beyond has worked fine in the past of EQ. Tbh I think 20 sec and below are a bit too fast...
  17. Sancus Augur

    I think this was true for quite a few expansions, but it doesn't really seem to be true now. Necros are a strong DPS class, but I don't think they're the best on any RoS event. Longer fight times do give them a greater advantage, but I feel pretty confident there are other classes that can keep up.

    As Necros have brought up ad nauseum, they also have scaling issues after 2 or 3 and they're only really capable of competitive DPS on high HP targets. On the flip side, if the aura reported, Necros probably would be the best DPS on at least a few raids.

    So I guess it's kind of complicated. But my basic point is that I don't think Necros are really the best raid DPS class in RoS. From a desirability standpoint, I feel pretty confident there are at least a couple classes I'd choose that would contribute more (useful) DPS than Necros.
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  18. Venau Augur

    Thinking of starting a go fund me type thing.

    I say we raise a few thousand $ with the intent of bribing a dev to give us an honest report on Operation Supposed Necro Dot Revampsicle. I believe our odds of hearing a valid reply would improve from .005% to at LEAST 2%.

    Good idea? Bad idea? Shall we....?
  19. IblisTheMage Augur

    Lol :).

    Perhaps it would suffice to send them some flowers and chokolate to the office, and ask really politely?
  20. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    If you guys are having issues with contributing on mobs that die quick in groups, make sure you're using Both Flesh to Venom and Flesh to Poison, that's a ton of free damage each cast right there. Summon swarm pets as able and use a hotkey that has both /pet attack and /pet swarm on it.

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