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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Red-Liner, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Captain Video Augur

    As I said in my last post, EQ has thousands of hours of content. There is plenty for a solo player on a limited schedule to experience and enjoy even if only playing a few hours per week. It's not going to work on that limited time schedule in current or recent past content, however. Raiding of any kind takes a significant time commitment. Recent group-level progression (say from 105 on) takes a significant time commitment. Evolving items are by design a major time commitment. And some of the key progression steps cannot be done molo, they absolutely require a human or boxed group, and the seemingly simple task of levelling boxed alts is still a time sink. What's more, and this is really the most important point, doubling or even tripling rare spawn rates won't really do all that much for your overall progression rate. There are too many other steps involved besides killing PH's and trying to pop a rare spawn. I can only make an educated guess, but a permanantly doubled rare spawn rate might only save you 10% of your time overall for RoS group progression, and will have absolutely no bearing on raid progression, if you were ever interested in trying that. It will have negligible effect in ToV, since a design decision was made to reduce grind XP and put more XP into missions and achievements (some people like that, others don't; it's a separate issue, but the status quo bears on your suggestion).

    Increasing spawn rates diminishes the value of hunter achievements all the way back to Classic, and many players are spending time trying to fill in those achievements on their mains and for some even on alts. It would "spawn" a lot of ill will from those players who have ground it out and who resent having new arrivals get those blocks of achievements essentially handed to them on a plate. And then there is the argument of, well, if the rates are permanently doubled on Live servers, why aren't they doubled on all the TLPs, and if you do that, you'd get a major outcry from some that the spirit of the TLP experience has just been ruined.

    Yes, of course, there is a place in EQ for casual/solo play. The two or three most recent expansions are not principally intended for solo play, they are the province of those who continue to play the game as a true MMO. If that concept bothers you, then IMHO you're playing the wrong game.
  2. Red-Liner New Member

    Hard to highlight specifics in your reply, but I will try.

    1. If you seriously think that doubling spawn rates won't really do that much for my progression, or will only save me 10% in time, I can't see why it would bother you. However, even if the time saved is only 10% it will only help toward the "too many other steps involved" that you say exist alongside the need to kill a PH'er and its named.
    2. It is extremely doubtful that the people I am talking of, (casual, slow, time constrained, and boxers will ever be interested in raid progression. Indeed, if they were, then they would be able to join a guild, and seek the necessary help that raid progression requires. Plus they would due to their desire to raid, be fully aware of, and able to commit the time required. As a side issue, any potential guild might be more interested in a player that at least is already kitted out in group gear from 1 or 2 levels below current, rather than 3 or 4 levels.
    3. I'm not sure there are that many "new arrivals" appearing that would cause ill will for players already way past 2 or 3 year old expansions.
    4. Doubling spawn rates of expansions 2 behind the current one does not diminish anybody's achievements who achieved their success in the original settings.
    But you're alright Jack.
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  3. Captain Video Augur

    I'm sorry, but the bolded statement is patently false. (And I'm assuming you mean expansions, not levels.) There are family-friendly casual progression guilds on practically every Live server, and they will help new and returning players even if you're starting at level 1. Even raid guilds will take someone who is starting with a Heroic 85, or a returning players who has old toon(s) in that level range, as long as there is a guild opening, a class fit, and the player demonstrates appropriate enthusiasm and good knowledge of the class at the level he/she is currently at. PLing within a guild for a good raid prospect is SOP in this game. The secret to success in guild acceptance, whether for raiding or casual play, is doing the social networking, not what gear your main is starting with. But if you don't want to put in the minimal amount of time it takes, that will eliminate you.

    Plus your entire thread begs the issue of there not being any development resources to do this. The dev team is paper thin, and there are many much higher priorities. There is no global respawn switch they can change; every single named in the game is uniquely scripted. it would be a year-long project at least, to the exclusion of everything else. They can't even find the time to change respawn timers for critical epic quest bottlenecks on the TLPs; what makes you think they can do this game-wide?? Not happening.

    Keep saying this over and over.
  4. Fuzzy New Member

  5. Captain Video Augur

    I knew someone was going to say this. :) Re-read the OP. He's not asking for a permanent increase to the bonus, he's asking for specific per-expansion spawn rate adjustments. That isn't programmed. Any spawn rate proposal that changes the behavior of current content isn't going to happen either.
  6. Fuzzy New Member

    I wasn't replying to OP, I was replying to you.
  7. Red-Liner New Member

    It's quite funny how the opposition to an idea alters, when those against the idea are challenged

    First it was "too many named would be a nuisance" .
    Then it went to the game is not for single players, play a different game if you cant commit hours on end or join a guild.
    Next was the benefit is only 10% so not worth it, and there are too many other steps to do that it's pointless.
    When these negative aspects were challenged it moved on to "it diminishes what others did before" and "it will cause ill-will if new arrivals get it on a plate". (although the concept of only 10% and handed on a plate are clearly opposites)

    And once these aspects were challenged, the argument changes to "it's not possible, the Devs dont have the resources".

