My Thoughts on Fixing Wizard DPS

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Senu, Feb 24, 2022.

  1. Senu Journeyman

    Hi all. Up to RoF expansion Senu (this wizard) was a DPS machine. Come EoK and beyond the situation is grim.

    After playing in groups and the test dummy and looking at parses and trying different rotations I have a few suggestions.

    Ethereal spells and such have not scaled as they should. early Ethereal spells have a -50 resist - ToL ethereal still have a -50 resist. Damage is up, but ability to land against a yellow has not and you can't keep discs up all the time.

    Wizards need a base minimum damage on spells that land. As it stands right now if you don't crit you are not doing spit for damage. Partial resists are too debilitating.

    Twincast is not enough. Wizards need a triple attack for spells or something akin to Wu's proc that monks get (a chance to proc up to 5 or 6 additional spell hits on a single attack). The global cooldown very much limits the number of attacks we can send at a target.

    I realize that no matter what I post I am likely to get flamed. I really don't care. I am just trying to help.
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  2. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I would actually prefer that they go in the opposite direction, I think the game is too spammy text-wise already. I don't want several pages of "spam" for each cast.

    Reduce the number of procs and adjust base damage(or crit chance) instead! :)
  3. Senu Journeyman

    Too late - Monks and Rogues and dots = super duper spam :p
  4. Kazint Augur

    Destructive Adept is our one bad ability that could help address the non-crit damage issue if they gave it a good upgrade.

    Are you getting high resists after using lower element/flux staff too?
  5. Senu Journeyman

    I flux everything and am near Max AA.

    I have been working rotations against mobs for days. I have talked to fully raid geared Wizards who have created a druid as a second main so they can do better DPS. I have consulted with both the server Wiz channel and the server wide Wiz channel.

    I really did my homework before making my original post.
  6. Kazint Augur

    Well druids are better DPS than Wizards. The same goes for mages and necros but I don't really get bad resists.
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  7. Dre. Augur

    WTB random big booms. Like every 5th trash mob gets flat out deleted.
  8. Juxtaposedirony New Member

    Great post, I agree Wiz DPS always struck me as something that should be both exceptionally powerful and volatile and should be able to take out trash mobs in 1 glorious blast from time to time.
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  9. Sup Rog Elder

    Wizards have gone downhill, since Ice Comet and after manaburn got nerfed lol. Honestly, they never should have made the Warrior, Cleric and Wizard class. They were too specific on what they did and created a balancing nightmare for so much. Wizards should be able to burst better than any class and be up there with the top DPS for short fights at least. Maybe the need a headshot/assassinate type proc?
  10. Kazint Augur

    Yeah I just think they need something for a better initial burn. We're just a mid-tier dps class at the moment. Also, I think a few classes are just broken and over powered at the moment. We'll see how long that lasts.
  11. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Triplecast is a non-starter unless it can be changed to work like Twincast on DoTs and just be a multiplier rather than actually triggering a second cast.

    There are two main issues: lack of a higher burn vs other classes which mainly affects raids, and the massive difference between crits and non-crits which affects group content more.

    Both are solvable issues with adjustments to the right knobs.
  12. Szilent Augur

    heh, knobs.
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  13. Daktarr Lorekeeper

    There is a simple fix for wizard DPS. Lower the refresh time and/or cast time for their spells.

    However, there are other issues that need to be addressed. The damage wizard swarm pets do is laughable, a level 95 pet from any other class does more.

    While the HPs of the mobs have increased substantially, the AE damage of wizard spells has not increased in proportion. It does more damage to cast several DD spells than it does to cast an AE.

    The AA nukes use up a considerable amount of mana in proportion to the damage they do. They used to be free nukes, now they are a mana sponge.

    120 Wizard of AB
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  14. Mookus Augur

    Where I’ve seen wizard dps balance I have to question…. Why isn’t my sword of xuzl pet almost as good as a
    Mage pet?

    How is it a mage can beat me for grouping/names and raid dps also? The answer is that daybreak makes its money on mage box alts.
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  15. Panikker Elder

    [quote="The answer is that daybreak makes its money on mage box alts.[/quote]

    True that !! I wonder if current DBG big bosses play the game. LoL
  16. Mookus Augur

    I’ve come to think that maybe we should be pushing to have our temporary sword pet improved instead.

    Because the insane injustice that persists with a dev team that imo has no concept of class balance allows a pet class that can farm every named to have superior dps says to me that I need to get with the program. Give up my assumption of class balance.

    I want to be an almost mage !

    This way the golden child can still rule to sacred roost. Wizards aren’t supposed to gain an advantage for their sacrifices. We need to aim our attention at eliminating our sacrifices….
  17. Tucoh Augur

    Fixing wizard DPS is pretty simple. All that's needed is an outsized increase in base spell damage and a significant boost to one or two medium-cooldown spells. Making the Dichotomic Fire (or a spell with a 120s to 300s cooldown) a trash mob deleter would be great.
  18. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I think each class need strengths in some unique area. We don't really have any strengt in burst damage compared to other strong classes. We would almost need a "trash mob deleter" nuke to call us masters of burst(I like that idea actually).

    They could also expand on the porting aspect, where wizards becomes masters of instant positioning. A type of shadowstep that is instant-cast/instant-recast and pick the destination like we do with splash-type spells(clicking on the ground). The only restriction should be line of sight...
    Or remove the recast time on netherstep(make it spamable).
    Maybe even make a shadowstep where the destination is our Eye of Zomm.

    A proper wizard shouldn't have to walk or run, EVER!!!

    Might be slightly overpowered, but Im just brainstorming...:p
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  19. minimind The Village Idiot

    I'm a life-long berserker main and I have a 91 wizard that I've been playing with a regular group for the last few weeks (which means I know close to nothing, so grain of salt, etc.). One of the things that surprised me was the number of spells that either damage or root the wizard and still don't have much payoff. When berserkers self-damage or limit their max HP, there is an explicit benefit: access to more damage.

    But I don't think wizards should self-damage at all. That's not really their bag.

    I think they should be inconvenienced and potentially put at risk and your netherstep comment got me thinking. Consider this AA concept:

    Reckless Focus - AA (Level 80+)
    • Increase DD minimum damage by X
    • (Limit: Minimum mana cost)
    • Increase spell crit chance by Y
    • Decrease spell resist by Z
    • 100% chance to shadowstep 10-50 feet in a random direction. (Decreases with more ranks. Min. 50%)
    There's a chance that the step will be a non-issue. There's a chance you step into a detrimental aura in a raid and thus where you stand becomes more important. However, if you want to really let loose and get some reckless DPS, you turn this on and just nuke nuke nuke, popping in an out of this plane of existence (your focus being on damage, not dimensional stability).
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  20. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    That would be interesting as a "combat stance", but shadowsteps usually interrupts spell casting. maybe if casting-times were instantaneous when under the influence, it could work. Maybe it could even improve casting range, getting out of range would be counter-productive.

    There are raids(Basilica for example) where you get shadow-stepped randomly, and it is super annoying. but if the dps bonus was worth it, I would consider using that on at least a few raids(maybe paired with dimensional instability for protection). It could also be a chaotic form of kiting :eek:, or if grouped where the camp is in small enclosed spaces.

    However surviving is great for dps, so extreme recklessness as a playstyle is rarely the best option.
    It would probably end up being somewhat situational, and impractical in many cases.
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