My Thoughts on Phinny So Far

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Frenzic, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Frenzic Augur

    My thoughts on the server:

    Overall it's really good and shaping up to be the best TLP server by a mile. There are a few issues, but the pros far outweigh the cons.


    Slow exp rates
    No glaring exploits left in
    No macraquest
    No ixboxer
    Instanced raiding
    Contested open world raiding
    Most classic feel of any server


    Not telling people about slow exp rates
    Allowing krono, ruining economy
    Three month unlocks, while good in general, will be fast for casual at this exp rate
    Cash grab on exp potions and bags
    Pet nerf is decent, but the taunting is ridiculously poor

    So far it's been great. No obvious cheating or bypass of boxing checks. People are actually boxing and not softwaring. Exp rates are slow and wonderful. I've taken plenty of breaks and I'm level 36. I think people are confusing too slow exp with sucking at the game.

    The exp rates are what the majority of players are complaining about. This is hilarious because I can't count the number of post from people posting they want slow SLOW exp rates. Proof that you just can't make some people happy. The only issues with the exp is that it was not announced and you only have three months to complete the expansion.

    Please stop complaining and just enjoy the ride, like it's meant to be. This is EVERQUEST and it's the closest we have ever gotten to a classic style. I'm having an absolute blast so far. Yes I'm playing a lot, but I am also taking long relaxing breaks. I'm sleeping eight hours a night, I'm socializing, I'm spending time with my girl ect. Log in, find a nice guild to meet your needs and have FUN! Stop worrying about being on the same level as hardcore players, YOU will NEVER be on my level, so stop. This server was set up so that everyone can enjoy the content, not so a player who plays 20 hours a week would be equal to a player that plays 60 hours a week.
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  2. Elkay Augur

    I will agree that this is *so* close to being right. They just need to be realistic about the XP rate. With the rate that it currently is, someone that plays 3 hours a night, 5 days a week probably won't hit cap until the expansion is over.
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  3. Bobbydomino Elder

    I agree with all points. I do agree that exp rate may be a bit slow for a 3 month unlock. If they switch it to 4 months (which they can at anytime I would assume) then the slower exp wouldn't be an issue for anyone, even the whiners like Elkay.
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  4. Elkay Augur

    My other solution was, if they want to be steadfast on the XP rate, add 6 weeks to it. Make it 126 days per expansion. That gives people ample time to cap out and experience some of the raiding for 4-6 weeks prior to the next expansion unlocking. I'd stated this option on a few other threads.
    It's not the XP rate alone that's the problem. It's the XP rate + unlock rate that just doesn't add up. I'd still prefer the XP rate be put back to RF/LJ levels though instead of the slower unlocks.
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  5. Thawg Elder

    Nice post. Very much agree. As a casual player I'm fine with the xp rate. I do agree with Elkay though, the xp rate and unlock timer just don't gel. I wouldn't mind a 4 month unlock like Frenzic suggested but I'll still be playing if they done change a thing.
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  6. bobjones1208 Augur

    How long does it take per level 20+/30+ ? Just curious. Things are ok at the earlier levels but I'm wondering what it's like later. Assuming 25% exp pot always running and mostly dungeon exp.
  7. Tulgin Augur

    It's strange that everyone who plays 16 hours a day think's that XP rates are fine, and that they don't play much.

    I think people just have no idea what it's like to live with responsibilities.

    I mean for you, sitting there an extra 30 seconds before wiping is a long relaxing break.
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  8. Lejaun Augur

    I've noticed that.
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  9. Frenzic Augur

    I actually think the exp got faster as I got higher because the camps became a lot better. I have not checked recently but I believe I'm averaging 1 level per hour. I will update that tonight.
  10. Numi Journeyman

    So your saying if your not 36+ by now you must suck at the game?
    wonderful attitude there Frenzic.
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  11. Frenzic Augur

    It's also funny that the ones complaining the most for slower exp rates on the past servers, were casuals. The hardcores wanted faster unlocks and faster to hit raid level. Those same casuals are now the ones complaining about slow exp :rolleyes:
  12. Frenzic Augur

    That's not remotely what I said.
  13. Ishkur Elder

    Yeah, the "same" casuals want both fast xp and slow xp. Can't ever please them! :rolleyes:
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  14. Lejaun Augur

    There is a huge difference between wanting slow experience on a six month unlocking server and those not happy with slow experience on a 84 day unlocking server.
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  15. Tulgin Augur

    Are you sure they weren't different people who have similar play time? Or are you saying casuals are just 1 person in your view? That is a very strange comment.

    Do you even think about what you say, or does stuff just fall out?
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  16. Frenzic Augur


    Obviously I mean all casuals, that ever played the game, said that. Duh do you even read bro?
  17. oldkracow Augur

    I pray that there isn't someone who plays 60 hours a week on the TLP.

    Would be nice to have zero responsibility.
  18. Frenzic Augur

    Right and I mention that as a con. The people complaining on the forums are mostly complaining about slow exp and how painful it is, not the fast unlock.
  19. Frenzic Augur

    Launch week is not a good measuring stick. I know people who already put in 60 hours+.
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  20. Tulgin Augur

    The way I read it, you thought it was strange that 2 casuals have different opinions on XP rates. I mean what's strange about that? Racist bro?
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