my pc wont play eq now

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by sinnister, Jan 17, 2024.

  1. sinnister Apprentice

    i have an older computer with an integrated card. when i try and play eq i get an error message just after the launcher and it says my GPU isnt supported. i installed the redist (2010) and im still getting the message. i need help please because this would be a shame to put 20 years into a game i cant even play. thank you
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  2. SnapDrakkin New Member

    Same here. My laptop must not be supported any more. Same error. I will check DirectX, and video drivers are up to date.
  3. phattoni Augur

    this occurred to me on 3/4 computers lol, they took away directx 9 support, if you dont have directx 11+ video card, you can no longer play.

    atm im stuck with one computer, because my other comptuers only support directx 9 or something like that, i know they will no longer play eq.

    check to make sure you arent supported by directx 11 before doing anything.

    if you are not supported you will have to upgrade sadly :(
  4. jeremysalamandyk New Member

    I played eq on my pc yesterday totally fine and now when i go to log on it says directx 11 does not work for eq,somebody please help me
  5. Lineater Augur

    There was a patch yesterday that upgraded the directx requirement from dx9 to dx 11. If your GPU doesn't support direct x 11 you may be SOL.
  6. LaOzhui New Member

    Is there a plan to provide an "opt-out" button for DirectX 11? I have 3 unusable laptops now. I don't play EQ for pretty colors, I don't care about graphics on laptops. I would love to not have to buy 3 brand new laptops so I can play EQ.
  7. ChiiChii Augur

    Check out the new in-game feature they added

  8. phattoni Augur

    it seems as though they are preparing for the next version of windows, apparently it wont support 32bit, or directx 9.0c.

    windows 10 is reaching EOL next year, there will be no more updates after that year i believe.
  9. Riou EQResource

    Windows just does DX9 -> 12 emulation for gpu's that don't have a dedicated dx9 driver, intel gpus rely on this exclusively, for example (though they swapped to dx9 -> vulkan iirc for huge performance boosts like steam deck does)

    Emulation so far has been generally pretty poor compared to gpu's with real driver support
  10. Hobie Lorekeeper

    Apparently, HDMI is now incompatible with EQ. For a fix disconnect HDMI cable. Swap in DVI cable instead (plug into correct port). Now try EQ!

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  11. Hobie Lorekeeper

    I fixed mine by swapping from HDMI to DVI cable. Not sure why my HDMI isn't working, but the DVI is working fine.