Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) Mount Issue

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dahaman, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Dahaman Augur

    Coirnav Server - Muramite Proving Grounds zone

    Potential Bug: DBG store mounts cannot be summoned in MPG. However, the SK AA mount can be summoned.

    MPG is an indoors zone, right? Mounts should not work if so. If it is an outdoor zone, then they should all work. Whichever, that seems like a bug. I also saw other characters (cloth casters) besides SKs on mounts, so it is not limited to the SK mount having a bug.

    I don't have the specific mount name that won't summon, but the DBG store mount is the early expansion mount that looks like a warg. My SK has an early DBG mount too, and it normally looks like that mount in outdoor zones, but in MPG it appears like the AA mount instead.
  2. Troutfest Augur

    Allakhazam shows it as an outdoor zone. Could be your model of mount is not in the zone file so can't be summoned? Looks to be a bug with your mount style.
  3. Dahaman Augur

    Additional Info that might be relevant:

    - Zoning from Wall of Slaughter (outdoor zone) into MPG (outdoor zone?) causes a dismount to occur.
    - This dismount happened to my SK too. Re-summoning the mount changed the mount illusion.
    - When my SK clicks on the SK AA mount hot button in Wall of Slaughter, it is the DBG market mount illusion that is used.
    - When my SK clicks on the same SK AA mount hot button in MPG, it is the SK AA mount illusion that is used.

    This seems to support Troutfest's theory.
  4. Casquette Journeyman

    Just tested this in MPG.

    Shaman: Gets dismounted upon entering MPG (although no message to that effect). None of my mounts work. "You can not summon a mount here." Mounts have never worked here for my Shaman, since the dawn of the expansion.

    SK: Gets dismounted upon entering MPG (although no message to that effect). But all of my mounts work. My mounts are all instant-cast, if that's what causes the difference. Even the multi-class non-AA ones appear to inherit the Sk's instant-cast mount ability.

    Looks like a bug to me.

    Personally I think MPG should allow mounts. It's a huge zone. And you can see the sky everywhere, so it's obviously outdoors.