Multiple bugs with Dragon's Hoard

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Koutarou_E'ci, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. Koutarou_E'ci Elder

    Firstly somehow I managed to duplicate a stack of Merchant's Brews through putting two stacks in, then removing them. I had 72 originally (3 stacks of 20 + 1 stack of 12) and ended up with 92 afterwards.

    Second, I deposited my Seal: Mastery of All (along with a lot of other old raid progression items) and it disappeared. Poof. Nowhere to be found in Hoard, Bank, Inventory or Housing and its not on merchant item recovery list.
  2. Rondor Augur

    The disappearance of the "Seal: Mastery of All" is likely intended. Since the June 2016 patch, the seal disappears the moment it is looted or placed into somewhere that is not your regular bank. If you had it in your bank until now and tried to move it elsewhere, it will poof.

    For details see the following post from in this thread:


    “The Asylum/Citadel of Anguish flag item "Seal: Mastery of All" now auto-destroys itself when you either loot it or take it out of your bank. This means it can no longer be kept in a "Bag of Flag Trophies" in the bank if you take it out of your bank and had it since before this patch, since the moment you take it out of your bank it poofs. Trying to loot a new one from a COA Boss Mob after that also results in it poofing roughly 1 second after it's on your cursor or lands in your bags.”

    Flagging for Anguish has always been handled via bits (character flags) behind the scenes, while the pie piece items given out for completing the raid trials and the Seal of Mastery pie given upon completion of the raid trials or Anguish raid backflags were merely a visual indication of the character's progress.
    As of the June update, Omens progression is now handled in the achievement system. Look under Omens of War -> Progression for details. This does make it difficult / impossible to save progression items as mementos, but we believe this is a cleaner implementation that is easier to understand, saves on clutter, and removes unnecessary complexity.
  3. smash Augur

    During BETA, I came with a warning, if the copy char route would copy dragon hoard over, when you transfer a char from 1 server to another.
    But there were no response.

    Now I see that the test copy does not have it copied with, so I guess transfer char also dont.

    So advice is not to transfer chars over until it is working, I dont know if it works, since I dont wanna waste my markedstings coins on it.

    So A dev might wanna deactivate it, until it is working.

    My original post.