Multiboxing affects single account owners.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Strawberry, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Deadshade Augur

    If you believe that then I have a beach property in Nebraska to sell you cheap .
    Do you really want people to believe that a 6 boxer is paying 100 $ / month to mash for hours the same button alone in his basement in an 18 year old game ?
    It has been said that most boxers are sociopaths but if on top of that they paid 100 $ / month or more to get their fix, it would be beyond sociopathic .

    In reality this kind of boxers are parasites living on the single account players who are precisely those who buy Kronos from DB .
    Show me a Krono buyer for PP and I'll show you a boxer or an RMTer !

    These boxers bring nothing additional to DB - they pay for their accounts in Kronos, they hog good camps and they are generally destroying the grouping principle of the game .
    And to be frank, how many Kronos do you have and how many of your 12 accounts are financed in Krono ?
    Or do you want us to believe that you pay 180 $ / month for this game ?

    Just remove the single account returning players and DB will not only loose their subs but also Krono buyers so that the boxers will no more be able to finance their accounts in Krono and will unsub then too .
  2. Renshu Augur

    People who pay for accounts with Krono take Krono out of the market, creating a need for more Krono to be bought for real money. They absolutely affect the amount of money DBG makes. Its simple economics.
  3. sifonin Augur

    I am a boxer; I would not group with OP.
  4. Phantom Ghost Augur

    So you solved it! The way to get rid of boxers is for everyone to box. Then since no boxer pays a sub fee, they only buy kronos, everyone will now need these non-existent kronos and ultimately have to stop boxing because nobody can buy a krono with $ to sell a krono.

    Additionally, if each is dependent on the other one cannot be a parasite.
  5. Atabishi Augur

    Everyone is needed in the economic equation that results in DBG keeping EQ afloat. The big boxers who perma camp items causing more people to buy krono from DBG, to the single account users that casually play. Everyone needs everyone. No matter how you spin it, you get rid of one or the other and you create a substantial revenue loss for DBG. Create enough revenue loss to where EQ is no longer profitable, you will no longer have an official EQ.
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  6. DariyaVika Augur

    I pay for two monthly subs, and most groups appreciate the presence of both my shaman and my wizard. Since wizards are ridiculously easy to manage, no one even notices. Since the wizard is boxed, she always uses the /assist main macro before bombing a mob....unlike a lot of very silly crayon-eating single players.
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  7. Gemini Syringes Augur

    If servers lasted 2 days, this would be a great thread. But it doesn't, so it's just another in a long line of useless, idiotic arguments that again make no sense at all.
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  8. Accipiter Old Timer

    LOL, you're hilarious. Keep the entertainment coming, man.

    Edit: I forgot to add that you are right. Boxers do positively affect single account owners. I hope that one doesn't go over your head.
  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    Which is exactly what the bring to DBG. Every krono sold is a liability on the books until it is redeemed for play time.
  10. Eangel Elder

    You do realize that Kronos do not grow on trees, right? They have to be bought by someone. For the boxers that you are using in your example, even if they trade instead of buy a Krono, that Krono is paid for the same way, with RL currency. Pardon me if this has been mentioned before, but lets look at your example above.

    A 6 Boxer subs all accounts so they consume 6 Kronos in one of two ways:
    6 Kronos aquired through Trade = $100
    6 Kronos purchased via DBG = $100

    What's the difference in the profit made by DBG? zero.... DBG is getting their $100 regardless.

    Lets say, krono trading was suspended, which would be exactly opposite of why they came about to begin with, we would then see less people playing and less profits earned by DBG to develop and maintain the game.

    Are you saying that the DBG employees should be expected to work for less because you have issues with boxers? If the game is the survive and keep churning out new content and servers, income can't slow to a trickle. "But boxers are a small minority of players", you say? They still have to pay to play.

