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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Sirene_Fippy, Jan 14, 2017.

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  1. Forcallen Augur

    Why is that? Especially considering the massive changes one dev is making to our class and since we went from the premier mana regen caster class since the games inception to not so much with a single nerf to an AA line years ago.
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  2. Bobsmith Augur

    Kinda off topic and I wouldn't want it on a BP, buuuut I want an instant cast mount like sk's have but maybe closer to the skelly horse. Possibly a rotting horse that has some sort of disease spell dmg buff. Pretty please. :)
  3. Rhaage Augur

  4. Bobsmith Augur

    Yes I am aware of the deathknell horse.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    While we understand many players do not agree with us, we want mana to be an expendable resource, not an infinite resource. We want players to have to consider what spells to cast according to their mana pool. We want players to not be in full burn mode 100% of the time. We want players to run out of the mana resource. And we want it to run out at a level that players don't necessarily agree with.
  6. Utaerx Elder

    And yet, necro's main mana recovery ability has not received an update since it was released over 7 years ago and got nerfed with a restrictive recast timer on top of that. The closest analogue to our Death Bloom, Shaman's Cannibilization, not only is on a three minute recast (actually is it lower with Hastened ranks?) timer to our ten, but has actually received updates and gives basically twice as much mana back as Death Bloom does now. Not to mention that, but if our DoTs receive as much of a mana cost boost as the other DoTs that have been consolidated, Blood Magic all of a sudden becomes very, very dangerous to ever use, further restricting our mana recovery. We're not asking for infinite mana, but rather just SOMETHING to put us anywhere in the ballpark of what most other mana-based DPS classes have in terms of mana recovery tools, most of which have received constant updates with level increases since they were released. We've gotten by due to the sheer efficiency of our DoTs, but that is going to change soon and the class is going to be in trouble.
  7. Forcallen Augur

    Then don't be hypocritical about it, individually or as a team. That is what irks the player base the most. Not changes made for the good of the game when done properly and universally but when they are done haphazardly and don't occur universally, ie not very well thought out in execution or scope. And instead randomly single out some classes or abilities and leave others untouched or improved while then creating new ones entirely for others.

    For example if you or the team truly feel that way about mana then make sure that logic is applied to all the classes. You can't tell necros mana needs to be resource in the necro bp thread, especially considering the changes that are taking place with our class and the fact we already have mana issues due to stagnation and nerfs. And then in the two threads next to ours explain to enchanters and wizards that they get to keep their mana click bp and possibly have it boosted. That makes absolutely zero sense considering both classes have no mana issues forcing them to be an exception to the mana policy the team has.

    Never mind stating mana needs to be a resource and then adding spells and AA lines like rallying call, AA cannibalization, quiet miracle, paragon, and spells like Chaotic Fire and Claw of the Flameweaver which can instantly refresh some classes mana tools with a proc being added or improved on.

    The team can't say one thing to necros and then say or do the opposite for other classes and expect us to buy "its for the good of the game in general".
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  8. Spellfire Augur

    Canni can recover 40k mana every 2 minutes.
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  9. Brohg Augur

    Using Canni is more perilous than Death Bloom.
  10. Tinytinker Augur

    Necros could use some help with mana recovery. Right now, there is not much reason for me to invite them to my groups. Mana issues+so-so group dps make me reluctant to invite them to my xp groups. I hate clicking potions and feeling like I'm wasting my purchase, because the group is not optimal.
  11. Utaerx Elder

    Yes, but that's an unfair comparison because Death Bloom has stagnated since release. Death Bloom USED to be perilous, but its health to mana ratio is still tuned around level 85 characters. To be clear, I have no problem with Cannibalization. Nor do I have a problem with making Death Bloom or any other mana recovery tool more dangerous to use in exchange for worthwhile returns on mana (my comment with regard to Blood Magic had more to do with the impact of a 3:1-5:1 HP to mana conversion with 10K+ mana cost DoTs than wanting to convert health to mana without risk). I just wish the devs would throw us a bone in light of the coming changes to our class and re-assess our mana recovery tools to be more aligned with the current levels of mudflation and the parallel abilities our peers.
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  12. menown Augur

    BP click suggestion:

    I would like to possibly see a combo group resource tap. An example of this would be to combine Mind Extraction, Dark Leech, & Crippling Incapacity together. All 3 are group taps that enhance different stats.

