My goodbye Lockjaw good deed #1

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  1. Lejaun Augur

    Congratulations to the lucky rogue last night. I gave him the Neriak note for his epic as well as 'd a Kedge robe. I also gave him the Kaladim note to pass on to another rogue.

    This, however, isn't a good job me thread. This is a keep it flowing thread. I'd love to have and hear others doing the same thing to help people out.

    I encourage others to be generous if they are leaving Lockjaw, especially my fellow <Broken Wave> friends.
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  2. Works Elder

    I paid back a very generous gift of platinum made to me by a couple of very nice guys that kind of took me under their collective wing when I started on LJ.

    To be fair, they probably wanted a Cleric with a little more than base WIS to hang out with but I'm not one to just take the money and run so I decided sure to repay them before I disappeared.

    Not nearly in the same league as helping with Epics but it at least makes me feel better about making the move and leaving behind 10-15k worth of gear I didn't pay for.
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  3. Lejaun Augur

    Awesome to hear, Works !