    But maybe you're right. maybe we shouldn't try and make things a bit easier for those that for whatever reason do not have hours of playtime at their disposal and toons with 300,000+ HP and 20,000+AC.

    Oh and the phrase "Any potential guild MIGHT be more interested" clearly contains the word "might"
    It was never intended as a factual statement, otherwise I would have used the word WOULD.

    Furthermore, the suggestions made surrounding heroic chars, level 1 and returning players joining guilds is fine. But it suggests that the player has to be prepared to be enthusiastic and play the minimal time required by the guild.
    I'm talking about those that cannot not play that minimal time, nor can they play with any regularity surround times of day.
    It seems to me that some people believe that if you can't commit, then don't play. Shame really, because my money is as important as the next mans to Daybreak.

    It was just an idea that might, or might not, lead to more players remaining. But it certainly wouldn't hurt anyone.
  8. Yinla Augur

    There are fors and against for doing this. The main for has already been mentioned speeds up hunter for those past the level of content, but on the other side of the coin it will slow down those who are doing content at the required levelor those soloing who cannot handle the named.

    My prefered way of handling this would be to give all named the Judicator (PoW) treatment with the named being tied to X amount of kills and tied to the group which spawned it. Those grouping and soloing can always reset the kill amount by either reforming the group, camping, out gating, etc.
  9. Skuz Augur

    Just remember they said it best themselves:

  10. aozs Elder

    I think you're constructing a false narrative here. The opposing ideas are proposed by different people. I still stand by my original post and believe that the proposed change would have negative side effects if too many named are walking around. I just didn't care to have a back-and-forth about this.

    The thing I still don't understand is - what's keeping you from getting to 110 and grabbing cheap T1 ToV tradeable gear? I think the case for more named in old expansions is more solid if the argument is to make old hunters easier, but if the idea is to help catch-up, why ignore the mechanisms the devs put in place in favor of a more time-consuming and restrictive pathway based on farming old named?
  11. Captain Video Augur

    You can play the game just fine with minimal time, there are just certain things you won't be able to do. It's how the game works. It's been like that throughout the entire history of EQ. As other posters have pointed out, you can even catch up to T1 ToV gear in minimal time, with no guild commitment whatsoever; you just have to grind some plat and shop in the Bazaar. If your play style is so isolated that you can't even bring yourself to do that, then from what I see you're clearly not looking for a MMO experience, you're trying to play this game as a single-player RPG. The game isn't going to be completely redesigned and reprogrammed just to suit your personal preference. That's a fact.
  12. Captain Video Augur

    This coming from a guy who persistently Karens against ToV XP formulas despite the fact you've never spent five minutes in ToV content. By your own admission, you don't play on a Live server, and your TLP won't unlock ToV until Feb. I can say the sun rises in the east and get you to disagree with me. :D
  13. Skuz Augur

    I like facts, on Earth the sun does indeed rise in the east so I won't disagree with you on that actual fact, one of the small number of facts that I have ever seen you use, your hyperbole is wasted, I disagreed with you about many things you have said that were proven completely wrong, and you are still bu**-hurt about that I guess.

    When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. - Socrates

    Karen is a pejorative term for someone perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.

    Who would it be at the expense of if ToV mob kill XP was raised to where it was a more reasonable amount of level xp as it was in pre-ToV expansions?
  14. Captain Video Augur

    Fact: Socrates never said it. Neither Plato nor any other published Greek philosopher attributed any such statement to him. It's an Internet meme, no more no less.

    I don't care. It's been argued in many other threads, none of which I've participated in. I do tend to put greater stock in the opinions of others on content-related issues when they have actually played the content, which you have not (so far). Does this argument sound familiar to you? Hmmm?
  15. OlavSkullcrusher Elder

    This existed in EQ2 since the beginning of the game. At some point in making expansions, they started having many npc's that are involved in quests have (Quest) under their names and be available on the Find feature. It would be nice if they could go back and do this for more of the older content, but that is a question of Dev time.

    ("it won't take any time at all." Figuratively speaking, you may have a point, as it may be relatively quick to accomplish, but it still takes time and will therefore compete with other tasks.)
  16. Captain Video Augur

    Oh dear. It was a joke post. :D I was riffing on the fact there are so many threads now from people asking for nonsensical things.
  17. OlavSkullcrusher Elder

    Ah, I see. I actually think that this (as in EQ2 or with (Quest) in this game now) is a good thing, but it is probably fine as it is.

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