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  1. GratefulGrimHead New Member

    So, I'm a new player, fresh off the boat, still installing the game.

    Being said I am coming from d&d based Neverwinter Nights Diamond online, role playing servers, where it has 30 level max, and its not easy. Takes about 6 months to a year to peak levels and that's if your not a pvp character.

    So as far as classes are concerned, I do love a support character like bards, but I want a solid solo/group character. Was looking Monk over, and it seems fairly legit. I wanted a few pointers on the class, or any others you may have in mind also. (what to look forward too, bad quirks, so forth so forth) Also what groups are looking for when grabbing players for runs/grinds? (open to suggestions on character builds as i HATE starting over I want to do this correctly the first time)

    I don't mind grinding, I don't mind farming. But i like to keep active. I play ALOT is what i do. Rath/Wrath server was mentioned to me for its high population and guild friendly players. Any comments concerns or not? People I should seek out. (fast learning and this is not by any means my first mmo rodeo)

    Thanks for any and all help!
  2. Crystilla Augur

    First off, HI! We like new players, don't let some of our grumblers get to you if you spot them; someone accidentally fed them after midnight.

    While Rathe server itself is not the highest (SoE doesn't actually tell us population counts so it's our best guesses through various means that give people an idea at least and that's what you're seeing said), it's mid range. But ... Rathe has a great guild that is fantastic for cultivating relationships with new/returning members. Seek out the guild "The Eternal Darkness" as they have a lot of returning/new players and will be a good resource for you.

    I can't answer your questions on monks (I'm a priest/caster by heart, not melee). But I can answer one thing I think for you.

    You talk about character builds. I don't play other modern games but have heard they have "advancement trees" and once you start down a path you're stuck with that path. In EQ, there are no paths, you can earn every alternate advancement "AA" point that monks can have with time (just need enough experience to purchase each one). So there is no "healing monk" or "weapon monk" there's just monk and you can get all the healing and weapon related AA's you want.

    Thankfully there's no respec'ing in EQ.

    The most solid group/solo friendly class is probably a magician (or ranger). Necromancer ranks really high on solo and can be ok in groups; they do much better in current content). Necro and mage are pet classes so you would have to manage pet controls (necros to an extent).
  3. Gnar Augur

    Welcome to EQ

    Monks a cool choice, nice dps and great pullers,They do have a weight restriction not sure on exact amount maybe a monk will chime in, but good gear choices and weight reducer bags will help.

    FTP accounts have max of 2 characters so you can try out the Bard class too.
  4. Fogbust Journeyman

    Chanter is a good support class, and the most fun (imo...) you can find solo with charming.
    I know people who played Eq only cause of Chanters existing.
  5. GratefulGrimHead New Member

    From what i play character building is stating your dex/ con/ wisdom/ charisma/ int/ str ect.... dunno hoe EQ works still skimming the pages and such on details and back lore.

    Is the fact I have a simple FTP account going to hinder me from accessing areas and play?

    A necro sounds fun, reminds me of a Diablo2 summoner, sit back assist drain attributes and let the skeletons do the talking
  6. Gnar Augur

    You used to have to select were to put your starting stats on character creation but now its been simplified and they automatically have them preset now, you can still go in and change them if wanted in the advanced tab but there is really no need to anymore. AA and defiant gear and above have really made any bad choices on starting stats you could have made null and void.

    Also with just a FTP account you can reach lvl 100 but your capped at 250 alt ability pts (AA), so eventually you will want to subcribe if want to work more AA. You will have access up to and including the Rain of Fear expansion which is alot of zones to explore !. The Darkened sea expansion will unlock the COTF thru TDS expansions which you will eventually want if want to get to lvl 105.
  7. Sebbina Augur

    If you really do put a lot of playtime in, and assuming you have a reasonably current computer, you might consider making a second free account and starting a Druid. With 2 accounts, you can hire a merc healer on one and a merc tank on the other- mercs auto skill and gear up as you level, meaning that they can cover a multitude of errors while you learn. Also as the first 60-65 levels are fairly quick (very quick compared to early years), once you get to 65 ish, you can let your monk carry on and have the druid available for some buffs and ports. More importantly should you decide that the monk isn't where your heart lies, that back up druid is about the best source of power level to get your second choice leveling through the early levels faster, as repeating a grind can get old, and things will slow down a lot post 65.
  8. Brelic Elder

    Found this on the forums.
    Here is the link to the post as well as the site it mentions:

    Hope this helps and welcome back, i just came back a few days ago and started over a necro. Lmk how you like the monk, I almost made one again since they were a blast when I played back in the days before mercs and such; i'm sure they are even better now. Alot of posts on here will refer to the guild "The Eternal Darkness" they seem like really nice people. I would reach out to Roxxanna and talk to her, their guild posting can be found here as well.
  9. Anhari Augur

    You can still be F2P and purchase the TDS expansion and do those levels, but with the 250 cap on AA, be very limited in usefulness there. An inexpensive way around this is to go All-Access via KRONO or $$ for one month. Click on the Auto-Grant check box on the Alt-Advancement page (Alt V or via the Inventory window), level up or log-out/log in. This will grant most of the AA's you have available at your current level. There are some specific AA's you have to purchase, such as Tradeskills and Spell Casting Subtlety(caster AA). If you subscribed via $$, you can let the subscription expire, or let the 1 month that a KRONO gave you and go back to F2P. This will keep the Auto-granted AA's. Be sure and purchase any non-auto granted AA's before the month is out, or you won't be able to spend or accumulate any points.
  10. Dre. Augur

    Poor solo classes: Warrior, Rogue, Berserker.

    Pretty much every other class can solo to varying degrees. I personally do not enjoy Bard or Enchanter solo strategies.

    'Pickup' grouping (PUG) aka grouping with random people, class is less important than guild affiliation, which is less important than your personal social network. If you don't want to solo (or box) you should probably join a guild and try to make some friends.

    Do not expect to join someone else's group. The PUG/LFG (Looking for group) game is full of followers with few leaders. Be a leader.

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