    I do get that you are passionate about EQ, but it would be on your best interest to think about the bigger picture for a game that has been around for 17 years.
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  11. Amoeba Augur

    Boxers are a fact of life. Get over it everyone. Only real thing we can do is ensure a playing field where non-boxers can see content and not be pushed out or harassed.

    1 person with 6 boxes camping X mob? I don't care. I will take a different camp or check a different instance. Only problem I have is if he tries to KS or take the camp etc, and I haven't had that happen to me on any TLP server so far.

    Heck, sometimes I make friendly chat with these guys, sometimes I need the help to kill quest mob or get an item etc. And they can be very helpful sometimes.
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  12. Aurastrider Augur

    First you need a math lesson. A six boxer who is not using krono's is most likely doing a yearly sub which is 10 bucks a month per account so that would be 60 dollars a month. Considering a lot of people spend more than that on a phone or cable bill its not unrealistic. Maybe if your flinging burgers that's a lot of cash but for those of us who make more than minimum wage and treat this as a hobby that pretty cheap entertainment.

    It has been said by who that most boxers are sociopaths? People like you who have a degree to diagnose such things? You make terrible assumptions about people without any facts to back them.

    As far as krono's go they make DB more money than a sub. A krono goes for what 18 bucks now for 30 days. That's 8 dollars more for per month than doing a yearly sub. If there were nobody to buy krono's from players then no players would buy them because they would have no value.

    As far as how many krono's I have it really is not any of your business. I don't go out of my way to farm to make krono's. I did the whole chasing the krono thing for 2 years and the simple math does not make sense for me. I can pay for all of my accounts working one extra shift a year vs hundreds of hours of farming. It turns the game into a low paying job which is not fun for me.

    Where did I say I ran 12 all access accounts? I have some accounts that are always all access, some that I sub here and there and some that have always been ftp but I have bought expansions on. I use those accounts as buff bots on live. Never have I had 12 all access accounts running at once that is beyond the kind of work or effort I want to put myself through.

    For your last comment boxers have been around way before krono's. Some people can afford to box, enjoy this game enough to spend what they can afford and really don't care if the game is 18 years old. That really is not relevant if the person is having fun playing the game. I mean fishing has been around for thousands of years and people spent thousands of dollars a year to do that so 18 years pales in comparison.
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  13. Alandros Elder

    Completely agreed. Even flipping burgers, I mean 60 a month can be gained from scaling down a mobile data plan and scaling cable down etc. Eating out a little less, not going to the movies etc. $60 a month if it nets you many hours of entertainment is still cheap.

    I remember when MMO subs first happened (such as around the launch of EQ) and people thought it was crazy to spend $15 a month on a game! Those same people didn't mind spending $15 to get some extra channels on TV, to buy a movie a month, much more to go to the movies, etc.

    Additionally many people spend far more than $60 a month on mobile games these days. Even people who don't have much disposable income, that might be the only form of spending such income though for entertainment.

    Also agreed, the krono system has been very lucrative for EQ. Even though I don't buy them I'm glad they're there, anything to keep EQ alive and get more money is better than it being dead. We've seen too many cousin MMOs die (like Vanguard) that it's a very real possibility if EQ can't make money. Probably even more now not being under Sony.

    Also agreed, the time cost personally is not worth it. Time is valuable (especially once you become and adult and get a job) and the time to farm kronos (unless you have some really good system going) is not worth it personally either. I'd rather just play.

    True, I can't remember exactly when I first boxed, though I think it was somewhere in year 2-4. I was far from the first.
  14. Alandros Elder

    I personally am not a fan of boxing on Progression servers (for myself at least, fine with others) but I think this is really exaggerating things. Additionally boxing on progression servers require all access, so that means these progression servers are a great revenue stream for EQ Devs for boxers to come. That alone I think is worth it existing, keeping the game alive.

    A far bigger problem IMHO is KSers and people with generally bad etiquette in game, I have not been KSed by a boxer yet (at least not a squad of them, it's possible one might have had a buff bot sitting back).
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