Nagafin Downed

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by EQ_Scotty, May 23, 2015.

  1. Justice New Member

    Why aren't you playing Project 1999 then? Did IB deny your app?

    And you read over 400 words, just to have a reason to be a .
  2. Frobozz New Member

    Some people just want to play a nice game of baseball with their old friends and some people think it's some sort of accomplishment to go back to Little League and dominate 8 year old pitching.
  3. Mullian New Member

    I'm just glad Roshen supports the method used to get high enough for Naggy. Every zone I been in or created characters I've, screenshoted and fraps 4-5 different TL groups six boxing with perfect unison, different zone the same . Hardy an accomplishment.

    I'm glad training is policed, but monopolizing every zone boxing/botting is allowed.
  4. Aenoan Augur

    I played on P99 for a week or so, but I rather play on DBG servers cause sometimes I play with some old friends on my live server. I wasn't in any guilds though I just wanted to see what it was like.
    No hell levels, and still used the more modern ui's it just didn't feel the same if I figured if that was the case why would I just pay and play on a TLP again.
  5. LastToStand Journeyman

    All The Members of Twisted Legacy need to get banned for Exploiting and using Boting programs. You are actually going to believe their screenshot they had more then that with them. guaranteed they had all accounts up and locked the server they are the most distaste guild on the planet. They done this on all progression server. They think they are the best because they have no life, no skill, and just want to brag about this sh&t, your whole Guild needs a IP address Ban indefinitely Roshen stop trying to support this load of crap, you are in on as well i am sure you are a Steel Dragon or a Twisted Legacy, Where is the video the proof , screen shots of the kill, don't got it do exactly. This one main reason you will loose out on thousands of dollars on accounts, I want my fjk refund because all these hermits waste of flesh is going to do is p o o p s o c k and perma camp everything so no one gets nothing. Because they say they are the Best , get over yourself , you could never hang with Raid guilds in project99 if your freaking dreams wait till Pop and higher you are all bunch of cheaters and deserve not congrats no nothing i hope your family lives you and on top if you disgust me for you even begin EverQuest so called veterans.

    REFUNDS Needs to be in Demand

    Sincerely , Heartwarmer
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  6. Gwoben Journeyman

    When they said they would keep all new zone, combat tables, spells etc as they are on live it was clear that it would not be a classic experience. Everything is trivialized for many expansions to come.

    If they opened a new P99 server and somebody killed Nagafen within 2-3 weeks I would be much more surprised than 1.5-2 days here.
  7. Reval Augur

    I don't have much interest in time lock progression servers, but why not make a boxing allowed server and a non boxing allowed server?
  8. Chanaluss Augur

    Have you ever been so mad at someone that you try to get them banned for doing a good job at something? This guy has.

    Seriously tho, I don't have a dog in this fight. I don't box, I'm level 4, and am unlikely to hit 50 this month. TL did nothing to deserve this hatred and the thread probably has run its course.
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  9. DBCooper Elder

    This whole thread is hilarious, and makes me happy they actually made another TLP server lol.

    Seriously, why is anyone getting mad about this? Do you guys realize that you can kill naggy with 4 characters when you have level 50 and your spells? Why does 18 people bother you?

    They had their goals and achieved them, so what? When you have enough people together to kill naggy, you can go wait for him and kill him too.
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  10. taliefer Augur

    the nag vox and phin my kills are nothin to write home about at this point.

    But don't expect TL to act with class at any point. Or most guilds on the server. That's like expecting a new puppy not to pee in your house. happens
  11. LastToStand Journeyman

    That part you did not understand THEY WILL NOT LET YOU ATTACK IN RAID ENCOUNTERS AT ALL it's all there's not our's this server is there's not our. get it got it good because as you seen they said we need to know our place.
  12. LastToStand Journeyman

    Any no raid encounter is ours they want to dominate and leaving us nothing they are like the illuminati want to cause genocide and have control and power. Piss off of Twisted Legacy like i told Mabbu in a tell as well.
  13. oldkracow Augur

    Good for them, I actually feel pity for them. Playing a 15+ year old game in a competitive mode, when everything has already been accomplished. I hope that guild is some 19 year old's playing, other than that.... :D

    I competed back in 99 & 00, I can't imagine attempting to do the same things over an over like I did before without going insane.
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  14. Exitx Journeyman

    I would agree with you if this was a boss from a new expansion pack, or a new game all together. But you have to remember that this content is so old that there are no secrets anymore. It is going to take longer to take down these bosses in later expansions.
  15. EonBlue Apocalypse Journeyman

    *gets some popcorn and scrolls to page one* Suddenly my slow work day just got more entertaining.
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  16. Numiko Augur

    grats guys, hopefully this will lead to lots of rage quits from people who were thinking they were "the best" and the server Que will lessen!

    anyhow I'm still having fun playing EQ
    i'm level 9, hopefully get 10 today!
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  17. Aenoan Augur

    Good luck! I noticed it was pretty crowded since everyone's kinda trying to play all at once. You'll get up there pretty quick though.
  18. Smokezz Augur

    Ragefire is such an appropriate name for this server. LOL.
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  19. Xanathol Augur

  20. warspirit New Member

    bah! damn my late night drunken eyes. mea culpa. grats on the kill.

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