My excitement wanes with every hour that I can't log in.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gabanna, May 22, 2015.

  1. Gabanna New Member

    I was so excited for this. I even maintained my excitement through all the downtime to fix problems, and retweeted, and tweeted supportful messages and thanks for the great customer service, but now that the server has launched, and I'm stuck at level 5, not being able to log in, while people make it 20 and beyond, I am slowly losing my interest. I hope that a resolution happens soon, or this $15 will be the only $15 that I will be spending on this game :(
  2. Nizumzen Journeyman

    I don't want to be one of these really rude players on the forums at the moment that are being a bit stupid but I do agree with you. I was really excited about this and now I've just lost interest. I even considered just calling the $15 wasted money and resubscribing to EVE Online for my hardcore MMO fix.

    I doubt I'll do that but it did cross my mind.
  3. Gabanna New Member

    Yeah, I'm not going to be a jerk and demand a refund, or freak out or anything, but I've considered chalking it up as a loss and moving on. $15 isn't a lot, it's not a big deal, but I am losing interest in the prospect of playing this game. By the time I can log in everyone will be 25+
  4. Bladderball New Member

    I don't understand. Why do people judge their excitement or fun level on what other people have done? I hear there are level 15's in the game. But they probably played non stop all night long. My character is level 5 but you know what? I logged out last night at 11pm and I'm at work today.

    Just because they out paced me due to my need to sleep and work affects my enjoyment how? I can't compete with them? Stop being so competitive. There is always someone out there who has more levels, AAs, gear, plats, trade skills, etc etc etc. Stop caring. You'll enjoy your life much more.
  5. Shiv New Member

    I don't mind the outpacing, but when I want to play and cant get in for hours because 100s of people are in thawt have been afk for hours, it bothers me.
  6. Gabanna New Member

    "Progression" = "Competitive"
    Progression has never been NOT competitive. That's the draw to progression, competing. I wanted to keep up with the curve, but after taking a 3 hour nap, and trying to log in, I couldn't.
  7. Toaster New Member

    I agree with you OP. I was super excited when I heard about it. I Posted on facebook to my friends that used to play, I didn't mind the downtime when it was bugs that were messing up the game, and really didn't mind server being full for the first few hours. It took me until 4am last night to log in. (I work 3rd shift) and when I saw an insane amount of people AFK I was angry. I got to level four while somehow in 10 hours the server had level 15+ characters. I canceled my subscription. I'll try to play it out in my down time, but I'm not expecting much at this point. Also, wait until people hit 50 tomorrow and start yelling that a six month wait for kunark is too long.
  8. Ltldogg Augur

    Need a second server that is either very slow pace or Time Locked at Velious, permanently :)
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  9. Tanbleeky New Member

    I was also getting really excited about the server coming online. I played EQ on and off since the 1999 release and I was looking forward to experiencing newbie days again. During the beta I really loved seeing the ro desert and the dark elf city again, also started to get vague memories about the layout of ak'anon..good stuff.

    However all that good feeling has now been vanquished by the server staying at max capacity and I haven't been able to log in. I have now cancelled my All access pass and I will not be coming back. The attitude of the players on the other servers is absolutely horrendous, with loads of peeps taking delight in ksing,training and boasting about being banned in the future...terrible community.

    Taking into account there will be many boxers + griefers, I feel really terrible that one of my favourite games of old has taken a serious nosedive ;(. So much potential for an awesome nostalgic trip, turned into a brief journey into a sludge filled pit of hell.
  10. Mourne Journeyman

    I have limited time to begin with, I work a full time job and can't play all night as unlike 1999 (and even 1998 in beta) I have responsibilities that I simply cannot put aside as an adult. I managed to get three names I wanted, for a mage, a warrior, and a shadow knight and now I cannot even login to play them at all. There /needs/ to be a second server launched. Now. Before it's to late. Clearly one was not enough.
  11. navypinoy1988 New Member

    TAKP project could use some new faces =P
  12. Azaria New Member

    I got in within 20 mins of holly tweeting about increasing the cap.... be quicker next time?
  13. Mourne Journeyman

    Yeah be quicker, when I have work... that makes /so/ much sense. I can play when I can play, and right now I can't play and I am supposed to just /accept/ that I spend money on a special server (And it is why I am spending money on such an old game) and I can't even play it?

    Services are not being rendered.
  14. Unique_Moop Augur

    hey hey hey if you're in the game troll those people. i'll cover the forums.
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  15. Azaria New Member

    Sorry I worded that wrong, what I meant is that with some persistence you WILL get in.. there is hope! I got my computer on and just started spamming to enter the server after about 20 mins it let me in. Was not intended as a troll.
  16. Sarticus Journeyman

    there are some people who haven't been able to log in to even get any levels lol.
  17. Mourne Journeyman

    Yeah I am one of those. Managed to get in and make a few characters and get my names, had to go to work. Come home, can't log in at 4 AM. Go to sleep. Wake up, can't log in. By the time I can log in I am probably going to have to go to work again.

    And yet people think I should just accept this without being mad I spent money for a server I can't play on.
  18. Fekkwin New Member

    Yea still cant log in either.. cmon. I really regret this whole experience so far. Am I going to have to spend my friday night and weekend brute-forcing my way into the server?

  19. Amoeba Augur

    I have not been able to log in to even create a character. I was looking forward to being able to today. But... I am in no rush.

    I do not have to be the first lvl 50. I do not have to be the first in a raid zone or first with this or that. I do not mind waiting a while before getting in, even if its a few days. I have a vast assortment of activities in my life I can engage in to occupy my free time.

    I can understand people's frustrations of wanting to play sure, but the sheer need for instant gratification is... well, makes me miss true classic EQ lol.

    Everyone seems to assume that if they do not get in RIGHT NOW, that DBG will simply continuously refuse to let you in any game on any server and forever charge your credit card as though you've signed your soul away.

    Seriously. Chill. Enjoy the sunlight while you still can. Maybe have a final nice dinner with family and friends before you abandon them for the next few months...
  20. BlackVZ Lorekeeper

    bump cause still cant log in