Ne Cede Malice - Erollisi Marr - 9pm PST

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Bamkan, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Crystilla Augur

    Grats NCM!!!
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  2. Zaknaffein Augur

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  3. Rumplestilskin Lorekeeper

    Congrats to Ne Cede Malice, especially to my amigos from CazicThule/Fennin Ro!!
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  4. Koryu Augur

    Friday: Took out events 1, 2, 3, and Simon Says.
    Saturday: Took out Tita's Ghost, 4, and 5 (our second win). Calix and Lanys took two attempts because spark workers are jerks, but we got it. Finished the night with Void, because we just can't get enough of beating the smug out of Lanys.
    Sunday: We have plans to run unofficial RoF raids. Which ones depends on turnout and flags, but goal for the evening is to get another look at Luclin's platforms and earn some Shawl shadows.
    Monday: We'll probably warm up with Argin-Hiz and head to War to play rough with the brothers Zek. Here's another chance for you to join us in earning a server first while we learn the event.

    Check out our class needs, but mostly we'd like a bit more skilled DPS. Berserkers, Rogues, Wizards, and the Bards to support them, please inquire within!
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  5. Bamkan Augur

    Updated the front post and bumping :)

    We have room for ONE more necro - although the boss doesn't know it yet :) . Our necro's are really pretty awesome , so if you are as well (or potentially could be ), and can raid our times on a consistent basis then please apply :)

    Room for most other classes as well.

    Paladin , a high attendance SK would be very useful, and then just the typical omg awesome DPS classes, we could throw another druid/shaman/cleric into the mix also.

    We are basically preparing and gearing up for next expansion !! So get in early and don't be left behind.

    Cheers Bamkan.
  6. Bamkan Augur

    Plane of War defeated last night for another server first and new titles. Nice effort team :)

    Gearing up for a big week ahead with the reduction in lockout times coming.

    Still room for more folks in our raid. We don't have a bench :)
  7. Bamkan Augur

    Nothing really much to report, just a friendly bump :)
  8. Dharkk New Member

    Vim and Vigor down!

    We are always looking for good quality players. Please visit us our contact us in game.
  9. Bamkan Augur

    Dracoliche down tonight for a NCM first :)
  10. Dharkk New Member

    Inny down!
  11. Bamkan Augur

    We are still actively looking for the late night PST players :)


    Sorry - i had a engagement/bbq on in the weekend :)
  12. Bamkan Augur

    Lady of Life is now lifeless :)

    We've have a few folks poaching - so i don't want to use names....

    But (hidden warrior 3) healed by (cleric 2, cleric 4) tanked the big girl ! Meanwhile we had (DPS 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21) on Lady throughout - of course it was those GUYS ~! - as if i needed to explain it !

    Next we needed to deal with the pesky Golem - can you guess? - yes that was me...until the clerics 7 and 8 let me die (i'll never forget !), luckily Warrior 1 just took over and creamed it !

    Coffin got trampled each time by an elite crew - i.e half our raid force :)

    I check my inbox each day - still empty. It'd be nice to be wanted :)

  13. Bamkan Augur


    It's a day of romance and spending our time with the ones we love !

    So of course , we had a big turn out for 2nite.
    I think there were some "secret" (wink wink) promises made , because a lot of folks brought their A - game.

    Wither and Decay = DEADED !

    Great job team on another guild first.

    One more event to go b4 we hit T2 , and from the looks of Damsel tonight, that shouldn't be too far away ! :)
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  14. Alchem The Judge New Member

    Grats on yalls progression! Really enjoy grouping with your members when I get the chance. Good vibes in your future T2 attempts.
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  15. Bamkan Augur

  16. Bamkan Augur

    Stem the Tide is down. Definitely wasn't a pretty first win but was a small team 2nite :)

    Nice one all :)
  17. Dharkk New Member

    NCM is still looking for a few more late night folks!
  18. Bamkan Augur

    Descendants are a mighty guild on Bertox, and with them halting raiding, we'd like to extend an invitation to those members who do wish to maintain raiding in the PST time zone to join us.

    Any Descendants App that joins us in this April month will receive the following benefits.

    1. +4 DKP added. This would allow you to bid on loot immediately at the probation stage.
    2. Shortened probation period, 3 weeks instead of 4.
    3. A gifted Krono if you maintain > 60% raid attendance in your first month.

    Further information here and our forums here.
  19. Xinj Journeyman

    Holy ! That's a nice little bonus.
  20. Lumiens Augur

    You guys should start up a guild on Phinny and keep the exact same raid times please.

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