    Mind Extraction
    3: Decrease Mana by 1894
    Mind Extraction Recourse
    7: Increase Mana by 686 per tick
    (Duration 4 ticks)

    Dark Leech
    3: Decrease Hitpoints by 1829 per tick
    Dark Leech Recourse
    11: Increase Hitpoints by 1555 per tick
    (Duration 7 ticks)

    Crippling Incapacity
    7: Decrease ATK by 44
    Crippling Incapacity Recourse
    7: Increase ATK by 44
    (Duration 6 minutes)

    This fits in with the Lore of our class too. But you would have to change the numbers a bit and make the new spells non-focusable so there is no scaling issues. I think a duration of 24 or 30 seconds would be best for a combo tap like this.
  13. Vrinda Augur

    First, Ngreth, thank you for communicating with the community on these BP clicks.

    Second, Forcallen hit the nail on the head in his post.
    Not unlike other players here, I play six classes at 105, and my necro is by far the most difficult of the six to manage mana "resources" while doing decent dps. Devs nerfed the living heck out of Death Bloom years ago and have turned a blind eye to it ever since. Mana pools and HP pools are considerably larger now than at level 85, so why the incredible resistance to updating Death Bloom? Or giving us a mana click to supplement it?
    There's nothing about what you've dealt necros in the last four years that's good for the game. In every situation but medding in a resting state, my wizard gets mana back faster than my necro does, and that doesn't even hold a candle to how fast my shaman recovers mana. Instead of parroting back the same story from level 85 or 90, please go hang out on a raid or in someone's group to see how they handle resources. You don't have to play! Just watch to see exactly how it works.

    If you can show me some nifty necro trick we're all missing, I'll sit down and shut up.
  14. fransisco Augur

    necros riding rotting skeleton horses would be awesome
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  15. Gnomius_Tunare New Member

    For focus I'd like to see something that will replace the crit mod of our 2.0/2.5 so we can finally bank them.

    For clicky, I'd like a something similar to Remote Sphere of Decay.

    I think the clicky effect on our current robes is just fine, although mixing it up with a new effect would be welcome. If we get a new effect, I hope we get a new timer, so we can use the old robes and the new robes.
  16. Vrinda Augur

    Your complaint about the 2.0/2.5 is that it's a worn mod, and now you want to replace it with another worn mod? /boggle

    We could have a robe focus for a high level dot. Or instead we could get what we've already got, just in a different slot, meaning we'd come out of it with nothing. Why does this sound like a really bad deal?
  17. YellowBelly Augur

    Maybe the raiding necros can get their dps clicks and us groupers/soloers could get something fun like a skelly mount? It's been painfully obvious these past few years the vocal raiding minority only wants increased dps. I could care less as a grouper.
    As far as our 1.5/2.0/2.5s an easy fix would be to turn the worn effect into a long lasting undispellable clicky buff and move Guardian Of Blood pet to a melle proc. Problem solved.
  18. Orcus New Member

    I am good with mana being expendable resource. The part the Necro that is frustrating is our DPS. Inraids were need 20 or more slots and at least 10 minutes to do any damage. Mobs are limited to just over 50 buff slots before they are buff lock. With the increases in other class dot damage and all the other added things that take a buff spots there is no room left. Can we maybe increase are dot damage and decrease the duration of the dots. This would increase DPS while using less buff spots because we could not stack as many dots. It would also help in groups as we would be able to dsp a mob before the other classes kll it. As it is now we can barely get any dot on a mob before it is killed.
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer


    Unfortunately, the DoT revamp did not happen. I have no information about it for you and let's not waste space in this thread about it, please. I know you guys are passionate about it, but I can't do anything about it, and it only delays work on your chest items for RoS.

    I get the gist the current focus is somewhat Okay, but people aren't happy because of the lack of stacking with the eyes. I can attempt a scalar affect that takes in account your normal max crit rate, but I'm not sure of stacking issues currently, and it wouldn't be able to take into account outside bonuses to crit multipliers. It's not ideal, but the eyes have painted me into a corner.
    Or we can look at other option. I saw recast adjustments suggested.
    1. Extension of Embalmers Carapace. 1 tick added for group robe focus 2 ticks added for raid focus.
    2. Extension of Blood Magic. 1 tick added per stage for group focus. 2 ticks added per stage for raid.

    I can bring up a Mana click, but I am not the final answer.
    I like a short term "lich/cani" like effect personally, but, again, I'm not the final answer. Yes I would work on stacking. (Short term meaning less ticks say 4 to 6... for more mana and damage per tick. Numbers TBD)
    I see some comments that a swarm pet is not desirable. What about a pet rune? Or a pet Proc. Mages mentioned that procs are problematic.
    And there was only one mention, but adding POST crit damage to each spell for X spells is feasible if the stacking works.
  20. menown Augur

    If the mana clicky options are not on the table, I would rather not have a damage clicky.

    What about a pet only Divine Intervention. Heals pet upon deadly blow for X amount of heal (Non-critable, non-focusable, 10 min duration buff). I don't know what limit you would set for a heal click but it would be nice if it was about 240k flat heal.
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