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  1. Kindred Journeyman

    My friend is playing a 80's necromancer and I'm trying to catch up to him with a 3 box.

    I'm not good at boxing but a 3 box will enable me to fill the party out since one of my friend's rules is that he is not going to use a Mercenary at all. That restriction does not apply to me.

    I want to avoid magician if I can since he has a magician already that's level 99. Also avoiding necro since he's absolutely against class stacking. I made a beastlord but spam 4 nukes and dots that make you go out of mana and using FPoS on self didn't sound appealing along with maintaining growl for "if you're good, you'll do good" kind of dps. I'm 3boxing so I don't think I can play at that level, would boxing even make sense here if I can at best focus on one that requires inputs?

    Also what's my best option if I have a 99 bard already, that's too much of a level disparity to do anything with the necro, right? Best to level up fresh?

    My first thought was ranger, but after reading the QQ fest in the Hybrid forums, I didn't want to have to med every fight like they describe.

    At the moment, I'm going with 61 Berserker + 57 Warrior + 55 Cleric but would a knight be better? Drop cleric box since the healer mercs seem to be doing better than me on it while boxing? I was able to do gribbles+marla with tank/dps/cc with no problems but I'm sure the game eventually gets harder than that.
  2. Treiln Augur

    There's nothing wrong with using a Warrior over a Knight class. Only issue with using a real tank is that your main priority has to be on them if you want to hold aggro while going ham on mobs. And that takes away from using the cleric (assuming you're not using a program that automates other toons abilities).

    Drop the Cleric for either a Wizard imo and use a healer merc (since you don't want to use a mage and already have a bard). That way you can get the mob into place with the Warrior, hit a macro on the Zerker for him to attack/disc/AA, hit a macro on the wizard to go pew pew, then get back to focusing on the Warrior.

    P.S. - there's nothing wrong with Rangers, they're in a good spot - you shouldn't be going OOM if you're boxing. They're good dps, even as a boxed toon.

    If you want to use your Bard at 99, I'd recommend running through VoA/RoF zones where mobs are LB or DB to your Bard - should be easy enough on you, and still good xp on the Necro (whereas most of his spells will also land with minimal resists - I've had level 85 spells land on 103/104 mobs just fine). And with them being LB/DB you should be killing at a decent rate.
  3. catcattank Elder

    I kinda slacked on Bard gear, worth buying fear touched stuff or level to 100, using the 90 ish etwk mark of valour gear with 95 mark of valour weapons.
  4. IblisTheMage Augur

    I would say bard, some form of tanking, easy ranged dps —>


    Since you already have the bard and warrior, those seem like obvious choices.
    Wiz will be higher dps, but the druid will give you a healer for those situations where you can’t use a merc, like older raids. If content is easy enough, you can also use heal-nukes, and get 20% more xp by dumping the merc...



    You could switch the druid for Shaman, the advantage is that he is also dot-oriented, like your necro friend, and he will boost war/bard/pet nicely, and you have track covered by bard, but you will loose evac. Shaman also requires more attention.
  5. Kindred Journeyman

    Kiting spots 86+? I always did HA's so I'm stuck on trying to find spots for my friend, I told him about gators but he never wants to see another gator again. I told him Feerrott Gorillas but are there better zones? I know Valley was good but at a higher level.
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    Tucos wrote brd war beserk on another thread, so probably you should go with that.
  7. Kindred Journeyman

    Should getting the chase COTF knight 1h as a drop influence me on what tank to play? warrior is 86, but I have a 82 paladin with 1.5 and anguish bp lvl who also has j5 merc from korascian warrens progression. Or is the item largely irrelevant in today's game? I probably won't do anything cotf+ until 105 since my tank account isn't tbm flagged or beyond.
  8. Snack Augur

    I figure if you get your Tank equipped and AA'ed, then whatever you put on the other side of the mob is whatever is fun to you. Acquire/maintain agro on the tank, then have everyone DPS at it until its dead. FWIW, I'm looking at SK/Monk/Zerker/Zerker/Healing Merc/Taxi with a friend as a combined 5-box.
  9. Kindred Journeyman

    getting my tank equipped is rough, people were telling me that it was "easy" to get augments but alot of the augments were Lore so I couldn't stack them up. on my paladin I was camping RSS and dreadspire keep for augments then a named in field of scale? I still don't have AC augments and my SK is 87.
  10. Snack Augur

    If you are all-access, you should be able to do HoT Aug quests in Feerott/HoT -- full set of type 7 augs that are 30AC for SK.
  11. catcattank Elder

    I looked in another thread and it seems like paladins might get buffed in august patch.